02 March 2019

Breaking News: Freelee the Banana Girl's name is Leanne Ratcliffe

Last year, on the 9th of December, we published the name of Lawyer X, (at http://corpau.blogspot.com/2018/12/lawyer-x-or-informer-3838-defence.html) who is now publicly known to be Nicola Gobbo, where the post was removed by Google but not before it was read by many people.

Could the subject of this post have more shocking consequences than exposing a corrupt 'lawyer' ?

In today's digital world it is too easy to cry wolf to a global mega-corporation that holds every person's information at their administrator's fingertips, in order to have a video on its multimedia content sharing platform removed or edited under false pretenses.

A YouTube content provider that allegedly downs bananas that would put a 400lb gorilla to shame goes by the moniker of "F r e e l e e" or  Banana Girl, whose real name is Leanne Ratcliffe filed a complaint with Google, that an extremely talented young Australian comedian /'Youtuber ' (unlawfully?) revealed that her real name is Leanne Ratcliffe.

The problem with that is that in legal terms she would be classified as an unreliable witness or a vexatious litigant.

Her allegation is bananas, sorry nuts, sorry fruit loops, umm bonkers!

You see 'F r e e l e e' (please note that in this colony we call Australia, there are no 'free' men , or women, for that matter, but that's a legal digression), claims that Isaac Butterfield, revealed her (top secret?) identity to his viewers.

This is the video that was posted on the 27th of February 2019:

at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6uoINjPlmg 

As Isaac Butterfield pointed out that plenty of other mainstream media outlets 'revealed' her name, but what is most embarrassing is that she even mentions her own name in her video as documented in his video.

Should you be interested in Banana Girl, Leanne Ratcliffe, you can refer to comments on a website called Pretty Ugly Liar at:

27 February 2019

Why you should never trust police

Attention is drawn to the recent events that have made their way into the public domain, namely from Victoria and Queensland.

'Trust us' they said to Nicola Gobbo or the now publicly famous Lawyer X or Informer 3838, with regards to her confidentiality, and see how that has turned out for her.

In Queensland, (good, great, EXEMPLARY) cop Sgt. Rick Flori reported criminal activity within the 'force' and his career and most importantly his ability to earn an income in his profession, to support his family, has been destroyed.

His higher ups went 'full bore' on him to teach not only him a lesson he'll never forget but also as an example to others what will happen to them if they squeal like pigs against the brotherhood.

Other cops have also exposed the corruption within, some using their name, while others not.

See the following document of what's happening in the Queensland Police Service:

How do you know you live in a 'police state'

Many people have not come up to us to ask us about the meaning of the words 'police state' where those that have did so while on an ad break from 'da footy' to return to carry on as 'normal' yelling at an inanimate object with moving pictures in it.

So, in order to explain the police state as simply as possible to the layman, as the freeman was dispensed off a long time ago, let's equate it to the state of an 'old school' light globe or even pregnancy. It's either on or off, a woman is either pregnant or she is not. There is no 'little bit' pregnant for example.

The bright spark layman may ask when did the switch turn on in Australia?

Once upon a time the 'free' man was a common sight on this land.

But that all changed on that faithful day in January of 1788, when this land became a police state.

Well 'technically' what came to this land was martial law (and NOT the law of G.B & I, yet), but you get the drift, right?

In 2014, China summed it up in a very few words too, stating that Australia is a nation once "roamed by rascals and outlaws".

Obviously referring to 'rascals' as those who were imprisoned for stealing bread as a result of not being able to feed their family as a result of austerity created by the people in government in England, only later to be shipped off to the new land.

With reference to the term 'outlaws' well that's easy, it's referring to the people in government in Australia.

The people in power on this land could not give a stuff about the (Imperial government's) law, where it got to a point that the motherland had enough and installed the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865, but since they don't teach you this in legal history then it's a 'conspiracy theory' right?

So how's it all going today?

EXACTLY as the law makers intend it to be.

When the police don't know the camera is rolling, this is an example of their 'normal' behaviour against what they are taught to be the enemy, in this case a disabled pensioner by the name of John.

It's always a good idea to have another colleague to take pictures while laughing, so that they can be shared to others in the 'force'.

BEFORE the days of the serfs having easily accessible surveillance technology, EIGHT police officers could bash a woman (Corinna Horvath) to an inch of her not remembering her name and get away with it for quite some time.

But when the camera's are on, it's a beautifully orchestrated false reality.

Or when the enemy member of the 'public' (which incidentally is a false term) helps dislodge a falling eyebrow from a police officer (as opposed to police man/woman, they got rid of them a while ago as well), it's labelled as sickening.

If you (the serf) try to accuse police or seek a remedy, you could die of old age in the process, where police can (and do) break into your home without a ("f#cking") warrant.

where you may even have to take your case out of Australia,

as a police officer is found not guilty of assault.

How to remind yourself you live in a police state:

If police assault you (the serf) to within a minute of your life it is only ever 'alleged', and it may very well take 20 years to see 'justice' (another false misconception). 

If you (the driver) get caught by a red light or speed camera, your matter is criminal, where the registered driver is not 'alleged', but by default first and foremost guilty of the offence (contrary to the law), where that person must prove otherwise and the courts deal with the matter swiftly in order for you to pay cash to the system as soon as possible.

25 February 2019

The Reject Shop sold to Indian interests

As dodgy as the 'shop' has become over the last few years, it seems that whatever starts out as being 'Aussie' ends up in foreign hands, whether it's through the hands of politicians or just plain and simple (deliberate?) 'mismanagement'.

The iconic Melbourne brand started out in the inner Melbourne suburb of South Yarra in 1981 and grew into a nationwide superstore.

Many articles have been written in the mainstream media on the 'downfall' of the brand, where the bottom line is that another dodgy family/corporation/shelf-company/tax exempt conglomerate trading from a tax haven will snap up a bargain based on the devalued trading stock price.

Whatever the deal, you can bet your heavily taxed dollar that the (Aussie) workers will be screwed over again, or even replaced by cheap overseas labour.

Globalisation, capitalism at its finest, in the administrative (penal) colony called Australia.

24 February 2019

Muffin Break GM Natalie Brennan a supporter of slavery

Not into memes, but in this case, since it's a fairly accurate description of the attitude of multinationals. let's put this one up: