03 April 2021

Australian governments human rights abusers, just sue them but there’s a catch!

The people in Australian governments (federal and state) are human rights abusers, not too dissimilar from those in charge of China, where all you have to do is catch them out and take them to court, you know a Chapter III one, in the name of the Monarch, right?

Not exactly, there’s a huge caveat.

You see the system is rigged against you, way before the matter of Corinna Horvath made it into the public news media, something the government would have loved to remain hidden from the public.

How is it rigged against ‘you’?

Well as mentioned in another post, there is no separation of powers, where the ’brotherhood’ kicks in and takes over, or threatens your livelihood or incarcerates you, if you expose government corruption, as many people are aware of this such as Richard Boyle (ATO whistleblower).

This is what happened in the case of the principal at AdvocateMe, when a class action was filed against the government, where this is explained in the embedded video below.

The nanny state agenda by those in power is a high priority, where those who oppose this will be crushed, whatever it takes.

Please note that the government is also responsible for child abuse as a result of the lockdown.

See article by news.com.au of the headline:

Public housing residents file class action, claiming to have survived off ‘nuts and beans’

Public housing tower residents have filed a class action over the lockdown in Victoria, claiming they survived off ‘nuts and beans’.

Public housing tower residents shut inside their homes during Melbourne’s lockdown are suing the Victorian government claiming they were left without food and medication.

A claim was filed in the Victorian Supreme Court last week, alleging residents are owed damages for the “invalid”, “oppressive” and “degrading” lockdown that failed to consider human rights.

More than 3000 people were locked inside nine apartment towers from July 4 to either July 9 or July 18 last year, before the entire state went into hard lockdown on August 2.

The claim alleges lead plaintiff Idris Hassan and his family were supplied with “spoiled” food after being banned from buying groceries. 

A child is seen in a window of the locked down public housing towers in North Melbourne, Victoria, in July last year. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Daniel PockettSource:News Corp Australia

After being provided nothing for three days they were given four partially-defrosted sausage rolls, placed at the door step, that were “not fit for human consumption”, it alleges.

Ms Hassan and his nine-year-old son suffered asthma attacks after they ran out of medication, with the family surviving on “nuts and beans”, it alleges.

Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Dieman is named as the first respondent in the suit, along with Deputy Public Health Commander Finn Romanes, Chief Commissioner of Police Shane Patton, and the state of Victoria.

Residents were deprived of access to fresh air, exercise and occupational activities, it is claimed.

They were exposed to health risks as communal areas were not disinfected, and PPE was not provided, despite the presence of COVID-19 in the towers, it is alleged.

Government workers left bins overflowing and some residents lost their jobs after being unable to work during the lockdown, it is claimed.

The claim alleges they were “not consulted” about the lockdown, which banned them from leaving their homes without approval.

Victorian Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Annaliese van Diemen is named as the first respondent in the class action lawsuit. Photo: Darrian Traynor/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

“Some time on 4 July 2020, prior to 3.30pm, (Victoria Police) decided to deploy hundreds of Victoria Police officers to the Estate Towers to enforce the detention of the residents of those towers,” the claim states.

It alleges Ms van Dieman had 15 minutes to review, sign, and consider the human rights implications of the lockdown before a press conference scheduled for 4pm on July 4.

It claims she “felt constrained” to approve the directions and “considered that she could not delay signing” before the press conference, which she appeared in alongside Premier Daniel Andrews.

“(She) allowed the decisions of third parties, or their actions and attitudes, to control the way she exercised her discretion,” the claim alleges.

The lockdown was not explained at the time to the residents of the towers, according to the claim.

“The decision not to inform the residents of these matters was not governed by questions of practicability, but was a deliberate decision made to ensure that the residents did not go elsewhere,” it alleges.

“Intimidating conduct” by Victoria Police officers also began “triggering pre-existing trauma” in some residents, the claim alleges.

The lead plaintiff, Mr Hassan, is a Somalian refugee who arrived in Australia after fleeing civil war.

Residents claim they were exposed to health risks through the lockdown in a lawsuit suing the Victorian government for damages. Picture: Sarah MatraySource:News Corp Australia

He fled his village in 1990 when it was targeted by soldiers and made his way to Australia with his six siblings, making it to Australia in 1998.

At the time of the lockdown he lived in the public housing tower in Sutton Street, North Melbourne, with his wife and three children aged 9, 7 and 4.

About an hour after the lockdown began Mr Hassan asked a police officer for permission to buy groceries and medical supplies and was refused, it is alleged.

No food deliveries were made to him for several days and authorities “refused the Australian Muslim Social Services Agency permission to deliver culturally-appropriate food supplies to the residents”, it is alleged.

He ran out of asthma medication and despite calling a hotline number played on television, was not delivered medication in time and suffered asthma attacks, the claim alleges.

The medication was supplied on July 8, four days after they were locked inside the towers, the claim says.

Food supplied was not halal, a requirement of their Muslim faith, and Somali interpreters were not engaged in explaining why they had to go COVID-19 testing, it is alleged.

Residents were tested for COVID-19 “without giving their full, free and informed consent and, or in the alternative, under duress”, the claim alleges.

The class action is being run by solicitor Serene Teffaha of law firm Advocate Me.

It will be heard in the Supreme Court at a date to be set.

See response video by Serene Teffaha to action taken by the VLSB from the class action lawsuit filing:



01 April 2021

Susan Kiefel, the High Court of Australia corrupt – Queensland edition

There is no separation of powers in Australia as alleged by the people in power.

The ‘brotherhood’ (now includes token women) in control of the three tiers of government, that being the Executive (the Queen, Governors, Governor-Generals), Parliament (MPs, bureaucrats) and the Judicature (Judges, courts and police) do not work separately, independently in the ‘interest of  justice’ but rather conspire against their salary suppliers, that being the people of Australia.

As people should know in 1922 ‘democracy’ was thrown under the bus in Queensland, with the abolishing of the Upper House (Legislative Council) with full support of the people, i.e. without a peep from the general population.

The (now) private business that we call a ‘court’ is supposed to be a place of remedy, but that is not so in many cases.

Sure, a serf may obtain a remedy from a parking fine or speeding ticket if presenting the correct paperwork with regards to the unlawful conduct of those in government, say with regards to the ‘Queen of Australia’ or the enactment of a law, but the win may never be on the ‘public record’ where what they do is dismiss the matter, so there is no trace of the evidence tendered or mention of the contents in a transcript.

Another common action by the court is to ignore subpoenas if the people in power must produce whatever evidence is required of them, where an allegedly lawful action was carried out.

As an example in Victoria, a subpoena was issued for the so called sheriff (then Mr. Brendan Facey) to produce a warrant (the instrument) that allowed [the ‘deputies’] to take possession of vehicles /cash etc in relation to not paying infringement notices arising from so called road 'offences'.

The evidence required for the court matter was not produced by the Sheriff’s Office Victoria, where the judge ignored the requests by the defendant for the office to produce the so called warrants.

The warrants to NOT exist, as prescribed by the law and never have.

A position description describing a sheriff for Victoria no longer exists, whereby the person replacing Mr. Facey a Mr. Warwick Knight cannot legally be called a 'sheriff'.

Victorian drivers have been duped by the government.

Would a court ignore the subpoena if a serf was required to produce evidence?

Would a serf not be charged, if the required evidence was not produced?

Well, in Queensland it gets worse for the serfs.

So called ‘justice’ Susan Kiefel, quashed a subpoena for the people in government to produce evidence that substantiated a lockdown, basically perverting the course of justice.

Next thing you know they'll call her 'the Honourable'. 

As a result you cannot trust the High Court of Australia in your matter, that exposes government corruption.

Is today’s High Court of Australia, which began in 1979, in accordance with ‘the Constitution’?

Do we truly have 'Chapter III' courts in Australia?

30 March 2021

COVID-19 'jab' not covered by health insurance

At the time of this post, the drug administered to Australians is at 'Emergency Use Authorization' stage, where it cannot be technically called a 'vaccine' but rather an experimental/trial drug, as confirmed by Australia's Health Minister, Mr. Greg Andrew Hunt, in a public forum.

A letter from a health insurance corporation in Australia to its customer states the following:

"I confirm that side effects arising from the COVID-19 vaccine are not covered under our exclusion for: Complications from excluded or restricted conditions/treatment and experimental treatment exclusion."

The response also states the following:

"If you are injured while doing COVID -19 swab yourself, cover would be available towards the injury."


Pay attention to the word "yourself".

(as you will be able to do the test on your own, soon)

Therefore if someone else is administering this 'test' i.e. a person in a 'drive-thu' then the insurance company will not cover you?

Do you know the name of the person putting a swab up your nose?

Does that person have the appropriate qualifications to conduct such a medical examination?

Do you know the legal name of the business the person is employed under? 

Will their policy cover you?

Greg Hunt:

"The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever..."

See full interview at:


29 March 2021

Murdoch’s ‘news’ gone feral with tracking & ads

A lot has changed since the Australian Government has decided to tackle the ‘influencers’ of the world, that being Facebook and Google with regards to how they handle their content, where it seems that the so called ‘news’ empire has escaped scrutiny.

We’ve obtained statistics that show that Murdoch’s news empire has roughly doubled its advertising (and tracking) and therefore revenue from you the user.

While they prefer you to download their app, so that the empire can obtain more private data from your smartphone, data collection by their website is also rampant.


Reading a dozen pages from Murdoch’s publication including the home page, has generated  nearly six and a half thousand advertising and tracking instances that were blocked.

This is literally an assault on your privacy, where the government is deliberately slow to act for the 'good' of the consumer.

The government is very quick to issue a 90 year suppression order that protects paedophiles in government positions.

The government is very quick to put in 'rules' that fine people for whatever reasons.

It is of paramount importance for people to comprehend that VPNs, TOR, Orbot and other online anonymising tools must be part of your software suite on your smartphone or desktop personal computer.