15 May 2009

Iranian child secretly deported

A Melbourne man is expected to receive a large compensation payout after the immigration department deported his seven-year-old daughter to Iran, causing him to attempt suicide.

The un-named 47-year-old Iranian refugee was told his daughter had been taken shopping while he was in solitary confinement at the Baxter detention centre in South Australia in 2003, Fairfax newspapers said on Friday.

Instead, she was secretly returned to her mother in Iran, despite the department obtaining legal advice that said the father was the girl's legal guardian, Fairfax said.

The girl had been in detention with her father since he fled persecution in Iran and they arrived in Australia by boat in 2001.

In a report tabled in federal parliament, commonwealth ombudsman John McMillan said the department deceived the man, had acted contrary to its own legal advice and may have breached its obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The man went on a hunger strike for at least 19 days after he learned his daughter had been sent to Iran and later cut his wrists with a razor blade, Fairfax said.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans said he had asked the department to provide advice on compensation.

"To lock up a four-year-old child in a desert detention centre for more than two years is unacceptable," he said.

"To then remove her from Australia without her father's knowledge while he was locked in solitary confinement is inexcusable."

The man has since been granted a permanent protection visa.

15 May 2009

It is only one story of MANY that has made it out.

This is politics at its finest, an example of how the break up of the family unit is a priority.

Everyone involved KNEW what they were doing was wrong AND illegal.

From the 40's onwards the Australian Government would split up families, husband to one camp and wife to the other.

This kind of practice has been going on for AGES, it is NOT allowed to be brought to the surface by media bosses.

Another example of the Stolen Generations campaign.

14 May 2009

Clever country? Our brightest are kept dirt poor

In the last quarter of 2008, a significant group of Australians was living below the poverty line. For a single person, this meant living on less than $415.06 a week. These people were working full time — 40 hours a week, and probably much more. They received no employer superannuation and weren't entitled to concessions or pensions.

Who were they? Illegal migrant workers? Sweatshop employees unaware of their rights? No — they were some of Australia's best and brightest minds: PhD students.

A PhD is a long-term research project. PhD students take up these projects after undergraduate studies. They work for about four years to train as independent researchers with the aim of making a significant contribution to knowledge. If successful, a PhD student is awarded a doctorate (D) of philosophy (Ph) and can begin a research career.

Research into the fundamental questions of science and the humanities is what drives a society forward. The application of the resultant knowledge makes a society healthier, wealthier, happier and more productive. To invest in research is to invest in a society's long-term well-being.

Four reports into research and higher education were delivered to the Government in 2008, and each recommended increasing the nation's investment in research and development.
In response, the 2009-10 budget increased funding to science and innovation by 25 per cent. For the basic research administered by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, the CSIRO, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Australian Research Council, funds were increased by 8 per cent overall.

These increases will go some way to improving Australia's gross expenditure on research and development, which was last measured at 2.01 per cent of GDP, below the 2.26 per cent OECD average.

But the budget was another disappointment to PhD students. Their stipends will increase 10 per cent from $20,427 in 2009 to $22,500 in 2010. This is an improvement relative to the 2 per cent increase between 2008 ($20,007) and 2009, but nowhere near what is needed..


theage.com.au 14 May 2009

It is NOT in ANY government's policy to educate the masses beyond a certain level.

ALL crucial position of Law, Science, Politics, Medical, etc are kept within the elite from their 'special' schools which the masses have NO ACCESS to

In the schools for the masses in Australia, SPORT / BLUE COLLAR JOBS / SOCIAL ACTIVITIES are encouraged, and academia FROWNED upon.

Australia is becoming a DUMB nation in true spirit of the US Rockefeller Education System.

Rockefeller who gave Americans the worst education system in the world.

See youtube video :
Rockefeller shutting down Internet - Bills 773 & 778

9/11 WTC 7 Mystery solved

The mass media (ninemsn) ran a story in early 2009 as to the 'mystery' of why the World Trade Cenrtre building 7 collapsed.

In this areticle they mentioned that it was due to the aftershocks from the collapse of the Twin Towers (WTC 1 & 2), which caused the collapse of WTC7.

During a taped interview with Larry Silverstein (who insured the buildings against terrorist attacks, AND got paid out), he clearly states that they 'pulled' the building. 'Pulled' referring to fireman's language - putting dynamite under it and demolishing the building.

This procedure usually takes a few weeks to a month of planning and executing.

On the day of the collapse of the Twin Towers, a Jewish convention was to be held with an approximate attendance of 4,000 members.

Youtube Video: WTC 7 - Pull it by Larry Silverstein

The mass media deliberatley lied as to the reasons why the building collapsed.

ANY theories theat differ from any government's 'official' reports are considered hostile and of terrorist threat to that government.

Is Swine Flu population reduction? Georgia Guidestones

By now most people in the civilised world are aware of what the Swine Flu is.

But are we supposed to believe that a pig with a cold sneezes in close proximity to a human with a cold, and the swine flu is born?

In the mass media there are reports that the pandemic may cause a decline of the world's population by approximately 1/3 or 2,000,000,000 people.

A particluar pharmaceutical company prior to the introduction of the swine flu was struggling, then reported and 80% increase in stocks value overnight.

On the Georgia Guidestones there is written "maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature".

What ever the real resons for the emergence of the swine flu, it will be difficult if not impossible to obtain the truth.

An excerpt from a post on another site:

This flu appears to be a trial balloon for anticipated population control. This is not a natural occurrence; this appears to be deliberate bioengineering clear and simple. A sudden merging of bird, swine and human air born flu doesn’t just happen naturally.



2009 avian flu contamination

The Austrian pharmaceutical firm, Baxter International, sent a flu vaccine, which it had accidentally contaminated with the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, for testing in the Czech Republic, a report said Tuesday [3/3/2009]. The Austrian firm Baxter said it contaminated the vaccine with the dangerous virus by accident, likely during packaging in Austria, the Mlada Fronta Dnes daily reported, citing Baxter's representative. Baxter shipped the infected vaccine to the Czech biomedical firm Biotest for testing on ferrets in late January. None of Biotest's employees, who had been exposed to the highly pathogenic virus for a week, contracted the disease. According to the World Health Organization figures, the bird flu has killed 254 people, mostly in Asia and Africa, including four deaths reported in Turkey. The Czech Republic's chief epidemiologist Michael Vit said that it was unclear whether the Biotest workers had been under a high risk of infection as the Czech authorities did not know how much virus the vaccine contained. Officials, however, hinted that the situation could have been serious. "Thank God it did not spread," Vit said. The Czech company managed to prevent the virus from spreading outside the lab to poultry breeds, which would have had to be culled in such an event. "If it were to spread to poultry farms it would have caused serious problems," said Josef Duben, a spokesman for the Czech State Veterinary Administration. The exposed employees were given Tamiflu medicine and have been regularly tested, Vit said. The infected ferrets had to be culled and the laboratory, which is located 70 kilometres east of the Czech capital Prague, was disinfected.Or is it this?http://www.grist.org/article/2009-04-25-swine... Or was it made to look like this?It looks like our attention has been taken away from the real coming financial collapse. Will we see concentration camps in America for people who refuse to take the poisonous flu vaccines?

12 May 2009

Baby Shaking App Pulled From iTunes Store

In an unshocking turn of events, Apple has pulled 'Baby Shaker', an iPhone application that allows users to shake a baby until red X's appear over its eyes and it stops crying, from the iTunes store.
Within a day of the game being available for download, childcare organisations had reacted with fury to the game's shocking premise.

An Apple spokesman would not comment on why the program was initially approved for sale nor about how many people downloaded the game. Apple screens every iPhone application and has rejected a number of controversial apps in the past, including one that let iPhone users throw virtual shoes at President Bush.

First of all, shaking babies isn't really funny. And secondly, I'm more than a little pissed that POS application got approved and mine didn't. How the hell does 'Baby Shaker' make it and not, 'The Oregon Happy Trail: An Adventure In My Pants'. What? It was educational! You died of gonorrhea.

Also, I've had several requests for a Geekologie iPhone app. Personally, I view the site in the browser, but hey, if somebody wants to make one, I won't pay you. But I will make you famous. Internet famous.

Video of the 'game' after the jump.


Apple stifling technology, by approving (read LIMITING users to) applications.

In contrast an application or program made for the Pocket PC / Palm / Symbian / Android (Web based) platforms does NOT limit the user, and does NOT require ROYALTIES to be paid all the time for its use.

The same mistake Apple made in the 80's by locking down its platform which as a result nearly wiped itself from the IT world, and the reason why Apple today is NOT the leading PC platform.

Paris Hilton's Dumbest Quotes

A classic example of why some people should NOT breed:

"There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I'm that icon."

Reporter: "Are you worried about Swine Flu?"
Paris: "I don't eat that."

"I don't really think, I just walk."

"I love Africa in general — South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries."

"Wal-mart... do they like make walls there?"

"First I wanted to be a veterinarian. And then I realised you had to give them shots to put them to sleep, so I decided I'd just buy a bunch of animals and have them in my house instead."

"It's been my dream to have four babies by 30. I look after animals, so I'd have a lot to give my kids."

"I think it's important for girls to be confident. Believe in yourself and... everybody's hot."

"Kabbalah helps you confront your fears. If a girl borrowed my clothes and never gave them back, and I saw her wearing them months later, I would confront her."

"What's a soup kitchen?"


Katie Price (aka Pro Ho Jordan)

Peter Andre and soon to be ex Katie Price (or her porn name, oops sorry 'actor's name - Jordan).

Couple is not know for their academic prowess but rather tasteless trash.

Enough silicone to jump start the next generation of Pentium Processors.

Picture indicative of the beginning of a sexual mating process between the k9 species. No prizes for guessing the pug.

Group sex has destroyed my life: woman

A woman at the centre of sex allegations against Cronulla players says her life has been destroyed by the incident and she's wanted to kill some of the players.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, says a night in which she had group sex with several Cronulla players at a Christchurch hotel seven years ago has left her with psychological damage and led her to abandoning her studies.

The New Zealand Accident and Compensation Commission has found she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, has funded treatment for her and given her a weekly payment, ABC Television has reported on Monday.

Psychiatrists reported that she was suicidal, had cut her wrists several times and bought a rope to hang herself.

She told the ABC TV 4 Corners program she felt degraded and traumatised by the incident and despised the players involved.

Ex-Cronulla player Matthew Johns has admitted involvement in the incident but says it was consensual.

Among new allegations aired on Monday, the woman said two men rubbed their penises in her face while other men stood watching and masturbating.

Six men had sex with her while another six looked on. There was always someone touching her, she said.

"For years and years afterwards I was drinking a lot, crying a lot and losing a lot of friends and doing quite destructive things to myself and other people," she told the program.

"At the end of it, I wasn't so much drinking heaps and heaps, I was more scared to go out of the house."

She said the destructive period lasted about four or five years and she was now speaking out to let the wives and girlfriends of those involved know what they had done.

"I was so angry and I wanted their lives destroyed like mine was," she said.

"If I had a gun I'd shoot them right now.

"I hate them. They disgust me. For all that they did, I hate them so much."

The woman said Matthew Johns came up to her after the incident and apologised for others coming into the room.

Christchurch police Detective Sergeant Neville Jenkins said that in the years after the incident he saw the woman "struggling with life".

"I didn't know her prior to this episode, but presumably I'm led to believe this is as a result of what happened to her at that time," he said.

She had called him several times over the years in a "distressed state," he said.

The program said the NZ case was just one of a number of incidents in which women had been similarly mistreated.

It said incidents of group sex historically had been perceived as "a tool" to facilitate team bonding, and such degrading treatment of women persisted in some quarters of the sport.

NRL CEO David Gallop, on behalf of the game, issued an apology for the NZ and other incidents.

"The distress of the victims spoke for itself and to the extent that the game can apologise for the actions of individuals then I offer that apology unreservedly," he wrote in the statement released after the program.

He said the program "dealt with issues that I would hope everyone in the game finds appalling and unacceptable".

"It is important, however, to understand the very substantial efforts the NRL, the clubs and the players have made in changing attitudes, particularly since 2004.

"It is also important to recognise the clear actions taken by the NRL* and our clubs against those who breach our codes of conduct."

aap 12 May 2009

*NRL - Acronym for Neanderthal Rugby League. A primal game (with origins to Neanderthal Man) that amuses natives with a ball for hours, with the majority of its players with a combined IQ of Room Temperature in Alaska.

As stipulated, it is acceptable to rape women for sport.

Technology fuelling sexting craze: study

A group of Tasmanian schoolgirls took explicit photos of themselves with "objects inserted into different orifices". In NSW, another group of girls took topless photos.

In both cases the photos were electronically forwarded to other people.

In the first case the girls were 13. The second group involved eight-year-olds.

Social researcher Maggie Hamilton, who cited the examples, says sexting among Australian teens has taken off in the last five years and is now involving more explicit images and younger kids.

"We now have young girls sending photos not just of their cleavage or even topless, but of their vaginas and various things to boys to kind of get them interested," Hamilton said.

The NSW based author uncovered the extent of sexting while researching her book about boys' issues, due out next year, a follow-on from her most recent work, What's Happening To Our Girls?

While there have been no official studies into sexting in Australia, an online survey conducted by Girlfriend magazine in 2007 found almost 40 per cent of the 588 teenage girls who responded had been asked to send a "naked or semi-naked" image of themselves over the internet.

Almost a third had been sent a "sexually explicit" image online.

Sarah Cornish, editor of the popular magazine, said while some teenage girls are approached or pressured for the pictures, others willingly participate.

"Some girls say they don't see a problem with it, they think that it's kind of considered a normal way to flirt with boys nowadays," she said from her Sydney office.

Both Cornish and Hamilton agree that advances in technology and easy access to mobile phones and the internet are behind the trend, allowing kids to have a "secret life" beyond the reach of their parents.

Hamilton says the sexting trend was kickstarted with the creation of the "tween market" and fuelled by the internet and user-friendly mobile phone features like cameras and video.

It was also symptomatic of the wider sexualisation of children, she said.

"They see the odd sexy billboard ... and kids wandering around in short skirts and they think ... it's all got a bit more risque."

Easy access to online pornography was also changing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

"If you can download porn onto your phone you don't have to wait till you get home," Hamilton said.

"This is changing their views on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behaviour."

Hamilton said exposure to online porn has fuelled an interest in "kinky sex" amongst teenagers.

The Girlfriend study found 67 per cent of respondents had "mistakenly" seen porn online and Cornish said this has "numbed" them to explicit images.

"Increasingly at parties the kids are quite open about this and they're not disappearing off ... to give each other blowjobs," Hamilton said.

"They are tending to capture each other in compromising situations .... anything from lying semi-conscious in the gutter to receiving ... oral and anal sex.

"The whole sexy image is very alluring to them because they equate that with being grown up."

But far from being innocent fun and games, sexting can have serious consequences for those involved, Hamilton said.

She found girls were coming into sexual assault units traumatised "as if ... they'd been raped".

"They're actually displaying post-traumatic symptoms (like) withdrawals, flashbacks," she said.

"(Psychologists) are seeing girls 12 to 14, going to parties, behaving very provocatively ... making bee-lines for much older boys who are getting them drunk and anally gang raping and filming them."

Hamilton said sexting is worst when girls who have been photographed or filmed are blackmailed to do more revealing things, often by threats that their parents will find out.

Hamilton said provocative images seen on music videos, reality TV, advertising and in magazines have helped shaped a society where "presentation is everything".

"These kids naturally strike a pose, so then to step across and do something that is more risky, more inappropriate, is actually a much shorter step than previous generations," Hamilton said.

The NSW government in May launched a campaign to educate teens about the long-term consequences of sending explicit images, including legal ramifications.

"Everyone needs to understand ... it is illegal to take sexual photos of children and young people and it is also an offence to pass them on," NSW Community Service Minister Linda Burney said.

"What they think is an innocent joke or harmless flirting can be very damaging if it falls into the wrong hands.

"It is then impossible to retrieve and delete them.

"They are there forever and can damage future career prospects or relationships."


* Warn your children about the consequences of sexting

* Remind children to think before they act

* Tell children that sending or possessing child pornography is illegal

* Warn them about sexual predators

* Learn how to use and monitor your kids' mobile phones

* Check photo galleries on your kids' Facebook and MySpace accounts

* Give your children clear rules on what they can and can't do with the mobile phone

(Source: NSW Government fact sheet)

Young people who are experience problems related to sexting can contact Kids Helpline on 1800 551900.

aap 12 May 2009

An example of the gradual disintegration of youth.

A move that maybe even supported by Social Services saying that it's the kids rights to do this.

ANY government involvement into your childrens affairs is NOT in the best interest of YOUR child.

The government does NOT care for children of the masses.