02 November 2020

Warning: government mandated QR code a privacy breach

So, once again the boffins in government have put your (not their) privacy in danger, with a so called ‘rule’ that if you are to enter a business premises you MUST scan a QR code in order to partake in a business transaction within the premises.

You have zero guarantee of where your data is going, nor have you been given the opportunity to review the programming code as to what it does behind the scenes.

It seems that there are no limits as to the assault on your privacy that the self serving politicians in government will go to in order to obtain your data.

Now, now, let’s not use the SARS-CoV-2 virus as an excuse.

"[These] conditions really lend to mistakes that people will regret later on. With privacy, once you've lost it, it's kind of gone forever."

See article by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the following link:


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