25 January 2014

Steve Jobs, Google CEO plotted ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ to keep wages down – report

ARCHIVE PHOTO. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, (left) introduces Google chief executive officer Dr. Eric Schmidt. (AFP Photo / Tony Avelar)

Two of the most powerful people in the technology world secretly and perhaps illegally coordinated business strategies in which they agreed not to poach each other’s employees, thereby keeping salaries low, according to emails unveiled in federal court.

Apple founder Steve Jobs and Google CEO Eric Schmidt apparently kept a secret pact to institute a “no-hire” policy in which each executive promised not to recruit each other’s workers. Yet the tech superstars are just two of the business leaders to be implicated in the wink-wink agreement, which reportedly included Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, and Pixar.

According to Pando Daily journalist Mark Ames, the scheme began in early 2005, when the need for Silicon Valley engineers was at an all-time high. The deal’s consequences became so pervasive that the US Department of Justice launched an antitrust investigation in 2010, which laid the groundwork for a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 100,000 Silicon Valley employees who allege they were deprived of over $9 billion since 2000.

The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to throw out the class action suit over the objections of executives at Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe. The emails in question were unsealed Tuesday by Judge Lucy Koh, the same judge who presided over the Samsung-Apple patent lawsuit.

Jobs, who died in 2011, seems to be the principal architect behind the illegal conspiracy. Yet Schmidt, according to an email from Google senior advisor Bill Campbell dated February 27, 2005, “got directly involved and firmly stopped all efforts to recruit anyone from Apple.”

Schmidt is also said to have told his Senior Vice President for Business Operation Shona Brown to only mention the pact “verbally, since I don’t want to create a paper trail over which we can be sued later.”
Google founder Sergey Brin was also strong-armed when he approached members of Apple’s Safari team about working for Google. Jobs, in an emailed quoted by Pando Daily, cited the “gentlemen’s agreement” when threatening Brin, stating: “If you hire a single one of these people that means war.”

Testifying in court, former Palm CEO Edward Colligan said Jobs enforced the no-poaching policy by threatening to hire away Palm employees, or worse.

Mr. Jobs also suggested that if Palm did not agree to such an arrangement, Palm could face lawsuits alleging infringement of Apple’s many patents,” Colligan said.

Colligan swore he told Jobs the scheme was “likely illegal” and that Palm Inc. – a computer hardware firm eventually obtained by HP – would not be “intimidated” by a patent battle.

If you choose the litigation route, we can respond with our own claims based on patent assets, but I don’t think litigation is the answer,” Colligan testified to telling Jobs, as quoted by Reuters.

A jury trial has been set for May 27 in San Jose, California

rt.com 25 Jan 2014

Another secret deal with a conspiracy to implement  a global low wage policy.

The purpose of globalisation is to implement slavery on a worldwide scale controlled from a central location policed worldwide.

It would be interesting to see how the courts deal with this matter.

The Commonwealth of Australia seal explained

The blog corpau (Corporate Australia) has changed the front page illustration from the Australian Flag which has graced the blog since early 2008 to seals of the Commonwealth of Australia in Jan 2014, of which only one is the only true legitimate seal of the Commonwealth of Australia and its people (not citizens) born on the land.

The (geographical) country known to most as Australia, is factually a corporation created by the law makers (faceless men), in effect stripping ALL Australians of their rights as men and women, subjecting them to binding ‘agreements’ with ‘corporations’ and not any true government , in effect leaving Australia technically as a ‘lawless’ country.

 (Illustration: The Criminal Code 1995, seal)

The seal depicting the kangaroo and emu, is the seal of a private corporation that has NO AUTHORITY. 

  • Men and women who are born on the land of Australia (in the geographical sense), are bound only to the laws made by Parliament of the Commonwealth, under the Constitution and not under a corporate seal and enaction manner and form of Parliament Australia enacts.

Note: Any act (in any state) that does not contain the proper seal is invalid.

Many ‘law abiding’ Australians are being incarcerated for not following corporate agreements (from toll way ‘dodgers’, to speeding motorists) to which they never willingly consented to.

Part of this corruption and conspiracy to suppress the information from the general populous are barristers, lawyers, magistrates, judicial clerks, politicians, law makers, the entities that allegedly (Uphold the Right) known as the police, which are all corporations and are immune from the ‘law’, and as a result cannot be sued.

What the ‘media’ is supposed to be and what they really are, is a matter of conflict. From what the lay person should understand is the media should report matters in a non biased way, not aligned to any political party reporting on fact, which is representing the truth.

What many Australians may not be aware of is the there is one document that is the foundation stone for the Australian people, and it is known as the ‘Australian Constitution’ (or in full: Commonwealth of Australia Act. AN ACT TO Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, Cap. 12 [9th July 1900]).
See illustration:

As a recent example illustrates, in December of 2013, in the Australian Capital Territory, same sex couples who hoped their marriages were legitimate (a binding contract with the state), found out that this was not the case. 

The court handed down its findings in the ‘landmark case’ at about 12:15pm on the 12/12/2013, where a statement announcing the decision was accidentally published on the court’s website about 20 minuted earlier, where the document is now not available at the link: 

A Queensland law expert stated that the marriage was not according to the Australian Constitution. The matters of Human Rights / equality have no bearing.

The Australian Constitution (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, bearing the seal with the crowned lion and unicorn) is the only lawful one and NOT the other unlawful variations of it that exist.

  • The Australian Constitution CANNOT (lawfully) be changed without a referendum, where the results are gazetted.

The seal depicting the crowned lion and unicorn, on the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is the only valid seal for any act.

Clause 5 states: 

"This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges and people of every State and every part of the Commonwealth notwithstanding anything the in laws of any State..."

Court documents are struck from public record (as an example, in one case re: the ATO not being a lawful entity to collect taxes), in order to keep perpetuating the fraud against the general populous.

It is doubtful whether the ‘corporate’ media will ever report the grand scale of theft and fraud committed against the people of Australia, by the so called Australian ‘government’.

The ‘citizens’ (corporate slaves) of Australia, are seen as cattle, and are treated as such.

Note: THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is NOT the same as the Commonwealth of Australia.

Under what lawful Act have you been arrested, detained or incarcerated by police or even imprisoned?

24 January 2014

Supply charges are costing up to $550 a year

HOUSEHOLDS are paying up to $550 a year for power before flicking on a switch. 
Efforts to save money by using less electricity are being thwarted by new price surges of up to 74 per cent for fixed supply charges, a Victorian energy cost investigation reveals.

"Companies are cranking fixed charges to compensate for falling electricity demand to protect revenue and profit margins," St Vincent de Paul Society energy expert Gavin Dufty said.

"They also need to pass on the cost of distribution, and government programs such as smart meters and green schemes."

Electricity bills include a set daily service-to-property charge, which does not change no matter how much you use, and consumption rates that alter depending on use.

The St Vincent de Paul Society's January review tracked basic "standing offer" supply prices for an average household.

But Mr Dufty said the general cost trends also applied to many customers on market contracts.

Simply Energy's $552 default charge for the SP AusNet region, up 15 per cent compared with last year, was the overall biggest.

Among the steepest changes were Lumo Energy's charge in the United Energy network, which surged 74 per cent to $429. Click Energy's in the CitiPower area climbed 62 per cent to $456.

Origin's rates rose 7 to 23 per cent depending on location, while AGL's increased 3 to 19 per cent. EnergyAustralia's increased 4 to 6 per cent.

Lumo marketing and sales general manager Tim Harrington said its standing offer rises were the first in 18 months and remained competitive.

The "vast majority" of customers were on cheaper market offers.

Click Energy chief Dominic Drenen said: "The increase brings us more into line with the major companies.
"However, Click offers discounts on total bills, unlike most retailers, so overall remains one of the most affordable providers".

The Vinnies report notes supply charges vary significantly between retailers.

"Low consumption households should look for energy offers with a low fixed daily charge," it advises.

heraldsun.com.au 23 Jan 2014

Australians had essential services that were owned by the population and distributed by the government, which were 'unlawfully' sold to overseas corporations for profit that was not distributed back to the owners, the general populous.

As a result the overseas interests have been extorting monies from the general populous using the essential services as the tool.

With the so called government watchdog the ACCC which is supposed to 'act' on the various 'injustices' which it realistically does not, clearly indicates that this company functions to the benefit of the multinational corporations.

The ACCC should be disbanded or even put before the Australian courts as another corrupt company. 

22 January 2014

The terms 'they' do not want you to know

Many Australians are unaware of the tyranny they are under with the presence of both a passive aggressive government and actively aggressive police force that work together conspiring against the general populous into complete and utter subservience void of any rights.

To achieve this goal it is realised from a number of angles.

One angle used is via the lack of knowledge / information which is orchestrated by the state education system, that the majority of children attend. The goal there is to dumb down the children via all sorts of distractions.

Such distractions used are as an example sport / entertainment and in the modern digital age, the focus on meaningless trivial social media drivel.

Australia's inception of the legal system is naturally based on United Kingdom law, that was brought by freemasons to the already inhabited island/continent.

ANY legal matters of any importance, are first discussed at the lodge, then brought out into the public arena, where the members of the brotherhood inflict justice upon the general populous, keeping in mind that every single entity working for the legal system, swears an oath firstly to the court, then their colleagues and lastly the client.

Information obtained from a source indicates that the police are instructed to deal with people who are aware of the legal system and their rights in the 'appropriate manner'. From what is understood, these instructions are not written, but verbal, that emanate from the top to filter down to the 'foot' soldiers.

Australia's police 'force' is responsible for many criminal acts that some of which will be dealt with in other articles.

Information that was previously only available to the 'privileged' is now available to the masses.

Some or even most of these documents when read thoroughly expose the corrupt dealings of the Australian government and subsequently its right arm the police.

The corporate media, being a government lap dog, is also part of the conspiracy to not only dumb down the masses, but also discredit those who stand up against the criminal activities of the governments / corporations that incarcerate them as 'criminals'.

Essential knowledge to any and EVERY Australian is kept out the schooling system, which is designed to promote corporate slavery.

Such knowledge of:

  • The Rule of Law or Rule of Man,

  • The Magna Carta

  • The Australian Constitution ( Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act)

  • Admiralty / Maritime Law

  • Common or Corporate Law

and many other terms or documents are kept out of the attention of the masses.

While in the United States is can be seen as patriotic to know the Bill of Rights and ammendments in Australia such knowledge is discouraged by the authorities.

Australia is well on its way to a totalitarian police state governed by the corporatocracy, which is not difficult to expose in this day and age.

'Richest 85 own as much as 3.5 billion poorest', Oxfam report says

THE world's 85 richest individuals now own as much as the poorest half of the 7 billion global population, according to a report released by Oxfam. 
The world's elite have rigged laws in their own favour undermining democracy and creating a chasm of inequality across the globe, the charity says.

The report exposes the "pernicious impact'' of growing inequality that helps "the richest undermine democratic processes and drive policies that promote their interests at the expense of everyone else'', the statement said.

Inequality has recently emerged as a major concern in countries around the world, with US President Obama prioritising a push to narrow the wealth gap in his second term.

In China, the new government there has cracked down on the elite perks and privileges and Germany seems set to adopt a minimum wage.

The World Economic Forum, which organises the Davos talkfest, warned last week that the growing gulf between the rich and the poor represents the biggest global risk in 2014.

"The chronic gap between the incomes of the richest and poorest citizens is seen as the risk that is most likely to cause serious damage globally in the coming decade,'' the WEF said.

But many of the corporate giants and world leaders set to confer at Davos, a posh ski resort tucked on the eastern reaches of Switzerland near Liechtenstein, are implicitly pointed at by Oxfam.

"Policies successfully imposed by the rich in recent decades include financial deregulation, tax havens and secrecy, anti-competitive business practice, lower tax rates on high incomes and investments and cuts or underinvestment in public services for the majority,'' Oxfam said.

WEF however has decided to put the inequality theme up front during the five-day event with closed doors seminars and public key talks scheduled to mull over the hot-button issue.

(Picture: Nike's Indonesian slave labor; one pair of shoes equals 10 (ten) months wages for workers

In the forefront will be Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Sydney has just taken on the G20 presidency, and in a speech on Thursday Abbot should tackle the rich and poor gap issue, with the fight against tax havens and evasion firmly on target.

In the report, Oxfam said that "since the late 1970s, tax rates for the richest have fallen in 29 of the 30 countries for which data are available, meaning that in many places the rich not only get more money but also pay less tax on it.''

news.com.au 21Jan 2014

With the help of the IMF and the fraudulent deals of the elite banking community, enslaving the masses is one of the key objectives, which the results can be clearly seen as having been achieved.

Globalisation helps to propagate slavery, so that the wealthiest can now 'own you' remotely.

Governments supporting the abuse of children in slave labour camps is a contributor, which some of the world's most well known brands (e.g. Nike, Disney, Victoria's Secret, Zara, Kim Kardashian) base their entire profit structure on.

21 January 2014

Government Fraud - Confusion over claims

In the political arena, criminal offences occur literally every single day, with no intervention from the upholders of the law, the police.

A small article appeared in the Herald Sun publication on the 20/01/2014, which from the size of it may indicate that it is an insignificant piece, but really it involves the Federal Government and their false information policy for the general population.

How can the Australian Government (which is a corporation) be trusted with any information it publishes for the masses, since there is no policy to publish information accurately, nor is there any laws or penalties for false information, which time and time again the government is caught out with providing false information.

The article as it appeared in the Herald Sun is as follows:

 Confusion over claims

THE Federal Government is attempting to hide potentially embarrassing advice to Prime Minister Tony Abbot or Liberal MP Don Randall about thousands of dollars in expense claims they had to repay.

The Finance Department has temporarily blocked access to one document involving either of the MP’s offices after the Daily Telegraph applied under Freedom of Information for the communication with the agency before they claimed their cases were unclear.

The Prime Minister’s office yesterday distanced itself from the matter.