23 December 2016

Arson versus Speeding @ Victoria Police

We're not huge fans of memes but this one is a 'fact':

So how does the 'Code of Conduct' work in this case???

No action to "Prevent offences" ???

Of course, it's the 'silly season', PLENTY of motorists 'speeding'*

* speeding equals HUGE revenue for the corporation conglomerate commonly referred to as the 'Australian Government'.

22 December 2016

Australian police to use sonic weapons to maim the people as they are the enemy of the state.

So apparently in Australia, the people are told that they live in a 'democracy'.

The people allegedly are supposed to have a 'freedom of speech'.

The people are also allegedly allowed to protest, where the focus could be on government or corporate misbehaviour (read fraud).

Also the herd populace for now, have some sort protection with the help of entrenched U.K laws under a system of rule from the monarchy, which does not sit well with certain people, hence the push for a republic, but that alas is another dozen or two posts.

What the majority of people do not realise is that Australia is still a British colony, where this is reflected in certain instances of law, other than the private, commercial, administrative, maritime or mercantile laws that also operate in this country.

So in a penal colony the mass populous is the enemy of the administration.

Any form of protest is to be extinguished.

"But that's a conspiracy theory you tin foil hat nutter",
bleats a member of the 'beer and footy' herd mob.

Naahhh not really -

Under the banner of 'innovation' which should read 'slavery' you can

read article from 22 Dec 2016 by news.com.au of the headline:

Long range acoustic devices terrorising protesters

A Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputy stands ready to use a sound cannon, or Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), against protesters near a Donald Trump campaign rally on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California Picture: David McNew/Getty Images/AFP

A SONIC weapon that can permanently damage people’s hearing is being rolled out across world and Aussie police now have them in their anti-protest kits.
Long range acoustic devices (LRADs) are often referred to as sound cannons and have been used against protesters in the US with damaging impacts, with some saying they should be considered weapons.

Although many people in Australia may have never heard of them, police in many states count the devices as part of their arsenals.

Protesters were warned about the use of LRADs ahead of the G20 in Brisbane in 2014, which some community groups described as an “exercise in intimidation”.

Initially designed for military use, the LRADs were used to keep pirates away from ships and have been used in warzones in Iraq and Afghanistan to lure people out of buildings into the range of snipers.

The device, which looks like a satellite dish and is often mounted on an armed vehicle, can emit an extremely loud, piercing sound that is very disturbing to humans. This makes them very good at dispersing crowds.

“It’s a very high frequency ... it really hurts your ears”, University of Missouri professor Karen Piper told ABC’s Law Report earlier this year.

Ms Piper was blasted with the LRAD while taking footage of a G20 protest in the US town of Pittsburgh, where the device was used in 2009. Authorities played the piercing noise at the highest setting for three minutes, instead of for 30 seconds at the lowest setting.

“The initial thing I felt was pain, I thought my eardrum had ruptured,” she said. “Then I felt dizzy and nauseous and disoriented.”

Prof Piper said she had bad ringing in her ears for a year that drove her crazy but more seriously, she discovered she also had permanent hearing loss.

“It’s actually nerve damage ... and those nerves will never recover,” she said.

The English professor was the first person to sue over the use of a LRAD and eventually reached a settlement with the City of Pittsburgh for $US72,000 ($AU99,255).

“I was really mad that this had happened to me when I was just down there, this innocent bystander,” she said.

Prof Piper said she didn’t think the devices should be allowed.

“I have to live with this for the rest of my life ... why is it okay to say we can use this against our own citizens?”

Her experience highlights one of the main problems with the device, as it will blast anyone in its vicinity, regardless of whether they are the target.

An LRAD being used on G20 protesters in Pittsburgh in 2009Source:Supplied

“The LRAD is indiscriminate, whoever happens to be in the way of the soundwave is equally likely to be affected,” Dr James Parker of Melbourne University told ABC.

“At least a baton in principle should be aimed at somebody, while the LRAD is aimed at everybody.”
The LRAD is marketed as a communication device, not a weapon, which is key to its saleability. This has enabled the US sell the devices to China, as well as the UK and South America.

A number of police departments in Australia confirmed to news.com.au they have LRADs and all said the devices were used for their loudspeaker ability. No one mentioned whether the high-pitched “alert” function had been used.

Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia as well as the Australian Federal Police, all confirmed they have an LRAD.

Northern Territory would not comment to ensure it did not “compromise policing methodologies or tactics”.

Western Australia Police said it could not make a comment on “specialist equipment”.

Tasmania said it did not have an LRAD.

NSW Police did not respond to inquiries.

Of those authorities that did respond, they described the use of the LRAD as performing the function of a really powerful, expensive loudspeaker.

Queensland Police said it currently had 15 LRADs in operation, and have had the device since 2009.
A spokesman said they were purchased for their use in negotiation during high risk environments as a form of communication.

“LRAD’s have been used on numerous occassions at high risk incidents to communicate with persons in crisis,” he said.

However, he did not say whether the siren had been used, only that it was used “in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions when conditions allow this to occur”.

“These instructions ensure no damage to hearing to anyone involved,” he said.

South Australia Police said it has had two devices since 2011.

“One has an amplification range of approximately 200 metres and the other a range up to 3km,” a spokeswoman said.

“The devices can be used in a range of situations to communicate and amplify messages and tones over some distance during incidents including primarily search and rescue, protest activity, high risk negotiation and mass casualty.”

Victoria Police said its critical incident response team had LRADs to enable negotiations with suspects when it was too dangerous for a negotiator to be in a closer position.

“CIRT have used the devices on a number of occasions. There are strict guidelines in place and they are only used by trained negotiators,” a spokeswoman said.

The Australian Federal Police said its officers had never used the device to disrupt or disperse crowds.

“This is useful in situations where it is deemed an unacceptable risk, or there is no ability for the AFP to engage in face-to-face negotiation,” a spokesman said.

“These devices are only used by specialist members who are appropriately trained,”
“On every occasion these specialist members use these devices, they are required to submit a report to ensure appropriate use.”

18 December 2016

The police can rape the children of the cannon fodder and not get charged

It seems like the police have sent out a loud and clear message to their brethren that they can rape the children of the herd population and not get charged.

Fancy that?

Aren't the police supposed to

  • Preserve the peace,
  • Protect life and property,
  • Prevent offences?

It may apply to the executive that the police work for, but does it also apply to the inhabitants of this colony?

Don't forget that Victoria Police hand out millions of dollars worth of fines unlawfully every year.

Can you really trust Victoria Police?

Are they your 'friend'?

Are they really 'public servants' working for you (the tax payer)?

See text of article from 17 June 2016 by theage.com.au of the headline:

Victoria Police did not charge 'monster' cop who raped children, court told

Victoria Police failed to act on complaints about a policeman who sexually brutalised nine children during his 12 years in the force, the County Court was told on Friday.

Instead, the organisation forced the officer to resign in 1979, the court heard. He then went on to sexually assault and rape children for at least another four years.

The former officer, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims, on Friday formally pleaded guilty to 18 offences against nine victims, who were as young as five when he stole their innocence.

The man, now 66, worked as a police officer between 1967 and 1979, during which time he preyed on boys and girls, often in his police uniform.

Crown prosecutor Nanette Rogers told the court that one boy who the man assaulted in 1979 later told his mother what had happened, and she reported the abuse to the officer's colleagues.

While the woman decided not to press charges, Dr Rogers told the court that police went to the woman's house the next day and told her "that the offender wouldn't be in the police force any more and would be moved away".

He was forced to resign but was not arrested over the allegations, to which he finally pleaded guilty on Friday.

Dr Rogers described how the officer had asked one boy, who was between six and 10 when he was raped, whether he wanted to see the police station. He took the boy to a room in the station where there was a bed, and raped him.

Another girl went to the police station for help after losing her mother at a nearby festival. After telling the child, "I'll look after you", Dr Rogers said, the officer took her into the back of a police divisional van and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Three of the other victims were his step-children. Others were friends of the children, friends of the family, or neighbours.

In harrowing testimony, one of the former officer's step-daughters, now 45, told the man she hoped he rotted in hell for what he had done to her, including holding a police-issue revolver to her head as he raped her.

She wept as she described how she had hoped he would pull the trigger and put her out of her misery. Instead, he forced her to suffer through years of "hell and his sick games".

The woman said she went to her grandmother when she was nine and would not stop bleeding. Her grandmother initially thought the girl was having her first period. Instead, a doctor informed her she was having a miscarriage.

"He is a monster," she raged at the man, who would not meet her eyes. "He needs to never see the light of day again ... once a monster always a monster – he will never change."

While she and her siblings were terrorised at home, she said, primary school was no refuge.

"He would show up in police uniform, in the police car, police revolver ... all the other kids thought it was cool."

Instead, she said, he would take her home while everyone else in the house was away and rape her, before driving her back to school in the police car.

Children were brought up to believe that the role of police was to serve and protect, she said bitterly. "What a load of bullshit that is."

She said that when she was 15, her grandfather helped her go to police and report the abuse, but she was told the man "would probably get off because he was an ex-cop".

She dropped the matter, and told the court she still felt guilty about what he had done to other children after that.

Police began investigating the former policeman in 2011, Dr Rogers said, and he was finally arrested in 2012.

Defence counsel Amelia Beech told Judge John Carmody that: "There is some evidence of remorse on [his] behalf. I don't say that it's strong evidence of remorse ... [but] if I can say this, Your Honour, he is making the right noises."

She said the former officer had no family support, and no visitors in prison.

Since 2012, he has been in jail, serving a 17-year sentence for separate offences which, the court was told, were of a "similar" nature.

Ms Beech said that after leaving Victoria Police the man moved into the private sector.

Ms Beech asked the judge to show compassion in sentencing, and to take into account the man's age and his severe osteoarthritis.

Judge Carmody said he was concerned about a report finding that the man, "even at 66", was in the high-risk category for re-offending.

He will sentence the man on Tuesday.

Crime pays in Australia especially when you're a cop committing it

Spoiler Alert: Conspiracy theory ahead but not 'fake news'.

The Australian judicature is sending out a loud and clear message to its police personnel that if you commit criminal activities that amount to vast load of ($100) notes and by chance you get caught, you get to keep your ill gotten loot.

Fancy that?

You can enroll into the police force, like the new ~2800 police officers are doing in Victoria, and not bother with 'keeping the peace', or 'protecting life and property', where it would be far more financially viable to commit criminal offences and get away with the big bucks you stole.

Not a bad 'law' coming from the judicature of a penal colony, hey?

Note to self: 

Must round up the motley crue who beat Corinna Horvath senseless to teach some other plebs a lesson...

as if they're going to see 'justice' in the next 20 years bwwaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaa!!!