16 December 2011

Victoria St Richmond drug deals

Drug deals in broad daylight, with no police intervention is a common site in one of Melbourne, Victoria's well known drug hot spots, Victoria Street, Richmond / Abbotsford.

Drug deals are taking place in front of restaurants, fruit shops, in front of people including families with children.

Children are being exposed to witnessing illegal drug transactions as well as activities with no intervention of police whatsoever.

In a half an hour period, 4 drug deals were witnessed, where in one of the deals, the drug seller must have been short changed, as when he counted the monies, he shouted expletives, and became agitated.

This is not news as locals and authorities are well aware of these facts, but chose to do nothing.

Police have warned motorists that they will be out in force to catch speeding motorists (raising revenue), but when speed is sold on the streets, there are no police about.

The government has very little interest in reducing the drug trade, as it usually associates 'the scum of society' to be involved in the consumption of drugs, to which it has very little regard for their well being.

It is more profitable (officer's time vs revenue obtained) to take money from speeding motorists, than to combat the illegal drug trade.

West gate bridge no roadworks

Another scam that is quite predominant on Australian roads, is that of the roadworks lane closure, when there is no roadworks.

This picture was taken on the West gate freeway over a 5km distance where there was no works on either lanes.

In order to increase revenue via speed camera fines, the Victorian government has setup fraudulent claims that there are roadworks happening when there has actually been no works for many hours.

Sites have been independently surveyed, reveal that motorists are being slugged in so called roadworks zones having to slow down on freeways from 80km/h to a 40 km/h crawl, with no roadworks in place.

Police then nab 'speeding' motorists, in a purely revenue raising exercise, using the 'hoon' catch phrase so widely supported by the government's official propaganda machine, the corporate media.

Another government fraud / lie exposed, but NOT in the mass media.


Tough talk on Victoria's smart meters

VICTORIANS will be forced to get smart meters or risk having their power cut off if they repeatedly resist.

Householders no longer have the right to refuse to have the controversial meters installed after the State Government yesterday confirmed the roll-out would continue and declared the meters safe.

Tens of thousands of households who have already rejected the technology by deferring installations will no longer have that option.

Almost 90,000 of the more than 900,000 customers approached by installers so far have turned them away.

Energy Minister Michael O'Brien yesterday revealed the project cost was now expected to hit $2.3 billion - almost triple the original price tag.

The Baillieu Government yesterday released an audit, along with a safety and privacy impact assessment - a further $433,500 cost to taxpayers.

As revealed in the Herald Sun, the meters will be fitted to 2.6 million homes and businesses by the end of 2013 after the final review found too much money had already been spent on the scheme started by the former Labor government.

Mr O'Brien said power distribution companies, which owned the meters and had an obligation to roll them out, would treat customers "sensitively".

Government spokesman Paul Price last night said although power companies did not expect they would have to cut off people, this was an option in extreme cases.

CitiPower spokesman Hugo Armstrong said disconnecting power was a last resort.

"Nobody is going to be cut off in a hurry. The distributors are absolutely committed to working with customers to meet the Government's requirements."

There would be "extensive communication with customers" before that was considered.

The smart meter review reveals customers will not fully claw back the cost of the scheme through promised benefits such as new optional "time-of-use" tariffs that charge customers more at peak times, and restricted supply to appliances.

The review also reveals wrangling over legal liability if people on life support are remotely disconnected or fires are caused by power connection to unsafe homes.

The smart meter bill could also climb "substantially" if there were hitches with the performance of the technology and radio frequency changes.

Despite this, the Baillieu Government is forging ahead, saying it had no option after Labor's mismanagement blew out costs and allowed electricity companies to grossly overspend by up to 20 per cent.

Mr O'Brien pledged to toughen regulation so that power companies would not be able to automatically overspend in future.

The audit estimates the program will result in net costs to customers of $319 million.

Mr O'Brien, who pledged the review and dubbed the project the "myki of metering" while in Opposition and has "grieved" for suffering smart meter consumers, denied voters had been conned.

"If the report had said it was in the best interests of consumers to scrap it, we would have scrapped it," he said.

Energy Retailers Association of Australia spokesman Cameron O'Reilly supported the continued roll-out.

"While we recognise there may be some scepticism about smart meters, the technology helps customers better manage their energy use," he said.

heraldsun.com.au 15 Dec 2011

Another corporate fraud supported by government, irrespective if it's labour or liberal.

The (forceful) installation of smart meters was against the law so, governments are no changing the laws to accommodate consumer rip off, and more corporate fraud.

It has been proven that the smart meters emit radiation that is at an unsafe level, yet still they will be installed by authorities.

The public have verbosely made it clear that they do no wish this installation to proceed, yet again the government will be forcefully installing them.

Another government supported scam.

Apparently in a democracy you have a choice, whereas in a dictatorship you do not.

Cops busted over cocaine party

TWO senior policemen who tested positive for cocaine the day after a work bash at a Sydney pub will be sacked.

Shane Diehm, a detective inspector, and Inspector Matthew Dennis will be dealt a "loss of confidence" motion by Commissioner Andrew Scipione and stood down.

A third officer, Australian Federal Police sky marshal Darren Kolosque also faced the sack after a separate investigation by the AFP. He has resigned.

The three were at a party on August 5 for the retirement of former detective superintendent John Alt, a respected commander who left the force last year.

Among more than 100 guests were officers from the force's Professional Standards Command which investigates police misconduct, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

Tipped off about the trio's activities a day after the function, NSW Police and the AFP arranged for drug tests. Inspectors Diehm and Dennis were investigated but refused to "make admissions" on where they acquired the cocaine or how much they had consumed.

The test on Insp Diehm, who was crime manager at Tweed-Byron Local Area Command, returned higher traces of the drug. The Sunday Telegraph understands neither Insp Dennis, who was at Hunter Valley Local Area Command, nor Insp Diehm will face criminal charges.

A senior police source told The Sunday Telegraph this was because the drugs had been consumed and there was no criminal charge that could be applied.

A separate inquiry by the Police Integrity Commission is investigating an alleged conversation about securing a medical payout through the police death and disability scheme instead of being sacked.

The scheme is currently the subject of controversy after changes were made by the NSW Government preventing officers from manipulating the system.

Days after the Paddington function, Insp Diehm was called to a meeting with PSC officers and suspended on full pay. And Insp Dennis, who was driving to the Snowy Mountains for a holiday, was called and asked to pull into Queanbeyan police station for a drug-test.

Agent Kolosque, a former NSW policeman and recipient of a bravery award, is understood to have confessed when quizzed by AFP investigators.

heraldsun.com.au 10 Dec 2011

This story may indicate that this is a one of or isolated incident, when in reality drugs are more common use than what is written in the corporate media.

In this article it states that a police head is well respected, where in reality there is no evidence that can implicate an individual.

In many 'well respected' law firm known to corpau, there are senior members that frequently engage in the consumption of drugs, but they are not prosecuted.

The illegal drug trade in Australia is worth $1,200 million per month), in which many bribes are paid to officials, police, judges and others for the drug trade to continue, which it always will.

There was no mention in the article of incarcerating the (known to police) supplier of the drugs, or the lab from where they came from.

Corruption in the police force is rife.

Original article :


The Herald Sun has not enabled comments for this story.

Odds in favour of illegal immigrants

THE odds are stacked in favour of unlawful immigrants who want to call Australia home - there is less than one chance in 23 they will be caught.

Of the 58,400 hiding in the community, only 2500 were tracked down in 2010-11, a Herald Sun investigation has found.

And they are arriving faster than they are being caught, with 10,600 more living here now than six years ago, easily outstripping the 4700 refugees in detention.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship declined to tell the Herald Sun how it tracked down unlawful immigrants it did catch, saying the information was "not readily available".

But it acknowledged most unlawful non-citizens handed themselves in and most of the rest were caught only after public "dob-ins".

The Herald Sun last month revealed more than half the foreign citizens living here unlawfully had called Australia home for five or more years - 20,000 for a decade or longer.

The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria's new chairman, Joe Caputo, said the figures showed the disproportionate amount of resources spent on asylum seekers who arrived by boat.

"It's absurd. It's a huge, huge cost," he said.

"We spend far too much time and resources with a small number of people and yet we have this other huge area that has almost gone unattended."

Mr Caputo said that by taking jobs and housing, using public services without paying tax and often being involved in dubious activities, unlawful immigrants harmed the wider community and sullied the reputation of genuine migrants and refugees.

Many created bogus identities or engaged in criminal activities to survive, and police provided 302 tip-offs to immigration officials in 2010-11. Another 73 tips came from other agencies, such as Centrelink, and 10 from local government.

But most of the 2504 tracked down were found after being dobbed in by family, friends, workmates or concerned citizens.

An Immigration Department spokeswoman said there were 6109 tip-offs from the public about unlawful immigrants in 2010-11.

"The majority of dob-ins are anonymous and ... not all would lead to the department locating an unlawful non-citizen," she said.

The department also received "internal dob-ins" from its officers. In 2010-11, 846 internal dob-ins were received from Immigration staff in Australia, with a further 124 from offshore.

The department spokeswoman declined to say how many tip-offs or "internal dob-ins" led to arrests.

A total of 13,831 unlawful non-citizens returned home in 2010-11, 338 fewer than the previous year.

Of those, 11,327 handed themselves in, usually after short-term visa overstays or minor visa breaches. Most were given bridging visas before making their own way home.

heraldsun 9 Dec 2011

Another policy that works on favour of the Global Slave Trade.

The so called immigration of refugees, is a cover up for importing slave labour into the country officially.

The very criminal act of illegally entering the country makes these 'refugees' criminals.

Also many of the refugees have criminal backgrounds in their native countries, in which they are following in their criminal ways in Australia, thus further endangering our society.

Australian politicians are knowingly importing criminals into the country, do the detriment of the general populous.

Spring St set to cash in with pay rises

BIG pay rises mooted for federal politicians will flow through to State MPs next year.

Under Victorian law, pay for state MPs is based on that given to their federal colleagues, minus $5733.

That increase was limited this year to 2.5 per cent, but that cap is only in place until July 1 next year.

The Parliamentary Salaries and Superannuation Act refers to this as a “temporary limit”.

A backbencher who earns $131,000 a year could end up raking in about $175,000.

Premier Ted Baillieu would see his salary rise from $317,730 to about $350,000.

Greens MP Greg Barber said Mr Baillieu needed to decide what would happen with politicians’ salaries from next year.

“He’s got until June 30 next year to decide what he is going to do,” Mr Barber said.

“As soon as we get until June 30 next year, the previous, and any mooted pay rises, will kick in, in full.”

Mr Baillieu would not say how future pay rises would be determined.

“We’ve legislated a 2.5 per cent increase,” Mr Baillieu said.

“We don’t have a change in front of us at the moment.”

The Baillieu Government imposed a 2.5 per cent cap on rises this year, in line with its base offer to public servants, nurses and police.

heraldsun.com.au 2 Dec 2011

This is another example of how law makers and politicians are above the law.

At the quite verbal disgust of the masses, they have given themselves a pay rise of anything between 30 - 50%, whilst the rest of the general population struggles to achieve the official inflation rate (3.52%) pay rise from their employers.

During this economic climate the politicians are quite loudly touting that during these 'difficult economic times', ' "we" must tighten our belts', quite clearly excluding themselves from any such actions.

Whilst the politicians are getting fatter and fatter, the rest of the general populous are being pushed into poverty.

Another seemingly communist rule.

11 December 2011

Judges to face phone taps

JUDGES, magistrates and vice-regal officers will be subject to phone tapping surveillance and Royal Commission-like investigation under unprecedented new powers to be handed to Victoria's first Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission.

Members of the judiciary will also be compelled to give evidence, have their premises searched, computers monitored and assets seized under sweeping changes to Victorian law developed specifically for the new corruption-busting watchdog.

Vice-regal figures, such as the governor, will also be subject to the tough new coercive powers aimed at stamping out dishonest dealings and unscrupulous behaviour in the public service.

It will be the first time

the judiciary has been subject to such scrutiny, opening the door for the use of surveillance devices and telephone bugging equipment to observe, listen to, track and monitor suspected corruption in the courtroom.

Law Institute of Victoria president Caroline Counsel said the changes went too far, branding the move an "inappropriate leap".

"There is no evidence of any sort of systematic corruption in Victoria so you wonder are we in fact making a really big cannon to shoot a fly," she said.

"At the moment there is really nothing to justify this."

The Government will introduce the legislation in State Parliament this week.

Past judges could also come under scrutiny with IBAC to be equipped with retrospective powers to probe historic corruption allegations.

A senior government source said the hard-hitting changes were what Victorians had voted for in the hope of flushing out state secrecy.

"This legislation is further proof of just how serious the Government is about fighting corruption," he said.

The commission, and its yet-to-be appointed commissioner, will be accountable to a new joint parliamentary committee and an inspector hired to watch the watchdog.

A spokeswoman for Supreme Court chief justice Marilyn Warren, Anne Stanford, declined to comment.

heraldsun.com.au 3 Dec 2011

This is another publicity stunt to lead the masses into a false sense of security.

Judges are above the law, even if they are found to be corrupt, as they have the protection of the brotherhood.

There cannot be any incarceration time of corrupt judges, even though the legal system is littered with them.

Judges working together with Australia's largest drug cartels dismiss crime bosses, allowing them to keep the proceeds of crime. This is done in full view of the general public, and the acceptance (support) of the government.

Another farce spitting in the face of the public.

Daniel Craig mocks Kardashians in F-word-laced tirade

JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig has branded the Kardashian family "f---ing idiots" for making a living out of flaunting their private lives.

"It's not about being afraid to be public with your emotions or about who you are and what you stand for. But if you sell it off it's gone," he told the British version of GQ magazine in an interview released Tuesday, according to Gossip Cop.

"You can't buy it back - you can't buy your privacy back. 'Ooh I want to be alone.' F--- you. We've been in your living room. We were at your birth. You filmed it for us and showed us the placenta and now you want some privacy?" he said in comments for a cover story of the glossy's January issue.

"Look at the Kardashians, they're worth millions. I don't think they were that badly off to begin with but now look at them. You see that and you think 'what, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f---ing idiot on television and then you'll pay me millions,'" the English actor continued.

heraldsun 30 Nov 2011

Daniel Craig could have not summed it up any better.

The mass media puts this trailer park trash behaviour on a pedestal to desensitise and demoralise the impressionable youth of the canon fodder, whilst making millions of dollars in the process, from the tools like the Kardashians.

When in Australia, the youth were ecstatic about the visit of Kim Kardashian. When a reporter asked what is so great, the response given by a teenage girl was:

"Well, she's a Kardashian".

What does that actually mean, or rather what value does Kim Kardashian posses?

Kardashian came to Australia to announce her split with her husband, only minutes away announcing another union. A typical Occupation Whore attitude, that paves the way into the minds of young teenage girls how to behave.

Margaret River bushfire declared a natural disaster

UPDATE 4.20pm: Insurers estimate the damage from the bushfires in Western Australia's Margaret River region will be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Insurance Council of Australia chief executive Rob Whelan said the industry was encouraged that the fires had been brought under control.

"We're still getting a picture of the extent of the damage but very early estimates put the damage in the tens of millions of dollars," Mr Whelan said in a statement on Monday.

Mr Whelan said the council had sent a senior manager to the area to work closely with state and local government authorities as the recovery process commenced.

Thee bushfire has been declared a natural disaster, triggering extra funding from the state and federal governments.

About 40 firefighters continued mopping up around the fire on Monday but it is no longer considered a threat to lives or properties, after destroying 32 homes on Wednesday and Thursday.

Hundreds of residents have returned to their homes after evacuating when a prescribed burn in a national park escaped and tore into bushy subdivisions.

The West Australian government is copping flak over the fire, which was started by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) in September and reignited on Monday last week.

The state opposition has called for Environment Minister Bill Marmion to be sacked but Premier Colin Barnett says the fire was an accident and blame should not be laid.

Mr Barnett declared the fire a state natural disaster on Monday, which means recovery grants of up to $15,000 can go to primary producers and small businesses who suffered loss.

He said he had written to Prime Minister Julia Gillard seeking agreement to implement the grants, with equal contributions from the WA and federal governments.

The WA government has already announced that families who lost houses can get $3000 emergency assistance grants, while those whose houses suffered damage can get $1000.

Mr Barnett said his sympathies went out to those who had lost their homes and he thanked firefighters for their efforts in saving so many houses.

DEC's Director-General Keiran McNamara has defended the burn, saying unseasonal wet weather prevented it being completed in the time expected but it needed to be reignited to ensure it burnt out.

The DEC says 32 houses, nine holiday chalets and five sheds were lost in the blaze, while 22 houses and a shop were damaged at Prevelly, Gnarabup and Redgate.

Wallcliffe House, an 1865 riverside manor being restored by Woodside Petroleum and National Australia Bank chairman Michael Chaney, was one of the houses destroyed by the fire.

heraldsun.com.au 28 Nov 2011

A bushfire that was man made, became out of control, i.e. project failure, as a result of a burning off operation by the authorities.

A bureaucratic loophole to cheat victims out of compensation?

Qld parliament passes same-sex civil union bill

QUEENSLAND MPs have voted in favour of legalising same-sex civil unions during an historic night in Parliament.

After almost four hours of debate Andrew Fraser's private member's bill was passed by a vote of 47 to 40, the Courier-Mail reported.

The bill, introduced by Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser, enables same-sex couples to register their union with the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The bill will grant same-sex couples the right to enter in to legally recognised civil unions. It prompted a strong reaction from gay rights, religious and family groups.

Labor MPs were allowed a conscience vote, but the Liberal National Party indicated it would vote en bloc against the bill.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Fraser said it was 21 years to the day that Labor decriminalised homosexual activities in Queensland. And now he said, Labor could make history again to progress the rights of homosexuals.

"This bill merely but not meekly seeks to formally recognise relationships which have existed in Queensland for centuries,'' he told Parliament.

"It provides them with the opportunity to celebrate their commitment and their love for one another in a ceremony in front of friends and family, perhaps this is its most important feature.''

Opposition legal affairs spokesman Jarrod Bleijie said Mr Fraser only introduced the bill to shore up the left vote and was rushing it through parliament before the election, due early next year.

He said the bill was only introduced on October 25 and there has not been enough time for community consultation.

"He (Mr Fraser) did it to stich up a Green preference deal,'' Mr Bleijie told Parliament. "This bill is nothing more than a stunt.''

Mr Bleijie said more than 54 per cent of the final number of submissions to a legislative committee that examined the bill were received 17 days after the cut-off date.

"That goes to the heart of the lack of consultation,'' he said.

"We do not believe the people of Queensland have had the appropriate opportunities to raise their concerns.''

He also said the bill was not a priority for Queenslanders, who are more concerned about cost of living pressures.

"Civil partnerships is not on a priority list in the minds of Queenslanders,'' he said.

"The passing of this bill will not save Queenslanders money, it will not ease cost of living pressures, it will not get our triple-A credit rating back.''

Premier Anna Bligh said the bill may not be a priority for all of Queensland but it was a priority for those that live with discrimination every single day of their lives.

"The fight against discrimination should be a priority of any government,'' she told Parliament.

"This bill is fundamentally about the human rights of Queensland's citizens, but it is much more than that, it is about the joyful business of love and that is why it has touched the hearts of so many Australians, why so many people believe that Australia should be dealing with this issue.''

She also attacked the LNP for not having a conscience vote.

"They are now in the grip of the rising influence of the religious right,'' she said.

Capalaba MP Michael Choi became the first Labor member to speak against the bill. If six Labor MPs oppose the bill it is not expected to pass.

Mr Choi said he had voted in Parliament to give homosexuals the same rights as heterosexuals when it came to taxes and property law and would continue to do so.

But he said he was brought up in a conservative household and when it came to legislating on homosexual love, his conscience didn't agree.

"I struggled and I argued with myself over and over but in the end I could not support this bill,'' he told Parliament.

"My conscience does not allow me to go further, I wanted to but I could not. To those I have disappointed and hurt with my decision I am sorry.

"I must be true to my own conscience because I have to live with me.''

He said he also doesn't support the legislation because it would only be recognised in Queensland.

"The real challenge is with Federal Parliament, because that is where the challenge lies,'' he said.

Labor MP for Toowoomba North Kerry Shine had said this week he was undecided on whether he would support the bill, but told Parliament he would vote in favour of it.

Gladstone independent MP Liz Cunningham said she will vote against it.

Independent member for Nanango Dorothy Pratt said she would also vote against the bill.

Not only did she believe the legislation was being rushed through, she believed it could be seen to erode Christian values.

She said she had received hate mail over her opinion, and had been called ignorant, coming from the dark ages, and even old and ugly. But that would not deter her.

"I accept that the homosexual community see this as a human rights issue,'' she told reporters.

"But I also accept the fact that many people of religious belief believe that this is an issue about marriage, they believe it is a dilution of their belief that marriage is between a man and woman, and I also believe that they believe it endeavours to remove a basic tenet of their life.''

Health Minister Geoff Wilson said although he had publicly supported the bill, he had decided only in the past few days to oppose it.

He said that his working class and Christian background have been the pillars of his life and he felt uncomfortable that the bill created a new legally recognised relationship that was an alternative to marriage.

"I am not convinced that that is a good thing to do,'' he told Parliament.

"I believe in the biblical understanding of marriage. I have wrestled with the many issues involved in the bill and have tried to bring an open mind.

"This is a conscience vote and I feel bound to vote with my conscience,'' Mr Wilson said.

Member for Albert Margaret Keech was the third Labor MP to speak against the bill.

She said she was a Christian and that civil unions mirror marriage in all but name and undermine the institution.

"I believe that marriage is between a man and a women ... therefore after careful consideration my conscience prompts me to oppose this bill by voting against it,'' she told parliament.

"I do not support a radical change to the long-established definition of marriage.

"I am not convinced that any change to marriage is for the common good for our society.''

She also said the vast majority of constituents she spoke to didn't want her to vote in favour of the bill.

Earlier, a crowd of gay rights activists gathered outside Parliament in a last ditch bid to urge MPs to support the bill.

One of the activists, Alex Myman, said her message was simple.

"We want equal rights," she said. "We're human beings as well."

Premier Anna Bligh addressed the crowd and said she looked forward to a "majority of voices" supporting the bill in Parliament.

She dismissed claims from her political opponents that the main issue was one of "process".

"This is not about process, this is about human beings," she said. "It's about Queenslanders and it's about their human rights."

The crowd dispersed ahead of the start of debate.

With Independent Rob Messenger suspended from the house and the remaining six independent and minor party MPs expected to oppose the bill, the legislation requires as few six government MPs to abstain or vote "no" to be defeated.

Earlier today Mr Fraser urged the Opposition to vote with their consciences on the bill.

heraldsun.com.au 1 Dec 2011

Another law passed to degrade the values of society, together with policies that are anti-religious.

The colonisation of Australia, by the English, has its religious roots in Christianity, or is based upon the so called Abrahamic Religious roots, of which Islam is also a part of.

The passing of laws which same sex marriages occur, are against the followings of the Abrahamic Religions, and can be classified as anti-religious.

The current head of Australia, has no religious preference, and it is a well known fact within the office, that Gillard is a lesbian, a taboo that does not make the light of day in the government controlled mass media.

Enough illegals to populate a city

ENOUGH ILLEGALS TO POPULATE A CITY: 60,000 - and most of them are Brits and Americans

  • One in every 390 in country is illegal
  • Americans, Britons among biggest offenders
  • 20,000 have stayed for decade or more

  • The biggest groups of illegals are Chinese, Americans, Malaysians, Britons and South Koreans, documents reveal.

    AUSTRALIA has enough illegal immigrants on the loose to populate a large regional city.

    A Herald Sun investigation has found that nearly 60,000 people - one in every 390 - is in the country unlawfully, sparking renewed calls for a crackdown.

    The 58,400 foreign citizens hiding illegally among us easily outnumber the populations of Mildura or Shepparton - Victoria's fifth and sixth biggest cities.

    And they dwarf the 4700 asylum seekers who arrived by boat in 2010-11.

    Documents released to the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information also reveal the biggest groups of illegals are Chinese, Americans, Malaysians, Britons and South Koreans.

    More than half have been here for five or more years; 20,000 for a decade or more; and two in three have evaded authorities for more than two years. (The figures do not include visitors who overstay visas by less than a fortnight.)

    Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria chairman Sam Afra said illegal residents attracted little of the outrage associated with boat people, despite taking jobs and housing, using public services, and not paying tax.

    He said it was far too easy to stay here if you knew how to "work the system".

    "It's shocking," he said.

    "To have one in three who have been here more than 10 years (suggests) something's wrong with the system."

    "Nobody's talking about it. It is a problem, and the question is, don't you think the damage justifies putting more resources in (to find them)?"

    He said the involvement of illegals in criminal and other dubious activities also sullied the reputations of legal migrants.

    Jailed terrorist cell leader Abdul Benbrika lived illegally for years after arriving on a visitor's visa in 1989. Three months after marrying in 1992, while still an illegal, he successfully applied to stay, living on welfare with his wife and seven children until his arrest in 2005.

    Illegal immigrants have also been involved in drug cartels, sexual slavery, and fraud. Illegals accused of guarding marijuana crops in Melbourne and regional Victoria were among 43 people arrested last year in raids focusing on a $400 million crime syndicate.

    A charter flight to deport 76 illegal aliens from Malaysia and Indonesia, busted picking fruit in Mooroopna last year, cost taxpayers $100,000.

    Australian Human Rights Commission president Catherine Branson, QC, said it was important to remember many more overstayed visas, or arrived by plane and sought asylum, than arrived by boat.

    "Another misconception is that people who arrive by boat are illegal immigrants. Australia is obliged to assess asylum seekers' claims."

    There were 10,600 more illegals at June 30 last year than in 2005.

    heraldsun.com.au 21 Nov 2011

    Australia is importing criminals under the 'Human Rights' banner in order to populate the country with cheap slave labour.

    The flood of illegal 'boat' people will never stop coming into Australia, and they will never be send back, according to an unnamed source within the industry.

    The Australian politician's policy to supply industry with cheap foreign labour, as opposed to the much higher paid Australian worker.

    This practice has been going on for decades now, in the form of off shore labour, practiced but some of Australia's most profitable companies, including telcos like Telstra and Optus, to blue chip information technology companies like Hewlett Packard, IBM, also no neglecting the "Big Four" banks of Australia (ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB, Westpac).

    Australia will be inundated with cheap ethnic labour which is supported by both government and the business community.

    The excuse given to the masses, propagated by the mass media networks, which are puppets of the government, is that of 'Human Rights', so that there will be no opposition to the corporate slave setup by the governments.

    Watchdog slams State over poor response to deadly Hendra virus

    QUEENSLAND'S Ombudsman has found systematic failures in the State Government's handling of Hendra virus outbreaks.

    In a scathing report released Thursday morning, Ombudsman Phil Clarke found policies and procedures were outdated, quarantine practices were inconsistent and there was inadequate communication with vets and horse owners.

    The Government had also failed to implement recommendations from previous internal and external reports and did not properly strain staff, contractors and property owners.

    That hampered the way government agencies could respond, he found.

    The report focused on the handling of six Hendra incidents between 2006 and 2009, but did not consider more recent outbreaks.

    "While much work has been done by the agencies concerned and the response systems are rapidly maturing, more needs to be done as a matter of priority before the next Hendra incident," Mr Clarke said.

    He also found decision-making was not properly recorded and there was inadequate framework to arrange compensation.

    Mr Clarke made 74 recommendations to improve the response.

    His two-year investigation largely centred on Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland Health and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

    heraldsun.com.au 3 Nov 2011

    Another example of government failure in the execution of strategies to protect its citizens.

    An example of how Australian's taxes are not making their way into infrastructure, but rather into the pockets of politicians and their crony mates.

    As long as Australia is the highest taxed country to support the scams of politicians is all that matters.