11 November 2010

Wireless Router NOT needed for Wireless Internet

The current trend in the mass media / electronics industry is the VIGOROUS promoting of over inflated priced gadgets for wireless Internet, compared to a wired home connection.

The products the BIG 4 telcos ( Telstra, Optus/Virgin, 3, Vodafone) advertise are a wireless (Wifi enabled) 3G router like the "3" badged Huawei 3G router.

The advertising spiel is that it enables you to connect you laptop (or up to 3 wireless devices at the same time to it) gaining an Internet connection.

These modems can sell for as much as $200 outright plus additional cost for data plans.

What Mr. Joe Average may NOT be aware of is that one of the most common portable communication devices is ALSO capable of wireless Internet connectivity, for probably a cheaper cost.

Technology for example from 2005 in the shape of a Nokia 6280
ref: http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_6280-1199.php
is fully capable of connecting your Pocket PC, laptop, PC or Palm Pilot (via Bluetooth) wirelessly to the Internet via 3G / 2G.

Most people have bluetooth enabled mobile phones, and currently MOST telecoms providers in Australia give 1GB of data on a $29 recharge which is valid for 1 month.

Another underutilised resource available to EVERYONE, without purchasing overpriced consumer electronics.

Electricity price rise drought sponsored Government fraud

In 2009, the government has justified the electricity resellers prise rise of 17% per annum as a result of the drought, especially in Victoria, Australia.

From approx February 2010, Victoria has experienced torrential rainfalls, and in October 2010 it has been the wettest October in 35 years.

Other states of Australia have an abundance of water, Queensland having dams at 110% capacity, as well as Tasmania also being overflowing with water.

The government has been deliberately slow in lifting water restrictions for the general populous, which now sits at Stage 2 Water Restrictions for the majority of the State's people.

There is NO more mention of the word drought in the mass media, as the populous is well aware that the official figures for the dams are deliberately falsified.

Since there is NO drought, the power companies have NOT lifted their 17% loading due to the long gone drought.

There should be a Royal Commission as to the deliberate government sponsored drought in order for businesses to rort (Australian : financial impropriety) monies from the general populous.

The building of a desalination plant in Victoria's east is of NO greater environmental friendliness, than the building of extra dams, BUT the cost of water will be THREE times greater to the masses.

Teen in coma after 'vicious' bridge attack

A teenager is fighting for life in hospital after being thrown off a bridge in southwestern Sydney during a "vicious" and apparently random attack, police say.

Detectives, who have launched a hunt for a gang of five men, fear the 18-year-old victim has suffered a brain bleed.

Both he and his friend were set upon as they walked across a bridge from Mawson Street to Cabramatta Avenue at Miller about 8.20pm (AEDT) on Wednesday.

After a confrontation, the 18-year-old was sent plunging three metres into the creek below.

Police said the water broke his fall but he sustained his serious head injuries after climbing up a bank to fight back.

"It definitely was a vicious assault," Acting Superintendent Steve Corry told reporters on Thursday.

"The argument started between himself, a friend and five others. The young man was then pushed over the bridge."

After climbing back up the hill, he was punched and kicked by the group, Supt Corry said.

He was taken to a nearby house and the to hospital, where he was put in an induced coma.

"At this stage we are not sure of the motive," Supt Corry said.

"It appears to be a random attack."

Police said they had not established whether the victim had been taken to safety by his friend, who suffered less serious injuries in the attack and did not require treatment, or by someone else.

Officers from Green Valley local area command are attempting to find five men, described as being of Pacific-Islander appearance and aged in their early 20s.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

ninemsn.com.au 11 Nov 2010

So no one labels this as a possible racist attack, as racism does not happen in ethnic communities against white people?

What a joke!

Connected Home - Not really

Here is another waste of paper, $AU12.95, water and electricity needed to generate this magazine, BUT no doubt this will be of some benefit to some people.

The magazine primarily features advertising for ipods, set top boxes, LCD TV's, audio amplifiers, speakers and other items that maybe loosely connected to each other, and the only real connection they share to the house is the 240 volts input they require.

One would assume that a magazine with such a title would contain features / products that integrate, for example self opening curtains depending on lighting conditions, or program interfaces that connect C-Bus (Home Automation), that are also programmable from a web interface from say Antarctica.

This magazine is nothing more than an up market JB Hifi catalog.

It's all about Audio / Visual entertainment only.

Remembrance Day was NOT to be at VicRoads

In this day and age the general politics is to dumb down the general populous, as well as to disassemble PATRIOTISM, in the name of a few minor 'sects' or under the excuse of 'religion'.

In the mass media, it has been mentioned that an Australian Government department, Vicroads was to NOT honour the sacrifices of the armed forces in which MANY lives were lost in the name of 'saving' the country.

This is a deplorable act, and it should NOT even be entertained that an omission be made not to remember the people who gave the ULTIMATE sacrifice, i.e. their lives.

The excuse given was that 'some' minorities ( maybe for instance Japanese Albino Pregnant Lesbian Women ?) may find it offensive.

What a joke to the sovereignty of the nation.

The current trend in politics is to confuse the issues of nationality, by promoting multiculturalism onto the Anglo nations, whilst at the same time promotising racism in other nationalities, under the banner of religion, imposing migration in order dilute the beliefs of the hosting nations.

Previous Australian government racist policies were of WHITE AUSTRALIA, where now the New World Order is the opposite.

Nothing more nothing less than Australian Political Scum.

Wikipedia :

Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day, Armistice Day or Veterans Day) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries to remember the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and civilians in times of war, specifically since the First World War. This day, or alternative dates, are also recognised as special days for war remembrances in many non-Commonwealth countries.

Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the official end of World War I on that date in 1918, as the major hostilities of World War I were formally ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice. (Note that "at the 11th hour", refers to the passing of the 11th hour, or 11:00 am.)

Qantas fined $12 million for price-fixing

Qantas is among 11 air cargo carriers fined a total of 800 million euros ($1.1 billion) by the European Commission for running a cartel.

"It is deplorable that so many major airlines coordinated their pricing to the detriment of European businesses and European consumers," said European competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia said on Tuesday.

The Air France-KLM group was hit with the biggest fine, 310 million euros ($A427.26 million), of which 183 million euros ($A252.22 million) was for Air France and 127 million euros ($A175.04 million) for KLM.

To my ‘Aussie price gouging on international flights’

British Airways was fined 104 million euros ($A143.34 million).

The other companies fined were Qantas, Air Canada, Martinair, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific Airways, Japan Airlines, LAN Chile, SAS and Singapore Airlines.

Lufthansa and its subsidiary Swiss International Air Lines escaped a fine under the commission's leniency program for being the first to provide information about the cartel.

The 11 cargo carriers co-ordinated their action on surcharges for fuel and security without discounts over a six-year period, between December 1999 and February 2006, the European Union's competition watchdog said.

Qantas and LAN Chile got the smallest fines, euros 8.9 million ($A12.27 million) and euros 8.2 million ($A11.3 million), respectively.

Scandinavia's SAS group was fined 70.2 million euros and Luxembourg's Cargolux will have to pay 79.9 million euros.

In Asia, Singapore Airlines was fined 74.8 million euros, Cathay was hit with 57.1 million euros and Japan Airlines will pay 35.7 million euros.

Air Canada must pay 21 million euros.

Five airlines applied for a reduction in the fine, claiming they were unable to pay it, but the commission said none of them met the conditions.

The commission said it dropped charges against another 11 carriers and one consultancy firm which it did not name.

The fines, totalling 799.4 million euros ($A1.09 billion), were slapped on airlines for co-ordinating a cartel that covered flights from, to and within the European Economic Area.

The cartel initially began with contacts between airlines to ensure that worldwide air freight carriers imposed a "flat rate surcharge per kilo for all shipments," the commission said.

The co-operation expanded with the introduction of a security surcharge. The companies refused to pay a commission on such surcharges to their clients, the regulator said.

"By refusing to pay a commission, the airlines ensured that surcharges did not become subject to competition through the granting of discounts to customers," the commission said.

money.ninemsn.com.au 10 Nov 2010

Aust calls for more sex on TV

Secret masturbation stories, gay men living heterosexual lives, and a cancer survivor who dabbles in group sex.

Australians asked for more sex on TV and a new pay TV show, Secret Sex Lives of Australian Men and Women, has promised to answer the call.

The two-episode documentary, which will air on LifeStyle YOU from December 6, has been billed as a "provocative, emotional and at times unbelievable" exploration of the secret bedroom lives of everyday Australians.

"Real Australians invite us into their bedrooms for some pillow talk that will make the whitest sheets blush," producers say.

The LifeStyle Channel's general manager Nicole Sheffield says programmers are just responding to what research shows Australians want on TV.

"Time and time again our research showed us that Australians wanted to see more programs looking at sex. It's a normal part of adult life," Sheffield said in a statement on Wednesday.

"This was something we really wanted to produce for our viewers."

The program will reveal that twice as many Australian women use vibrators than the rest of the world and introduce viewers to a woman who calls masturbating her main pastime.

A man will confess to being consciously gay while being married to a woman for 28 years, while statistics reveal 20 per cent of gay men have been in de facto relationships with or married to women.

And with research showing six per cent of Australian adults have never had sex, viewers are introduced to a 39-year-old virgin who ponders how it passed him by.

10 Nov 2010

Bear Grylls - Man vs Wild - T.V. Fraud

On Australian television, a rugged 'looking' fella, jumps around the screen like a cowboy
(Noun. A person who is unscrupulous and unqualified in business. Often with regard to 'cowboy' builders. ),
disrespecting nature, and the animals around it.

His so called ways of 'surviving' in the wild are nothing short of unrealistic (read fraudulent).

Unfortunately many people (read the masses), see television shows as 'reality' and NOT entertainment (read FICTION).

Scrutiny from wildlife experts (as documented in outer edge - oct-nov 2010) has revealed that the methods that Edward Michael Grylls 'employs' in the wild have no merritt.

"Some of his so-called bush survival foods, should not be tried by anyone, anytime anywhere". - quoted from the above mentioned periodical.

The media owners once again portray fraudulent entities on the Australian Airwaves to the mass population.

Warning: If someone dies from mimicking his 'survival' techniques then the airing network / show producers could be liable.

Policeman tells of hunt for dying daughter

A Queensland policeman has told of how he was on duty and took a call that led fellow officers to discover his teenage daughter dying after an apparent suicide attempt four years ago.

Brisbane police on Tuesday launched a homicide investigation into the death of the 15-year-old girl, saying fresh information had come to light.

The girl was found hanging from rafters in the basement of an Upper Mt Gravatt house in Brisbane's south on September 7, 2006.

Under Queensland law, media have been ordered not to reveal the 15-year-old girl's name.

Her father Sergeant Damian Rockett, a Mt Gravatt police officer, told reporters on Wednesday that he was on duty at the station at the time.

"I took the phone call from a person at the house the day it happened," Sgt Rockett said.

"I arranged for the police to attend. I was actually working and I was listening to what was going on the police radio."

He said he knew from the call and the police radio that his daughter was seriously hurt.

She died in hospital that night from her injuries, and her death was treated as a suicide.

Sgt Rockett said police attended the house about 3.30pm (AEST) and questioned the residents, who told them his daughter was not there.

The officers then searched Wishart Road in Upper Mt Gravatt, where the girl had last been seen wandering through traffic.

He said police later returned to the home after one of the residents said they had found her hanging in the basement.

Sgt Rockett said he was open minded about his daughter's death and still had not ruled out suicide.

"I would like to know the truth. I feel rather helpless," he said.

Detective Inspector Rod Kemp told reporters on Wednesday that there were now six persons of interest in the case.

Det Insp Kemp said new information, including DNA and witness accounts, had led police to reopen the file.

"Some of the persons of interest are heavily involved in drugs," he said.

Sgt Rockett said his daughter became involved with drugs and started squatting at a home where drug addicts lived after he split with his wife, the girl's mother, in 2003.

"She was in a relationship with a 28-year-old male who had a drug habit and psychiatric problems, and I felt she was at risk of harm, but (the department of child safety) didn't do anything," he said.

He blamed his daughter's death on a lack of child protection laws that didn't allow authorities to forcibly remove her from the house.

"There's no safe and secure place in Queensland for authorities to take a child who keeps putting herself in harm," he said.

Police on Tuesday said a new forensic search would be carried out at a home in Mt Gravatt. Officers are also doorknocking in the area to seek witnesses.

Detective Acting Chief Superintendent Brian Wilkins, of the State Crime Operations Command, said any detail might prove crucial in the investigation.

"Don't discount anything as being trivial. Talk to us and help us to find the answers," he said on Tuesday.

A major investigation room has been established at Holland Park Police Station.

A police post has also been set up on Wishart Road, including a mannequin dressed in dark-coloured full-length trousers and a white bandeau top like those the girl was seen wearing.

She was described as 176cm tall, of thin build, with shoulder-length light brown hair.

heraldsun 11 Nov 2010

This is another example of how the law is deliberately designed to break up the family unit.

Even the Law Enforcer was tragically unable to save his daughter from the criminal element, that had a hand in her death.

A deliberate failure by design by the 'system'.

Detectives allege police wife-beating cover-up

SEVERAL detectives claim to have secret tapes of their bosses covering up for another senior Victoria Police officer they suspect of beating his wife.

The detectives did the covert taping because they feared being pressured to treat the attack as a random one by an unknown offender, rather than as a suspected case of domestic violence.

They claim the tapes, which have been given to the Office of Police Integrity, contain evidence of attempts by senior police to pervert the course of justice.

The OPI refused a Herald Sun request to reveal whether it had recommended disciplinary action be taken after its investigation found "a perception of favourable treatment towards the senior officer".

"To an observer, it could appear as though the woman's husband used his police authority and his friendship with senior police to avoid being investigated as a potential suspect," said a recent OPI report on the incident.

"A reasonable member of the public, properly informed, is unlikely to be confident this matter was properly handled by Victoria Police."

But Victoria Police yesterday hit back, saying there was no evidence the senior officer attacked his wife and accusing detectives at the country station of being involved in a vendetta to blacken his name.

His wife claimed she was assaulted from behind by an unknown offender while out walking after midnight.

The Herald Sun has seen confidential police documents that cast doubt on the victim's version of events.

Those documents contain claims by the detectives who investigated the assault that they were pressured by their bosses not to treat the victim's husband as a suspect.

The detectives claim they warned their bosses that the case should be handled by the force's Ethical Standards Department.

Documents seen by the Herald Sun reveal the victim's partner was promoted to be in charge of the investigating officers within days of the assault, and one of the detectives later made bullying allegations against the officer.

Those confidential documents show the bullying allegations were substantiated by an independent inquiry in April this year.

A Victoria Police spokesman said yesterday the force was standing by the officer.

"There never has been any evidence to suggest that the victim's assailant was her partner," he said. "If there had been, then the matter would have been referred to ESD as a matter of priority.

"To the contrary, police believe they know who the offender was and the investigation continues.

"It should also be noted that whilst an independent investigation was commissioned into a complaint of bullying, its findings were not accepted by the relevant assistant commissioner as it was judged to have been an entirely unsatisfactory investigation."

heraldsun 8 Nov 2010

There is always some sort of cover up in the Police Force to pervert the cause of 'justice'.

Even if ANY evidence sees the light of day, it is usually the whistle blower that is in danger and NOT the criminal.

That is the way of the oppressive power.

10 November 2010

Watchdog ditches 'unrealistic' E.coli zero-tolerance target on water quality

THE nation's water-quality watchdog has ditched a new "zero-tolerance" plan to prevent faecal contamination of the nation's drinking supplies.

This comes after utilities complained that 100 per cent purity would be "unrealistic".

The National Health and Medical Research Council's water-quality advisory committee has watered down its plan to deem the quality of drinking supplies as "satisfactory" only if all samples are free of E.coli bacteria.

After strong lobbying from the industry, which argued that a 100 per cent monitoring target would be "unrealistic" and "unachievable", the committee has opted to stick with the existing target of 98 per cent.

The committee's chairman, Don Bursill, said yesterday: "We decided to take a hard line . . . We thought we could bring in 100 per cent.

"But some regulators are not very receptive to a professional discussion between the regulator and the utilities, so we've come back a bit on that.

"We thought maybe we had stuck our nose out just a little further than we needed to be."

The revelation comes after a week of controversy over a report finding that E.coli had been found in processed drinking water at Sydney's $1.9 billion desalination plant at Kurnell.

It has been established that, on some days, the amount of E.coli in intake water at Kurnell exceeded by more than double the official guidelines for safe bathing.

The 100 per cent E.coli compliance target had been included in draft Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, which were being drawn up to replace the 2004 version.

Water Quality Research Australia (WQRA), an industry research body funded by utilities and universities, told the NHMRC committee that it was "extremely unlikely" any utility would achieve a target for every water sample to be free of E.coli.

"While utilities constantly strive towards the target of zero tolerance . . . in reality, even with the best managed systems, there is the occasional non-conformance, due to the nature of water supply systems and other events outside the control of the utilities, not because of poor management," the WQRA told the committee.

"Thus, it is extremely unlikely that any utility would ever be able to meet this compliance target even with exceptional diligence and high-quality practices in place. Non-compliance to such an unachievable target sends the wrong message to consumers and may cause unwarranted concern to the public," it says.

Professor Bursill, an internationally renowned water scientist, said the 98 per cent level would take into account any "false positives" for E.coli, which generally indicated faecal contamination and could cause gastroenteritis. "We're recognising that analytical methods do return a positive result from time to time and allowances have to be made for that," he said.

"There isn't any inference to say we are watering down the system."

Professor Bursill said utilities would still have to follow up any E.coli contamination.

An NHMRC spokeswoman said the final draft of the guidelines would not be released publicly until federal, state and territory resource ministers had considered them early next year.

ANU director of microbiology Peter Collignon demanded a 100 per cent compliance target. "The public has every right to expect that 100 per cent of the time, there is no faecal contamination of the water they're being supplied to drink," Professor Collignon said. "E.coli is used (for testing) because it is an indicator that faecal material has gone into your system, and it is a signal something may have gone wrong."

He said testing for E.coli would become more important as water utilities used more recycled sewerage or desalinated water, which could be exposed to more contaminants than dam water.

theaustralian.com.au 10 Nov 2010

The poisoning of the general population, AND covring up that it is safe, even though the bacteria is TWICE the recommended level for safe bathing LET ALONE drinking.

More government lies and cover ups exposed, BUT the sheep do nothing.

Independent MPs voice doubts over Joe Hockey's bank reform bill

KEY independent MPs have questioned Coalition plans for a private member's bill to give the consumer watchdog greater powers to investigate price signalling by banks.

Tony Windsor and Bob Katter say giving the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission more power won't guarantee success in creating more competition in the banking sector.

Coalition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said today the practice of banks signalling interest rate changes led to “collusion and anti-competitive behaviour”.

His plan for private members' legislation to give the ACCC greater powers appears intended to embarrass Labor and to pressure it to act more quickly to force more competition in the banking sector.

Wayne Swan said yesterday the Gillard government would announce a package of changes next month to boost competition in the banking sector, but Mr Hockey said the Treasurer should move immediately.

theaustralian.com.au 4 Nov2010

Here we have anothe example of “collusion and anti-competitive behaviour”, which at the end of the day is illegal.

As always nothing is done as this is at the expense of the general public.

Governments, lawmakers etc are deliberately VERY slow to act in the interest of the public.

BUT, when it comes to speeding, laws are put in place IMMEDIATELY, in order to raise revenue.

07 November 2010

James Packer - The Family Guy

Here we have a 'slight' resemblance of

James Packer

to the

Cartoon Character

of the Obese and Retarded

Family Guy.

Drunk driver kills six year old refugee

The grieving mother of a six-year-old Sudanese refugee killed by a drunk driver wailed as her family slammed his jail term, saying it was not enough for ruining their lives.

Gary Edward Ryan, 26, on Friday was jailed for eight years, with a minimum term of six, for mowing down little Bangoang Tut while he played in his Morwell frontyard last December.

But with time already served, he could be eligible for parole in five years.

Outside the Victorian County Court in Melbourne, Bangoang Tut's uncle, Puk Yak, said the family was disappointed with the sentence.

'It's not enough,' he told reporters.

'It should be more.'

Bangoang Tut's father Jacob Bangoang held a photograph of his son and said: 'This is not (an) animal, it is a human life that has been lost'.

'I think this is not fair.

'What he has done to our family, he ruined our lives.'

Bangoang Tut's mother, Yom Ding Deng, wailed and clung to her husband's arm as he spoke to reporters.

Ryan was travelling up to 80km/h before the crash that killed Bangoang Tut and endangered the lives of his then pregnant mother and two other children playing in the yard of the Morwell home, in Victoria's southeast.

Ryan began drinking about midday on December 20, consuming heavy strength beer and home brew at a Christmas party before getting behind the wheel, Judge Liz Gaynor said on Friday.

One of his friends hid his keys to try to stop Ryan driving, but he recovered them, determined to drive.

He did burnouts and fishtails before losing control of his car and hitting a fence before crashing into Bangoang Tut.

He also hit the six-year-old's mother and two teenage relatives, who walked away with minor injuries.

But Judge Gaynor said the trio of survivors remained severely traumatised by the incident.

'Your actions on this day were heedless in the extreme,' Judge Gaynor said in jailing Ryan, a father of two.

'You were not just drinking and driving, you were drinking and deliberately driving in the most dangerous fashion.'

Judge Gaynor said Ryan has apologised unreservedly for his actions which, in his words, were the result of a 'stupid decision to get behind the wheel of the car while pissed'.

Ryan wept and rubbed his eyes throughout the sentencing.

Judge Gaynor said Ryan's offending had been a severe blow to the Sudanese family, who had already endured significant suffering as they fled Sudan via Ethiopia then Egypt, traversing crocodile-infested waters.

Ryan, of Morwell, was supported by family members in court.

He had pleaded guilty to culpable driving causing death and three counts of reckless conduct endangering life.

Ryan was also fined $300 for unlicensed driving and $200 for driving an unroadworthy vehicle.

His licence was disqualified for eight years, but Ryan has said he never wants to drive again.

skynews.com.au 6 Nov 2010

Another DELIBERATE failure of the Anglo - Masonic Legal System.

It is cheaper to kill someone, than to commit theft from banks.

A criminal who rounded down the cents from bank accounts into his own account to the tune of a few million dollars is incarcerated for 8 years.

Eugene Kukuy (aka Henry Kay - Property spruik) is known to turn over a BILLION dollar real estate industry, being nabbed for ~$50,000,000 was NOT incarcerated, and was given a passport to flee the country.

When sentencing, the system ONLY takes into consideration the criminal and NOT the victim, as perceived by the general populous.

Nothing more or less than WHITE TRASH.

Girl, 6, dangled off balcony to pick up cloth

A six-year-old Turkish girl has been filmed abseiling down an apartment building to collect a piece of clothing — supported only by a thin piece of rope.

The video, which was shot by locals at a cafe next to the building in Yozgat in central Turkey, shows a woman tying a rope to the girl's back before she climbs over the railings.

She is then lowered two floors down and collects the black-coloured garment before being hoisted back up and over the balcony.

It is believed the woman is the girl's mother but this has not been confirmed.

Germany's Bild newspaper reports the balcony was 9m from the ground.

It is not known if police are investigating.

ninemsn.com.au 4 Nov 2010

Another TYPICAL example of :

"Just because you can breed, does not mean you should".

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is terminated

HE stormed on to the stage as an action hero determined to save debt-ridden California from destruction in 2003.

But staunch Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger was replaced as Governor yesterday by a Democrat, after the most expensive non-presidential race in US history.

Democrat Jerry Brown, who ran the state in the 1970s and 1980s, is back in the California Governor's office after surviving more than $160 million in campaign spending against him.

Deeply unpopular, Schwarzenegger could not run again because of term limits. His tenure was marked by stubborn double-digit unemployment, epic budget battles and funding cuts.

heraldsun.com.au 4 Nov 2010

Another joke at the expense of the public.

Where politicians vote themselves in, and follow the agenda of the lawmakers and advisors.

They are nothing more than puppets on a string of the hidden Global Financial elite.

14-year-old on wheel rims during chase

A 14-YEAR-old allegedly led police on a 30-minute driving rampage in NSW before two truckies helped apprehend him.

The truckies blocked both lanes of the Pacific Highway near Coffs Harbour last night, slowing traffic and causing a makeshift roadblock to cut off the boy's escape.

One then crash-tackled him as he allegedly tried to sprint from the scene on foot before police arrived.

He allegedly drove some distance on the highway with just three wheels, AAP reports.

Police first noticed the boy on the highway near Nana Glen at about 6pm, but when they signalled him to pull over in an allegedly stolen vehicle, he allegedly accelerated.

Detective Inspector Chris Clarke said the boy crashed into two cars in the town's CBD - including a learner driver - but didn't stop.

The teenager then allegedly lost control of the car and side swiped a Holden car which was stationary at the time.

The 28-year-old female driver of the Holden was taken to Coffs Harbour Hospital with a suspected fractured back and remains in a stable condition, according to AAP.

For most of the pursuit, he was driving on wheel rims only.

Twice, police had to call off the pursuit over safety concerns.

"The vehicle was damaged and he presented a danger to himself and members of the public," Det Insp Clarke said.

But, with the pursuit moving back to the highway, the truckies acted.

"They took it upon themselves to cause a road block because they feared that he would cause serious injury or death," Det Clarke said.

The pair slowed down traffic in both lanes, leaving no room for him to move and he could not overtake because of a concrete median strip.

He was charged with police pursuit under Skye's Law, negligent driving and taking a car.

He was granted bail to appear before Coffs Harbour Children's Court on December 2.

heraldsun.com.au 4 Nov 2010

It might be a good idea for the mass media to say that it was speed that was responsible for the accident, in a goverment sponsored revenue raising exercise to lower the speed limit for 'the safety' of the public.

Christina Aguilera is "horny as a college freshman", says Samantha Ronson

Samatha Ronson has been blabbing ten kinds of TMI about her new conquest, newly single Christina Aguilera.

Samantha's music producer, Marlon David, got all the goss on Sam's orange-est lover - and told UK tabloid The Sun.

"Jordan [Bratman, XTina's husband] was never comfortable with Xtina liking girls but he thought it would make the marriage work," he said.

"Sam said she had a threesome with Xtina in Mexico last month, that’s when she realised she was a 'hot piece of ass'. Sam said Xtina is 'horny as a college freshman'.”

He also said XTina gave Sam a "Skype peep show" - Lindsay Lohan is gonna be spewing!

celebrities.ninemsn.com.au 3 Nov 2010

More inspiration for the impressionable teenagers of the goyim (cattle) to be like the manufactured Hollywood Trash whores.

It is VERY important for the world to know the sexual libido of this 'performer'.

More deliberate TRASH perpetuated by the mass media.

Indian attack not motivated by race hate

An attack by a Melbourne man who racially abused an Indian student as he bashed him unconscious was not motivated by racial hatred, a judge has found.

Shayne Comensoli, 20, punched, kneed and kicked Lucky Singh in Melbourne's west early on October 15, 2009, causing him to fall the ground unconscious and bleeding heavily.

During the attack, Comensoli repeatedly told Singh to "Shut up, you Indian motherf***er", the Victorian County Court heard on Friday.

Ordering Comensoli to serve youth detention for the attack, Judge Meryl Sexton said while the bashing was "very serious and almost sickening", it was not racially motivated.

"I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that at the point in time when you were attacking Mr Singh, you hated him," she said.

"However, it is difficult to be satisfied to the same degree that your offences was wholly or partly motivated by hatred of Indian people in general."

Judge Sexton said a psychologist's report showed Comensoli was a violent person with "little regard for who (his) target is".

Had Judge Sexton found the attack was racially motivated it would have been an aggravating feature and could have led to a higher sentence.

"But I treat as an aggravating feature that you felt that way towards Mr Singh for no good reason, and he had done nothing whatsoever to cause you to feel such anger and hatred," she said.

Comensoli, his friend Lennon Metaxas and a third man Aleksander Trifunovic were driving around Melbourne's west when they spotted Mr Singh, who was using a public phone at Sunshine, the court heard.

Without provocation, Metaxas, who along with Comensoli was "severely" alcohol affected, hit the man with a blow so powerful it knocked him to the ground.

Comensoli grabbed hold of Mr Singh while Metaxas continued to repeatedly punch him in the face and head.

Comensoli then joined the attack, punching, kneeing and kicking Mr Singh, before leaving him bleeding heavily and unconscious on the ground, the court heard.

The pair also stole Mr Singh's wallet.

Judge Sexton said the attack occurred during "a spate of reported offences of violence against men of Indian ethnicity" in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Before the attack the pair walked past another man, who apparently was not Indian, and did not attack him, she said.

"Your behaviour was quite outrageous," Judge Sexton said.

"Mr Singh goes by the first name of Lucky. He is indeed lucky that he was not even more seriously injured."

Comensoli, formerly of West Sunshine, pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury and robbery.

Judge Sexton ordered Comensoli serve three years in a Youth Justice Centre, which is the same sentence Metaxas, 20, received at an earlier hearing.

Non-parole periods are not set for youth detention orders.

Trifunovic, 20, was fined $3000 for assisting in the robbery.

5 Nov 2010

Another clear example of perjury in which the sentencing judge should be stood down from the bench.

Since the Anglo - Masonic Law System is unshakable no such reprimands will take place against their brethren.

The judge was clearly aware that it was a racially motivated attack, yet he proceeded to falsely deduce that it was NOT.

More exposed lies within the legal system, BUT no one does anything about it.

Sad Rafters fans projecting: psychologist

Viewers left saddened by the shock death of Packed to the Rafters character Mel may be projecting their own lives onto the fictional family, a leading psychologist says.

The sudden death of Mel Rafter from a car accident on the hit Seven Network show has left many of its viewers shaken and upset.

The fictional death has generated a mass outpouring of grief over Twitter from fans, which may reflect a major breakdown in families and communities, counselling psychologist Evelyn Field said.

"There are certain things that each one of us may hold dear and we will project our thoughts and feelings onto that situation," she said.

"When I identify with something tragic like a sudden death, it's saying something about how I deal with death and some of the fears I might have about dying suddenly."

Ms Field said people may look to fiction to fulfil a lack in their real life.

"We're living in a very artificial society and when things happen we aren't exposed to them," she said.

"We don't see people getting sick or dying and babies being born — in a way [the show] is a replacement for the family we don't have."

Ms Field said tears shed over the character's death may stem from other emotions people have kept bottled up.

"A few tears here and there are understandable, but you have to see that it is an opportunity to let go of your own grief and sadness," she said.

"In that way it's very therapeutic but it's sad if they don't realise they are letting go of other things."

For long-time Packed to the Rafters fan Katherine, the sudden death of the character came as a big shock.

"I bawled my eyes out — it was pretty upsetting," she said.

"But I am pregnant, so the hormones might be playing a part there.

"I think the whole thing about Packed to the Rafters is because it's sort of similar to people's lives it makes it more shocking."

But while grief over the death of fictional characters may seem fleeting it can have long-term effects on viewers.

Dedicated A Country Practice fan Alice said she still felt sad over the death of much-loved character Molly Jones on the show in 1985.

"Every time I hear the name Molly I automatically think back to that moment," she said.

"It's still with me today — I still feel sad about it."

Ray Harding was script editor for A Country Practice when the episode aired and said the response to Molly's death was the "most extreme in Australian television history".

"It wasn't simply that she was such a popular character — it was largely because we took three months to kill her," he said.

"We gave her leukaemia. The audience pre-mourned her for all that time, just as they do with a family member who is dying."

Mr Harding said the response to Molly's death forced the show to go into damage control.

"It was pointed out to us that there were children in hospital with cancer who were avid watchers," he said.

"We were in effect telling them they were going to die.

"We had to put out episodes in which we said things like 'Of course if she was young there would be a much better chance of her surviving'."

The character of Mel was written out so actress Zoe Ventourav could pursue a career in Hollywood...read more

3 Nov 2010

Television (the mass media) is used as a VERY powerful tool.

It has the ability to shape the lives of families / individuals.

This fact is well known amongst the ruling elite.

A response to the above article from a reader:

RaftersPosted by: Trudie, nsw, on 3/11/2010 8:33:41 PM

At first I did enjoy this show but the more I watch it the more depressed I get. This family has so much bad luck and I do not know of any real family with such bad luck. This car crash is the last straw and will be going back to the ABC or foxtel for entertainment. If we don't start to distinguish fiction from reality we will end up like the americans where Hollywood rules their lives. That would be sad.

The political agenda is VERY clear, to dumb down the nation as sheep are much easier to heard.

Demi Lovato checked into rehab because she beat up a dancer

Forget those rumours that Demi Lovato checked into rehab because of a fight with Twilight star Ashley Greene — nope, seems the fight was actually with one of her back-up dancers.

People reports that Demi went out with her band and her dancers on a night off from the Jonas Bros world tour, and apparently it was such a wild night that the next day her managers "questioned the group's conduct".

Demi, thinking she'd been dobbed on, "reacted badly" and went after the dancer she presumed was the dobber. According to an unnamed source, a "one-sided", "short physical altercation" ensued.

Translation: scrag fight!

"Demi felt awful about her behaviour and realized she needed to take personal responsibility for it," said the source. "Because of this, and because of the battles Demi has fought throughout her life, both she and her family realised she needed to take steps to get help immediately."

(In light of Demi's recent behaviour, we assume "battles" refers to literal battles she's been in.)

Another source confirmed that the "altercation" had nothing to do with Ashley, who's dating Joe Jonas.

All these "sources" better watch out. If Demi started a fight because someone snitched to her tour managers, who knows what she'll do to someone who snitched to a gossip magazine...

celebrities.ninemsn.com.au 5 Nov 2010

Another "Entertainment" nobody, styled by the Hollywood Fianaciers.

As so aptly put in the remarks section of the original article:

The young and classlessPosted by: aqua, melbourne, on 5/11/2010 3:57:58 PM

Yet another case that money does not buy class. This teeny-bopper no-body needs a good slap around her big head.


White TrashPosted by: maryg, Australia, on 5/11/2010 11:12:57 AM

"Cant take the trailer out of the girl! What a cheap brat, man, look in the mirror, your not beautiful, you're damn lucky you have even made it thanks to Disney. You want to use your fists, change your career to boxing, dumb ***."

"We're (Hollywood Producers) the ones who made you."
from We made you - Eminem

Rotten Katie Price is the loser now

Other people’s relationships. They’re fascinating, aren’t they?

We can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors: the routine, the rows, the kisses, the kids…

Except with some couples, we know the lot.

What is there left to be revealed about Katie Price and Peter Andre? They’ve lived their entire car-crash romance on TV and in magazines: from their I’m A Celebrity flirtations, to their Barbie-and-Ken wedding, to their Twittering, wittering divorce.

And what have we, the goggling audience, learnt? That Katie cannot let her husband have the last word. That she loves nothing more than to put him down.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of their kids or in front of the cameras, whether she’s mocking the size of his singing career or the size of his manhood, Katie has always delighted in making Peter Andre seem small. She never, ever stops competing.

Even when it comes to her closest family and friends, she’ll resort to nasty tactics, because she just has

to win.

Katie has to be top dog, so she turns bitch to do it. She says she’s desperate for Pete to come back, yet she’s still engaged in a public competition with him.

Whether it’s entertaining her charming ex, Dane Bowers, or whisking the kids off for some

very public fun in a theme

park, she’s still desperate to beat Pete.

I’ve interviewed Katie Price. It was in 2002, during the pre-Peter, Jordan years. I was excited: naively I thought I could reclaim Jordan for the sisterhood. But when I finally met her (she cancelled three times, including once when I was at her door), she was ’orrible.

Don’t get me wrong, she looked lovely. A stop-the-traffic, stone-cold beauty. In a pink coat, sparkly jeans and mules, she clack-clacked through Heathrow, with fellers swooning in her wake.

I’ve never seen anything like it. If she’d carried a hot frying pan, men would have thrown themselves naked in there to end up as her lunch.

But as a person, that woman was mean. She talked to her PR like he was dirt. She talked to me like that, too.

The first thing she told me was that I was scruffy (fair enough). After our interview – 40 minutes on the plane between London and Leeds – I was invited for lunch.

But every time I ventured a comment, Katie turned her beautiful, cold, hazel eyes on me and said, flatly: “Shut up, no one’s listening.”

She might be pretty on the outside, but she’s rotten underneath.

Right up until she met Peter Andre, Katie Price only managed to go for men who actively treated her badly.

Dwight Yorke and Dane Bowers were possessive

and dismissive, wanting

her for her body and not much more.

Though Peter Andre isn’t the brightest sequin on her bikini, he’s a good ’un, a nice guy, a family man who loved her and Harvey and Junior and Princess. And she blew it.

Less than five years into a supposedly life-long relationship and Katie’s nastiness has forced the good guy away.

Actions speak louder than words. You can say you love someone, but if you put them down and treat them worse than you treat your horse, they get the message eventually.

Why stick with someone who

just can’t be nice? Who wants a bully for a wife?

Katie Price is her own worst enemy.

mirror.co.uk 30 May 2009

Another Trailer Park Trash whore in the spotlight for the young and impressionable children of the Canon Fodder.

The politics is very simple as trash like this are put in the limelight to degrade and devalue the morals of the youth of the working classes.

A true inspiration for a young and impressionable teenager to look up to a Porn 'Star' and act like a whore, to be 'cool' with the boys.

Nokia CA-53 Cable - JB HIFi Ripoff

Politicians and the business community alike, tout (vigorously advertise) the new trend words like:


to be good for the consumer. If this were true there would be NO need to spread this propaganda, as the general public would be aware of its benefits.

Here we have another product under scrutiny, this time the much outdated Nokia CA-53 Data Cable.

In this illustration, the original cable is priced at $65.00 from JB Hi Fi.

The price of such items in technology warehouses in China is at an aprroximate $US 1.00

The same product is also available for $19.46 from Dick Smith electronics, which is now owned by the Giant retailer Big W.

The real benefits of gouging the consumer are to the business community and NOT the individual.

This is the wonderful thing about Capitalism, in that the business elite can ripoff the consumer without ANY regulation.

In this instance JB Hi Fi are a CLEAR Ripoff !