27 June 2009

Ford avoids full costs in asbestos case

Ford Motor Company has avoided paying the full legal costs of a man who died from asbestosis caused by his work as a mechanic for the company.

The West Australian Court of Appeal on Friday ruled in Ford's favour, saying the company had to pay only between 50 and 60 per cent of his costs, after Antonino Lo Presti's family sought an order ruling the company pay the mechanic's full legal fees.

Mr Lo Presti, 59, became the first motor mechanic in Australia to win a successful negligence verdict against a car company for asbestos exposure when the WA Supreme Court in February last year ruled he was entitled to compensation.

The court awarded Mr Lo Presti - who died in April this year - $840,000 in damages for exposure to asbestos when he used an air compressor to blow out brake lines and drums while a mechanic at Ford dealerships in the 1970s and 1980s.

But the Supreme Court ordered Ford only had to pay a percentage of Mr Lo Presti's costs.
The mechanic's family appealed against the costs decision, saying the trial - brought after Ford rejected an offer to settle for $450,000 - left Mr Lo Presti with a legal bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars and argued Ford's rejection was unreasonable.

But the WA Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Ford, which now has to pay between 50 and 65 per cent of Mr Lo Presti's costs.

The legal proceedings began in 2002, two years after Mr Lo Presti was diagnosed with the fatal lung disease.
theage.com.au 26 Jun 2009
Another case where the Corporate Giant is in collaboration with the courts, AGAINST the individual.

26 June 2009

Melbourne faces huge water price hikes

Melbourne households can expect water bills to soar by up to 64 per cent over the next four years, Victoria's regulator has confirmed.

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) released a statement on Friday approving the price rises between 51 and 64 per cent to fund infrastructure projects in excess of $4.1 billion.

Based on typical consumption, Yarra Valley Water customers can expect a rise in annual water and sewerage bills from $585 to $960, while South East Water customers will be hit with an average annual bill of $894, up from $566.

The new water prices will take effect from July 1, 2009.

ESC chairperson Dr Ron Ben-David said the price rise would secure Melbourne's water supply through extensive capital works programs.

"The Essential Services Commission's main focus has been to ensure that water prices are fair and reasonable, and that customers are only paying for the services they receive," Mr Ben-David said.

Increased incentives for water retailers to assist customers who experience financial difficulties would be extended.

"This will help to ensure that customers experiencing hardship are treated fairly, with dignity and in a timely manner," Mr Ben-David said.

26 Jun 2009

25 June 2009

Mother behind $10m Hollywood callgirl service

A mother-of-two has been revealed as Hollywood's most powerful "madam" who was behind a high-class callgirl service that charged men up to $60,000 for sex.

Michelle Braun, 31, is estimated to have made more than $10 million in the last decade after her service allegedly filled the vacuum left by famous "madam" Heidi Fleiss, who was jailed in 1997.

Braun's stable of some 70 famous porn stars, actresses and models charged up to $60,000 per visit, dwarfing Fleiss's old top-end rate of $14,000.

Her clients reportedly included a number high-profile celebrities and public figures.

Braun explained she charged so much for her service because she had some of the most beautiful famous women in Hollywood.

"All I do is make the instructions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them," she told Rolling Stone.

"I think the rates I charge are justified just to meet these women(these 'women' are nothing but WHORES), even if nothing happens."

Braun, who has two sons aged six and eight, was arrested after a two-year FBI investigation and has this week agreed to a plea deal that will see her escape jail.

Her lawyer, Marc Nurik, refused to divulge who was on the client list.

"Let's just say you'd be shocked," he said.

"They ranged from captains of industry, Hollywood types, sports figures and even people more influential."

ninemsn 25 Jun 2009

What goes on behind the scenes is beyond the knowledge of the general public.

This is ESPECIALLY true of the finance and banking sector, the most powerful and corrupt business dealings on the planet.

You cannot do this on your own, as you need the support of a few key players.

This 'sex scandal' dwarfs the real news.

$1,000,000 per year made of whores... BIG DEAL!

Corporations defraud the public tens / hundreds of millions per year...
ALL under wraps, and HUSH HUSH..

Just more mindless news to keep the public subdued.

MasterChef's Geni: I'm off to see my secret lover

As the newly ejected contestant prepares to fly off to her 'special man' in Cyprus, Lucy Chesterton reports there could be trouble brewing in her kitchen.

When Brisbane widow Geni Papacostas appeared on MasterChef cooking up endless dishes of delicious Greek food, she was hiding a very personal secret.

The 54-year-old has revealed she spent the "whole time" on the show pining for a secret lover – and worrying he wouldn't wait for her.

The teaching assistant, who has lifted the lid on the "bitterness and rivalry" behind the scenes on the show, now feels torn between the man she has a relationship with in Queensland and the "special man" who lives in Cyprus.

"I want to go back to Cyprus, because there could be a special something waiting there for me, and I don't mean olive oil," she says.

Geni, who wowed judges on the show with her lamb giouvetsi and creamy custards, was eliminated from MasterChef last week after losing a "pressure test" with fellow contestants Poh Ling Yeow and Andre Ursini.

But all along, she was more worried about what was bubbling away in her personal life than the judges' verdict.

"The man is still waiting for me," she says. "I really don't know what I'm doing. He already gave me two months, since April, while I was on the show, so I want to fly as soon as I can to Cyprus."

She insists she is not a love cheat, but wants to give it a try with her secret man.

"I'm not a two-timer, believe me. I haven't had a man in my life for a long time," says Geni, who has three adult children.

"The person that is here, my kids would love me to be with. He is all mixed up and he doesn't know what might happen in the future. And I am sort of looking at him, thinking, 'I've gotta sort my life out!' Even if it's selfish, I would like to take off, leave him behind and give it a try in Cyprus..."


It's all too hard no doubt, as ..."He is all mixed up and he doesn't know what might happen in the future".. (No one know my dear!)

But we would rather a lifestyle of sun and cafes wouldn't we...

A you mentioned you ARE selfish...

Do the needy fella a favour and get out of his life.

Posted for light entertainment purposes, as really... WGF!

24 June 2009

Australia has second worst performing superannuation in OECD

AUSTRALIA'S superannuation funds recorded the second worst investment performance among the 30 OECD countries in 2008.

The OECD Pensions at a Glance 2009 report also notes Australian seniors had the fourth highest rate of old-age poverty in the OECD in 2006, more than double the average.

But the report finds the recent increase to the age pension could go some way to addressing the issue.

"Nearly 27 per cent of over-65s in Australia have incomes below the OECD poverty threshold (half of median household income),'' it says.

"Only Ireland, Korea and Mexico of the 30 OECD countries have higher old-age poverty rates.

The report welcomed the government's age pension increase, noting it was coming off a low base.

"Australia has a very high rate of old-age poverty and the fiscal room for manoeuvre to address the problem,'' said the report's lead author Edward Whitehouse.

"Public pension spending is only 3.5 per cent of national income in Australia compared with an average of over 7 per cent of GDP in OECD countries.''

A heavy reliance on equities in Australian superannuation fund investments was the catalyst for their poor performance, the report finds, with Australian funds having about 57 per cent of their funds in equities before the onset of the global financial crisis compared to an average of 36 per cent in the 20 OECD countries where data was available.

theaustralian.news.com.au 24 Jun 2009

This is deliberate politics/finance to rob Australians of their savings, whilst earning the highest commissions from the accounts. According to the government, ALL Australian superfunds were 'lost', during the 'financial crisis' (American Credit Crisis).

Whilst each year the Banks make higher profits, the consumer will be lucky to get 4.5% interest on their money. BLATANT Consumer Rip off.

Henry Kaye $18m fraud charges dropped

DISGRACED property spruiker Henry Kaye will not face criminal prosecution after charges against him concerning an alleged $18 million fraud were dropped yesterday.

The Commonwealth Director for Public Prosecutions yesterday pulled its charges against Mr Kaye -- one of the biggest property spruikers of the last property boom -- after a key witness altered evidence and this weakened the case. ( but the facr that thousands of other have been duped has NO effect ?? !! ??)

Mr Kaye had been charged with "obtaining financial advantage by deception" for allegedly duping St George Bank into providing a $17.7 million credit line to fund an apartment development. The failure of the case against Mr Kaye, who provided "wealth education" seminars to clients at an average price of $15,000 each, is a major blow for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, which spent four years pursuing the charges.

ASIC said the DPP had dropped the case after a key witness gave evidence that was "significantly different" from the evidence provided earlier. "As a consequence, the DPP advised the court that it had reassessed the prospects of conviction of Mr Kaye in light of the new evidence and decided to discontinue proceeds," ASIC said.

The news was met with anger by many of Mr Kaye's former clients, who lost an estimated $40 million when his National Investment Institute was placed in liquidation in 2004.

Carol Perry, who sank $60,000 into Mr Kaye's seminars, said she was "amazed" ASIC had been unable to proceed with the case. "It's a joke ASIC couldn't do anything more," Ms Perry said. "ASIC should have also acted much earlier than they did to stop his activities."

Following two years of pressure from investors, ASIC in 2003 launched civil action against Mr Kaye, who was subsequently prevented from conducting wealth-creation seminars and required to repay investors.

But most of that money went unpaid because Mr Kaye's National Investment Institute was placed in receivership shortly afterwards owing more than 3000 creditors about $40 million.

Following separate action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Mr Kaye was in 2004 found to have breached the Trade Practices Act by falsely claiming he could turn "ordinary Australians" into "property millionaires".

In the case dropped yesterday, Mr Kaye had been accused of deceiving St George into offering a $17.7 million credit line to help in funding The Oasis apartments development in Melbourne's St Kilda. ASIC claimed Mr Kaye had used deposit bonds rather than actual deposits to verify to St George the number of apartments that had been sold off the plan. The deposit bonds were effectively worthless.

St George declined to comment on the case yesterday.

In a prepared statement, Mr Kaye's solicitor, Lewis Janover, said his client had always maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Kaye is understood to be no longer involved in property marketing and is believed to be currently investing in Melbourne nightclubs.

Consumer advocate Denise Brailey criticised the ASIC investigation of Mr Kaye.

"It's a disgrace that after all this time ASIC are effectively saying they can't find any evidence against Henry Kaye that ought to be placed before scrutiny of the judicial system," Ms Brailey said.

"All the thousands of people that got caught up in the Kaye system have suffered immense pain and are still feeling the effects to this day."

The Australian 5 Apr 2008

This is how the law lets 'the scapegoat' get away with crime.

Since he was the fall guy, realtors, bankers and insurance agents were in on the scam.

Australia still one of the better countries for fraud (That is if you're in the 'boys club').

A joke on the public.

Eugene Kukuy (aka Henry Kaye) is a Jewish Russian immigrant.

Teacher raped at school by student

A British teacher who was raped by a 15-year-old student has sued the governing body of the school for putting her in danger.

The 32-year-old teacher has reportedly accepted a "generous settlement" after she accused Westminster City School of failing to warn her about the boy, who had previously sexually assaulted a cleaner, the Daily Mail reports.

"Somebody else put me in the way of a rapist. Everybody has the right, not only to not be raped, but to make decisions about their own safety," she said in court yesterday.

"If they had warned me, I wouldn't have been there in the classroom."

The teacher was attacked by student Dwayne Best at the school in September 2004 as she stayed back after classes to mark assessments.

She described the brutal attack, which occurred less than a week after starting the job, as "truly horrifying".

Her allegations of negligence against the school were stemmed from the failure to warn her of the student's pattern of behaviour after the previous assault despite an "appalling" documented history in and out of school.

"If they had done right by me, I wouldn't have been there, and if they had done right by him, he was entitled to be properly managed, he wouldn't have been there," the teacher said.

She has not returned to teaching since the ordeal and described being raped and losing her job as "like being bereaved".

Dwayne was convicted and is serving a life sentence.

Another classic example of:

no one cares about you, especially the 'system'.

'Global warming is not real'

KEY Senator decides man-made climate change is a myth, in a blow for the PM's green scheme.

FAMILY First senator Steve Fielding has made up his mind on global warming - there's not enough evidence that it's real. After talks with the government and top scientists, Senator Fielding, whose vote could be crucial in passing the Federal Government's plan to put a price on carbon emissions, has released a document setting out his position. "Global temperature isn't rising," it says. Senator Fielding says he would not risk job losses on "unconvincing green science" to set up a carbon emissions trading scheme (ETS). The ETS has sparked raucous debate today in Parliament, with ministers breaking off from attacking Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull over the infamous utegate email to mock Coalition MPs who reject climate change science. Not happening Senator Fielding's document was prepared with the help of some of the country's most prominent climate-sceptic scientists. It says it is a "fact" that the evidence does not support the notion that greenhouse gas emissions are causing dangerous global warming. The Senate is due to debate emissions trading legislation this week.

The Government is struggling to muster enough votes to pass the legislation ahead of a vote scheduled for tomorrow. Senator Fielding's stance appears to torpedo the chance of the scheme passing as the Government would need his support, as well as that of the Greens and independent Nick Xenophon. The support of the Greens is not assured. The party is concerned that the Government's model for emissions trading lets big polluters off too lightly and has an emissions reduction target which is too weak to do any good. Senator Xenophon has asked for the vote to be delayed until August to allow senators to consider other models. Postponing the vote could technically give the Government a possible trigger for a double dissolution election, because it could be seen as a failure to pass. The independent had previously said the scheme was deeply flawed and failed to address crucial environmental issues. He had said the Government would need to negotiate with him and other senators to get the legislation passed. If all cross-bench senators reject the ETS, the Government would need the support of the Opposition to pass the scheme.

Norwood Abbey (NAL) Stockmarket fraud goes unpunished

In an insider trading deal that was NOT reported by the mass media, in front page news, Norwood Abbey Ltd (ASX:NAL) of which the Directors, fraudulently made claims to the company's research in order to obtain profits.

Company shares at the time rose from $0.04 to over $2.00, or an increase in profits of 50 fold to the people involved.

Connected to this fraudulent activity were the Directors of Norwood Abbey, employees, and certain trader of the Australian Stock Exchange.

The people involved obtained illegal funds by deception, activities which are illegal un Australian law, but since this crime occurred against the 'share holders', the relevant parties were NOT pursued nor convicted by the law.

Since 'discerning' individuals are concerned, no action was nor will be taken, a move that can only be described as a 'money for mates' deal.

In a similar move if an individual acts in the same manner against a company, they are then prosecuted ,and subsequently jailed.

The laws in Australia favour Corporate Crime.

22 June 2009

Golden Circle tracks unknowing drivers

Golden Circle Australia, has issued communications equipment that has an on board GPS function to track drivers without their knowledge.

Golden Circle uses the Motorola MC 75 series communications device as part of its fleet management tool for dispatching of jobs, ordering stock, and the like.

In recent questions posed to GC, by the generally technically unaware drivers, management has denied the existence of the GPS function, or the ability to locate a driver upon demand.

In the standard specifications of the Motorola MC75 a SiRF III GPS module is supplied as standard and CANNOT be turned off, a feature the company denies to its workers even exists.

In a recent incident, a worker called to meet a G.C representative in an adjacent suburb in 15 minutes, without tellingthe rep. where they were, instead, the rep. arrived to the exact location of the originatng call in a matter of minutes.

In Australia it is ILLEGAL to track an employee without their knowledge / consent.

PM, Swan, Turnbull shout 'resign'

WAYNE Swan and Malcolm Turnbull are facing heated demands to resign today.

KEVIN Rudd reckons Malcolm Turnbull is in trouble. Malcolm Turnbull says Wayne Swan should be worried. Wayne Swan says he has nothing to hide, but he won't show you the proof.

The so-called utegate scandal is set to come to a head today with the Government setting up a showdown with the Opposition Leader in Parliament.

The drama centres on whether Mr Rudd, Mr Swan or members of their staff pressured Treasury officials to help Ipswich car dealer John Grant, a neighbour of the PM who has given him a ute to use as a mobile office.

Mr Grant applied for help from the OzCar emergency credit scheme, which was set up to help car dealers stay afloat after two major financiers pulled out of the Australian industry during the worst of the financial crisis last year.

There is a Senate inquiry, an auditor-general's inquiry and an Australian Federal Police investigation into the matter, including the PM's office, the Treasurer's office and Treasury staff, to see if Mr Grant's application was favoured.

The political future of Mr Rudd and Mr Swan will hinge on the paper trail of emails and faxes and whether they prove either man misled Parliament. For Mr Turnbull, it will come down to how he handles the existence of the single email he claimed showed Mr Rudd's hands were dirty.

A series of emails tabled at a Senate inquiry on Friday appears to show that the Treasurer and his office were taking a special interest in Mr Grant's case. It also emerged an update on Mr Grant's progress had been sent to Mr Swan's home fax.

Mr Swan says there are more emails and correspondence in the system about representations from other dealers that show Mr Grant was not favoured. But he will not release them to the public because they are "commercial-in-confidence".

He says the emails will be given to the auditor-general's inquiry.

Instead, he has pointed to a report in today's Daily Telegraph which quotes the Motor Traders Association as saying many car dealers received the same treatment as Mr Grant.

"I think Mr Grant has been treated less well because he went to the Treasurer," MTA boss Michael Delaney told the Telegraph.

Rudd email

The Government instead wants the focus on Mr Turnbull, who had reportedly been telling journalists of the existence of an email from one of the Mr Rudd's staff asking Godwin Grech - the senior bureaucrat at OzCar - about Mr Grant's case.

Mr Grech told the Senate inquiry on Friday he believed communications from Mr Rudd's office on behalf of Mr Grant had been made.

The Prime Minister says Mr Turnbull must produce the "smoking gun" email or resign. Mr Rudd says there is no such email.

Mr Turnbull, who has backtracked over having ever seen the mystery email, now calls it a distraction and instead wants to keep the heat on the Treasurer.

Mr Turnbull rejects Mr Rudd's deadline to produce the mystery email and instead wants a timeline for the Senate to hear more from Mr Grech.

"He wanted to say more about that email but the minute he talked about it they jumped on him like a tonne of bricks and basically prevented him from giving his testimony," Mr Turnbull said on Macquarie Radio.

"He has said that he recalls receiving a short email from the Prime Minister's office but before he could say anything more about it, Mr Rudd's henchmen in the Senate stopped him from answering questions."

Mr Rudd says Mr Turnbull cannot have it both ways. "You cannot simply throw mud in this business and seek to completely besmirch a politician or a prime minister's or a treasurer's reputation and then say 'oh by the way, this email doesn't exist'," Mr Rudd said on Channel Nine this morning.

"That is why he has one option: stand in the Parliament, produce this email, or apologise and resign."

news.com.au 22 Jun 2009

Turnbull has engaged and continues to engage in fraudulent business activities.

Since these people are politicians, they are ABOVE the law, and will NOT be prosecuted.

The police only prosecute people who commit petty crimes.

AMY Winehouse is a "tattooed reptile"

AMY Winehouse is a "tattooed reptile" who will bring "untold human suffering" to St. Lucia. The former governor of the Caribbean island has written a public appeal begging officials to stop the Rehab singer from buying a house and settling there permanently.

Jeff Fedee wrote in the St. Lucia Star newspaper: "I would strongly urge she be denied residency status to purchase property in St. Lucia. Is she being given special treatment? She'd be a menace and a dangerous influence to our society because the demons that inhabit her tortured body will have to be fed." - BANG Showbiz / AP


Quality news of the Entertainment Industry's most drug infested, Gutter Trash out there.

A definite contender for the WG a F.