28 September 2020

Trust the police – Interference with jury

‘Trial by jury’ is the way to go as opposed to a star chamber which is still executed on this land, but that topic is for another time.

Some people erroneously believe that trial by jury is to occur in all criminal matters including road traffic offences.

MANY people still say trust the police, where the (NSW) police say people must fear them, hardly signs of a democracy but rather a totalitarian/fascist state.

Why can’t you trust the police?

Because in ANY legal matter, criminal or otherwise the police can interfere with evidence and even people, which they do in many court cases around the land.

Yesterday, 27th of September 2020, the Australian population was informed that in the ‘Trial of the Century’ Lindy Chamberlain was incarcerated as a result of a jury being tampered with by police.

During the television programme it was also very clear that the presiding judge James Muirhead was not ‘fair and impartial’

The case should be called the ‘Mistrial of the Century’.

The police and the ‘justice' business should now sued to hell and back.

It’s that simple.

In today's metadata driven world it is easy to interfere with jury/witnesses etc, by the authorities.

Australia is truly a legal basket case.

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