06 September 2020

Victoria Police screwed up on the Flemington towers lockdown


The cat’s out of the bag now, and it just depends on how long it will take for the general population to see the repercussions.

An article that appeared in the Fairfax publication last week mentioned how in New South Wales there was a similar situation, but the response was handled a lot better.

Conversely in Victoria or is it Dictatoria the authorities have bungled the response with regards to the housing commission residents.

People should know that many of the residents in the public housing towers were present at the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests, but what the general population does not know is that a fair few people live in those towers who have sued Victoria Police.

So, the Fairfax paper mentioned in an article which cannot be found now, in a small sentence that Victoria Police refused to supervise the lockdown.

So the question is now whether or no this will be mentioned in a ‘court of public record’, something that is in the ‘interest of the public’, that being a systemic failure of government.

This is just one problem facing Victoria Police in the near future.

Fortunately for Victoria Police and the state government, for now,  the general population is totally unaware of the multitude of systemic failures committed against them to their detriment, where making people aware of this through a class action seeking a remedy is the only alternative.

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