02 February 2021

How Telstra (and other telcos) track you inside your home

It's called beamforming.

See Telstra's advertisement from 24-Dec-2020:

Packaged up very nicely, stealthfully and (obviously) for your benefit!

31 January 2021

Care about your precious photos, DON’T buy Apple!

Maybe you’ve dropped your iPhone and now it’s unusable, or by some miracle it fell into the toilet where the result is the same.

Well, quite simply, you don’t go to or tell Apple about it.

They don’t give a crap about your data even though you do. 

They’ll tell you that you must purchase their exorbitantly high priced new model iPhone.

So, the corporation that collects all your data that you’ve generated over the years from your iPhone, the corporation that created 5nm chips, the corporation whose so called encrypted data is given up to ‘law enforcement’ cannot(?) retrieve your (invaluable) memories or documents?

A multi-trillion dollar Information Technology corporation, with sterile computing environment with the most sophisticated technology at its fingertips won’t retrieve your data, whereas a mum, or as they say in the United States a ‘mom’ can?

What has this world become?

That's a rhetorical question but one answer could be; a corporate criminal's paradise.

Now, before all the poindexters jump to the rescue with a suggestion that your data should be backed up to the cloud, would you really want this dodgy corporation to 'own' all your private photos where someone else has access to them?

Besides the cloud or more accurately someone else's computers are not the only solution, where a local backup would be more secure or rather private.

Please note, we do not recommend the purchase or use of Apple products

See the full story within the video called Jessa Jones CORRECTS Apple on data recovery and gets BANNED!: