25 December 2010

Oprah Winfrey Car Giveaway Fraud

Not exactly new news, as this event occurred in 2004, but none the less an indication of how fraudulent the mass media can be in shaping the minds of the masses.

In 2004, Oprah proclaimed that 'she' is giving away a 'free' car.

On her show the crowd went wild, with excitement.

The mass media over amplified this story that she is some sort of God sent philanthropist.

The cars given away were 'sponsored' (donated) by Pontiac.

What Oprah also failed to mention that there would be a tax involved with the ownership of the car.

A tax of $7000 had to be paid to claim the winning vehicle.

The only options were:
  1. Keep the car and pay the tax,
  2. Sell the car, and pay the tax on the profits,
  3. Denounce the vehicle.

Many of the audience members could not afford to pay the tax.

The audience have been duped at the time of the announcement that they are receiving a free car.

The mass media curiously kept this fact away from its publishing's at the time of Oprah's arrival in Australia

Oprah recently visited Australia, in a mass media campaign, that portrayed her of divine like status akin to Mother Teresa.

24 December 2010

Scrap tax: You'll pay to throw away food

FOOD could be banned from NSW household rubbish bins or residents might be charged extra to remove it under proposals to deal with the state's growing mountains of garbage.

A "scrap tax" for the collection of food items from households is one recommendation under a radical plan to address our wasteful ways.

Under proposals before the State Government, all food would be either banned from bins or residents would be forced to pay to throw it out.

It comes after a review found a third of household garbage was food that could be composted rather than rotting in land fill.

If the plan was put in place, Sydney could see the rise of lockable bins to stop neighbours filling them up at night, similar to procedures in Europe where rubbish is paid for by weight.

The NSW Waste Strategy and Policy Steering Committee Review found residents of just 15 councils generated 37 per cent of domestic waste in the entire state. Blacktown, Sutherland, Wollongong, Lake Macquarie, Wyong, Gosford, Fairfield, Bankstown, Penrith and The Hills made the top 10 list of most wasteful council areas, generating between 80,000 and 120,000 tonnes each a year.

Householders currently pay a levy in their council rates for garbage collection, regardless of how much rubbish they generate. But the scrap tax would force residents to pay for food they throw away because the existing levy, a $385 million money-spinner for NSW Treasury, does not encourage people to recycle, the review said.

It found the current levy had "no effect" on recycling but warned the scrap tax could lead people to use their neighbours' bins to escape the cost.

"A cost-neutral scheme could be considered in which the rate was increased for some waste streams [eg putrescibles] and reduced for other waste streams [eg non-putrescibles]," it said.

"That would impact most directly on ratepayers in council areas that do not take action and there may be demographic factors that influence the ability of some councils to take action."

It admitted a scrap tax would be difficult to enforce, could be rorted and would result in much bigger bills.

Environment Minister Frank Sartor said the review and response documents were released for public comment, following consultation with waste industry and councils. "A continued increase in waste generation is likely to occur as a result of population growth and economic activity," Mr Sartor said.

heraldsun.com.au 23 Dec 2010

No matter how governments are glossing it over, they are forcing the public to bare the costs of FAILED government infrastructure.

The government has FAILED to provide enough water to the public, so the onus has been put on households to buy expensive water tanks, which once connected, the water rate rises for the household, which they were NOT told about before.

All household water tanks must be registered with the government.

New taxes are thought of all the time BUT the ones that come out are the ones the political think tank has thought the public will accept.

Governments town planners, staff from the Deportment of Infrastructure are responsible for providing the public with facilities needed associated with NATURAL population growth.

The politics of governments is to import people, then say that the 'population growth' is beyond the capabilities of governments.

A DELIBERATE attempt at putting people in POVERTY.

Power wristbands a dud, says ACCC

The makers of a controversial wristband have been ordered to offer full refunds on sales of their product, which they claim improves balance, flexibility and strength by working with the body's energy flow.

The consumer watchdog has delivered a crushing judgment on the popular Power Balance bands by declaring them to be no more beneficial than wearing a rubber band.

It has told the company to give customers their money back if they feel dudded by the sales pitch that the band tunes the body's energy frequency to an ideal 7.83 hertz.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Graeme Samuel said Power Balance Australia couldn't provide any scientific evidence to back up the claim.

"Consumers should be wary of other similar products on the market that make unsubstantiated claims, when they may be no more beneficial than a rubber band," he said in a statement.

"Suppliers of these types of products must ensure that they are not claiming supposed benefits when there is no supportive scientific evidence."

Power Balance bands originated in the United States and have since adorned the wrists of celebrities and sportspeople the world over.

In Australia it has been seen on members of the visiting English cricket team, the NRL's Benji Marshall, the AFL's Brendan Fevola, jockey Damien Oliver and dual world surfing champion Mick Fanning.

With even actor Russell Crowe an apparent fan, Mr Samuel said it was easy for Australians to be duped.

"When a product is heavily promoted, sold at major sporting stores, and worn by celebrities, consumers tend to give a certain legitimacy to the product and the representations being made," he said.

He warned retailers could face similar legal action if they continue to sell bands in the existing misleading packaging.

Power Balance has promised to remove the offending words from packaging and the band itself, and to publish "corrective advertising" to prevent more customers being conned.

Those seeking a refund have been advised to contact Power Balance.

23 Dec 2010

"Here be magic" - Yet another con job.

The ACCC needs another office to deal exclusively with 'con jobs', but that would be an unwanted expense to the government, which does NOT bring in the money like other made up taxes, and speeding fines.

22 December 2010

Vic policeman facing sex charge is named

A Victorian policeman charged with having sex with a 17-year-old girl can be named.

Senior Constable Luke Alexander Donoghue is charged with procuring a child under supervision or care for sexual penetration, procuring a child under supervision or care for an indecent act, misconduct in public office and supplying alcohol to a minor.

Donoghue, who previously was based at a station in Melbourne's southeast, was charged following an Ethical Standards Department investigation.

He has been suspended without pay.

A temporary court order banning his name from being published lapsed on Wednesday.

Donoghue is due to face the Melbourne Magistrates Court on February 25 for a pre-trial committal mention hearing.

22 Dec 2010

Telcos paid $6m to help solve crimes

Police in Australia paid mobile phone companies more than $6 million in the past year for information to help solve crimes, ninemsn can reveal.

With more than 24 million active mobile phones across the country, police increasingly rely on the evidence of call charge records and text messages to place a suspect at a crime scene or uncover their role in a criminal plot.

Such information is provided on request by mobile phone carriers — but under the Telecommunications Act, those companies can claim the cost of the research back and charge police.

The same practice exists for telecommunications carriers that search for stored personal data like emails or internet bandwidth use to assist police investigations.

ninemsn could find no other institution that systematically charges police for time to assist in police investigations.

The only exceptions are forensic services, which are sometimes outsourced to the private sector, and commercial credit reporting services, which can reveal personal credit histories. But the latter example is often not as critical to investigations as SMS or phone records and instead is used more for illustrative intelligence, police say.

"Any fees paid to external institutions for access to personal records [other than telecommunications companies] are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and at a local area command level," a NSW Police spokeswoman said.

A civic duty to provide data for free?

Shadow NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher said: "Building managers and strata corporations don't seek reparation for their time should police need their help to access a house for a legal search warrant — why should phone companies be any different?"

Mr Gallacher said that in serious crimes like murder or where national security is at stake, "accessing the information without paying should be as simple as securing a warrant".

But Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association spokesman Randal Markey said carriers did not charge police in life-threatening situations like kidnappings or suicide threats and that the "nominal" charges they do impose in other cases helped prevent time-sapping "fishing expeditions" for data.

"If carriers footed the bill for police investigations it would mean that the costs for law enforcement were shifted from government to honest law-abiding customers because the industry would have to pass on the costs to customers," Mr Markey said.

A spokeswoman for Optus, which has its own law enforcement liaison unit with staff trained to respond to police requests for information, added that carriers were prevented by law from profiting from the assistance they provide.

Mobile phones as vital evidence

Director of the Australian Research Council's centre of excellence in policing and security, Simon Bronitt, said mobile phone call charge data reveal "whole patterns of who people are communicating with and where they are doing it".

And an SMS may contain "an incriminating image, evidence of admissions or can refute an alibi about someone's presence".

"An enormous number of cases now are based on stored electronic communications," Professor Bronitt said.

Recent ones include:

  • A hit-run driver to be sentenced over the January death of a pedestrian in Dandenong, Victoria, after police tracked him down through signals from his mobile phone and arrested him in his four-wheel-drive just hours after the incident;
  • A 33-year-old man who was arrested in August at his home in Lakemba, southwestern Sydney, for allegedly using his mobile phone to groom a 14-year-old boy for sex.
Civil liberties concerns

Police can access mobile phone records more easily than they can intercept live telephone conversations, because stored electronic communications enjoy weaker privacy claims under the law, Professor Bronitt said.

Whereas investigators always need a warrant to wiretap phone conversations, they only need the consent of either the sender or recipient of a text message to access those stored communications.

"That allows the police some latitude to approach potential victims or even other offenders to encourage them to grant their consent that will essentially allow warrantless access," Professor Bronitt said.

Nor are police limited to targeting suspects in serious crimes — as they are with live phone conversations — when they do need a warrant.

"The category that will trigger a warrant is a belief by the law enforcement officials that a tap into your data would yield information that would be of assistance to an investigation," Professor Bronitt said.

Payments to mobile phone companies 2009-2010
Totals include costs of searching for stored internet records among those mobile phone companies that have internet arms.

Police agency NSW Police Victoria Police Australian Federal Police Queensland Police South Australia Police Office of Police Integrity Police Integrity Commission
Totals ($) 2.49m 1.33m 966,263 930,816 203,057 170,904 59,108

Ninemsn lodged freedom-of-information requests with 10 of the country's leading police agencies to find out how much they paid mobile phone carriers in the 2009-2010 year. The NSW Crime Commission and Western Australia Police refused to release their figures. The Australian Crime Commission said it does not record the information ninemsn requested.

22 Dec 2010

This has been going on for quite some time, but as ninemsn mentions, this is the first time it can be legally published.

This is a well known fact within the Telecommunications, Information Technology and Law Enforcement industries.

A method of giving money to mates is under official services, which normally are NOT questioned, is very common.

Another taboo in the mass media is the masonic influence in court cases, to such low offenses as parking tickets all the way to the top of corporate fraud.

This has never been covered in detail, or any cases specific or general been given as examples.

20 December 2010

Supermodel to men: I'm out of your league

VICTORIA'S Secret star lays down the rules for ordinary blokes who want a model on their arm.

In an interview with gossip website Popeater, Hart lays down do's and don'ts for regular guys contemplating making a move on glamazons like herself.

The gap-toothed Australian beauty has warned ordinary blokes everywhere - stay away.

Spy a stunning model in a bar and thinking about trying your chances?

"Don't," the Sports Illustrated cover girl commands.

The beautiful aren’t interested in the bold according to Hart.

"If you see me, or another model, in a bar wait until you are spoken too before you speak,” she orders.

The 24-year-old declared that if any of the clothes horses’ fancy a guy, they’ll be the ones doing the wooing.

“If we are interested in you we will make the first move," she says.

Hart also issued words of warning to aspiring models tempted to try break into the notoriously tough industry via a reality show like America’s Next Top Model.

"No way, that's the beginning of the end," Hart admitted.


This is discrimination at its best :- "aren’t interested in the bold.."

If a male was to say that a woman is fat or ugly publicly, he would then be sued!

"If you see me, or another model, in a bar ..."

If I'd see you in a bar I would not spit on you as my discarded spit might get infected from a crack whore like yourself or your colleagues, which is a well known fact within the industry.

Just a trailer park trash clothes horse.

The New Age of Information Terrorism

The recent events of the publication of documents by Wikileaks are a turning point that will have governments tighten the lid on information flow.

Already Wikileaks founder has been labeled a 'high-tech terrorist', for publishing information given to him, irrespective of content, something ALL media outlets do on a DAILY basis.

The U.S.A is one of the world's largest war mongers (in the name of peace), as it is a multi billion dollar industry, in which contracts are given to either companies that political members are on a board, or colleagues of political parties.

America MUST be at war perpetually, and it must be fighting some sort of "-ISM".

Before it was COMMUNISM, now TERRORISM, and now no doubt a new name will be born:

Information - Terrorism
(c) 20 Dec 2010 by corpau.blogspot.com

In Australia, the (Rupert Murdoch monopolised) mass media, is keeping the CONTENT of the leaks away from the general populous, resulting in one looking to external, non mass media news outlets for the information concerned.

The governments are DELIBERATELY taking away focus from the content, and rather sensationalising the focus on other matters.

As a result the governments will now try to restrict the flow of information.

This will be done under the cloak of censorship, of pornography, child porn ( to which we will naturally all agree with), and other excuses the government sees the public will swallow.

The government's concerned world wide reaction is a clear example of governments becoming fascist and are now flexing their muscles that they are UNTOUCHABLE.


We are TRULY entering a new age of SLAVERY.

Julian Assange attracts girls 'like Jagger'

Julian Assange attracts girls 'like Jagger'

VICE President calls Assange "high-tech terrorist" as former colleague talks of "groupies".

Mr Biden said the US Justice Department was exploring a legal pursuit of Mr Assange but he stopped short of explaining just how the White House would act.

When asked whether he thought Assange was a high-tech terrorist or a whistleblower, Mr Biden was clear: "I would argue that it's closer to being high-tech terrorist."

Media reports suggest US prosecutors are trying to build a case against Mr Assange on the grounds that he encouraged US Army Private Bradley Manning, who is in US custody, to steal American cables from a government computer and pass them to WikiLeaks.

Mr Assange has denied knowing Manning.

"Like groupies with Mick Jagger"

A former colleague of Mr Assange has claimed the WikiLeaks founder attracted groupies like Rolling Stones frontman and lothario Mick Jagger.

The description of Assange's attraction to women came as Britain's Mail on Sunday claims the two women who say they were sexually assaulted by the WikiLeaks editor would never have complained to police had he agreed to an HIV test.

The WikiLeaks' Swedish co-ordinator said he begged his boss to have the test, both to head off the possible police investigation and for Assange's own peace of mind.

"The two women told me that if he goes to the clinic for an HIV test, then we won't go to the police," said the colleague, insisting on anonymity as he is a prosecution witness.

"I told him, 'Just do it, and anyway, it's good for you, because you're sleeping around'.

"A lot of women were extremely attracted to Julian, and after a few minutes they offered themselves to him.

"From my perspective, they were like groupies with Mick Jagger, and he takes these opportunities."

The co-ordinator said he felt certain the women who both allege Assange forced them to have intercourse in August without using a condom, against their express wishes, had nothing to do with any supposed US plot to discredit him, as Assange has claimed.

He said Assange refused to take the test because he didn't like being blackmailed.

Assange's British lawyer, Mark Stephens, said his client later took a test for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, which showed he was not infected.

Meanwhile, an American journalist claims Mr Assange seduced his girlfriend in the same week he slept with two women who are accusing him of sexual assault.

The Mail Online reported the WikiLeaks founder went out to dinner at Stockholm’s Beirut restaurant with the WikiLeaks Swedish co-ordinator, the co-ordinator’s girlfriend, the journalist and his English girlfriend.

The journalist says Mr Assange ignored him and instead concentrated on his girlfriend.

He says he later saw the pair walking hand in hand and claims when he challenged the WikiLeaks founder, "he dropped into a classic fighter’s pose, with his fists up".

AFP December 20, 2010

Gossip Girl actress angers Scottish crowd

Gossip Girl actress-turned-singer Taylor Momsen has infuriated fans at a gig in Scotland by calling their country England in an on-stage blunder.

Momsen told the sold-out audience: "Glasgow, you are looking good tonight."

"We are The Pretty Reckless and we have heard that Glasgow is the craziest crowd in all of England."

The comment angered the crowd, who began yelling and booing at the bewildered band.

"The noise from the crowd was deafening," concertgoer Paul Kane told Scotland's Daily Record newspaper.

"People began to cheer as they presumed she was going to say Scotland, but when the penny dropped all you could hear was boos."

Momsen has since apologised for the gaffe, taking to Twitter to tell fans it was an accident.

"Glasgow, I love you, I now HAVE to tour SCOTLAND (haha, sorry bout the slip up!)" she tweeted.

The teenager reportedly only learnt about her mistake when someone backstage told her after the show.

20 Dec 2010

This is a TYPICAL example of how the uneducated teenage trash come out from the boundaries of the U.S.A, and infect the rest of the planet with their stupidity.

The standard of education for the masses is DELIBERATELY kept low, in an education system, that is reverting to the middle ages, where only wealth could buy education.

Hurley 'dumps Warne over sex texts'

Shane Warne has been involved in a new text scandal that has brought an end to his relationship with Liz Hurley.

Hurley dumped the 41-year-old cricketer and cancelled plans to visit Australia after discovering he had sent sexual text messages to a married Australian woman, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

The paper said the British press will break the story in more detail later today.

Warne is said to be devastated by the split, telling friends he wanted to marry 45-year-old Hurley.

On Friday, Hurley used Twitter to deny reports she would fly to Australia to spend time with Warne. She also said she was not planning on divorcing her husband, Indian textile heir Arun Nayar.

"Bored now of silly speculations: no one is divorcing anyone yet, no one is fighting over money & I have no plans to go to Australia. Enough!!" she wrote.

Warne has also gone public with his emotions — tweeting about his inability to sleep and "the ups/downs" of life.

"No matter what anyone says if you know in your heart how you feel about anything or anyone who cares what people think/say!!!" he tweeted yesterday.

Warne and Hurley's relationship was made public last week when photos and video of the couple together were released.

As the news broke, both Warne and Hurley were quick to confirm they had both split from their respective partners.

Warne said he was single and not seeing partner Simone, who is also the mother of his three children Brooke, Summer and Jackson.

Hurley said Nayar would remain in contact with her eight-year-old son Damian.

ninemsn 19 Dec 2010

The main focus in the mass media is to put up on pedestals these SPORTING HEROS, when it clearly shows that in their private life they are bogans (affectionate name for LOSERS).

The mass media, recently announced that Shane Warne has 'his' own show on Australian television.

In 'show' business, you are a nobody, as it is the producers that mold you.

The goal is to keep the masses entertained with bogans on T.V. which has an effect of 'stupifying' the audience.

Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Child Sex Slavery in Afghanistan

The now infamous Wikileaks recently released a cable from Afghanistan revealing U.S. government contractor DynCorp threw a party for Afghan security recruits featuring trafficked boys as the entertainment. Bacha bazi is the Afghan tradition of "boy play" where young boys are dressed up in women's clothing, forced to dance for leering men, and then sold for sex to the highest bidder. Apparently this is the sort of "entertainment" funded by your tax dollars when DynCorp is in charge of security in Afghanistan.

DynCorp is a government contractor which has been providing training for Afghan security and police forces for several years. Though the company is about as transparent as a lead-coated rock, most reports claim over 95% of their budget comes from U.S. taxpayers. That's the same budget that DynCorp used to pay for a party in Kunduz Province for some Afghan police trainees. The entertainment for the evening was bacha bazi boys, whose pimps were paid so the boys would sing and dance for the recruits and then be raped by them afterward. That's your tax dollars at work -- fighting terrorism and extremism in Afghnistan by trafficking little boys for sex with cops-in-training.

In fact, the evidence linking DynCorp to bacha bazi was so damning, Afghan Minister of the Interior Hanif Atmar tried to quash the story. Upon hearing a journalist was investigating DynCorp and the U.S. government's funding of the sex trafficking of young boys in Afghanistan, Atmar warned any publication of the story would "endanger lives," and requested the U.S. suppress the story. Atmar admitted he had arrested eleven Afghans nationals as "facilitators" of the bacha bazi party. But he was only charging them with "purchasing a service from a child," which is illegal under Sharia law and the civil code. And in this case "services" is not used as a euphemism for sex; so far, no one is being held accountable for the young boys whose rapes were paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.

As if this story couldn't get any more outrageous, Atmar went on to say that if news of the incident got out, he was "worried about the image of foreign mentors". In other words, why should something as piddling as the humiliation, objectification, sale, and rape of some children tarnish the good name of DynCorp and all the work (read: money) they're doing in Afghanistan? After all, bacha bazi is growing in popularity in Afghanistan, especially in areas like Kunduz. Why shouldn't U.S. government contractors be able to win local favor by pimping young boys?

Of course, this isn't the first time DynCorp has used U.S. tax dollars to support sex trafficking. In Bosnia in 1999, Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from the company after blowing the whistle on DynCorp's staffers pimping out girls as young as 12 from Eastern European countries. DynCorp settled a lawsuit involving Bolkovac, and her story was recently featured in The Whistleblower, where she was portrayed by Rachel Weiss. It's a happy ending for one DynCorp whistle blower, but will there be a Bolkovac in Afghanistan?

It's time American taxpayers demanded a zero tolerance policy on our money being used to support child sex trafficking overseas. Tell the UN Mission to Afghanistan the time has come to crack down on those who buy and sell boys in bacha bazi, whether they're Afghans or U.S. government contractors, security personnel or citizens. No one should be able to traffic children so sex and get away with it, and that includes repeat offender DynCorp. We have a right to demand our tax dollars go to fight trafficking, not support it. And we have a right to demand the U.S. government and their contractors be held accountable for exploiting the boys of Afghanistan.

humantrafficking.change.org 8 Dec 2010

It is information like this that exposes government dealings, that the United States wants Julian Assange killed for.

Note: No where in the Australian mass media, has this content been published, only from alternative news sources.

Online buys prompt retail inquiry

The federal government says it won't scrap the GST-free threshold for goods purchased from overseas websites, but will crack down on businesses rorting the system.

The growing trend to shop online has prompted a government inquiry into Australia's $242 billion retail sector, amid complaints by traditional retailers that shoppers are avoiding paying GST by buying goods from overseas websites.

The inquiry will examine the $1000 GST-free threshold for imported goods, which traditional retailers want scrapped, arguing it puts them at an unfair disadvantage in competing with offshore internet players.

Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten said the threshold would not be ditched, although it would be one of the issues examined by the Productivity Commission.

"No, at this stage there is no contemplation about reducing the low value threshold," Mr Shorten told reporters in Melbourne.

"I think that rather than make on-the-run decisions about taxes or indeed other aspects of the retail industry, let's have a long overdue unprecedented discussion and analysis (of) what is going to be the future of the retail industry in Australia."

Consumers are increasingly turning to overseas websites for GST-free purchases thanks in part to the strong Australian dollar, which recently reach parity with the US currency.

A raft of retailers have complained they are losing out to foreign websites and are campaigning against the threshold while the likes of Myer and Harvey Norman have flagged setting up websites to ship goods directly from China to Australian consumers.

Mr Shorten said the case for lowering the threshold had significant opposition, including the cost of collection and consumer objections, but the government was taking retailers' concerns seriously.

"In the meantime the government's not going to be rushed into any decision," he said.

"We respect the right of consumers to shop and to get the best bargains possible."

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said the government would conduct a compliance campaign to ensure GST and customs duty concession for imports worth $1000 or less were not being abused or exploited.

"It's important people follow the rules and not try to rort the system," he said in a statement.

An Access Economics report showed Australians spent $19-24 billion buying goods online - 50-80 per cent with Australian online outlets - in 2009, representing about three per cent of total sales.

Consumer Action Law Centre co-CEO Carolyn Bond said factors such as a broader product range and the quality of IT platforms were also driving a small proportion of Australians to offshore internet retailers.

"Consumers clearly don't want to be paying more for any goods but we would be concerned about applying the tax to very small purchases from international sellers if there was administrative costs added to the price of the goods as well," Ms Bond said.

The Australian National Retailers Association, which represents the large retailers, said the focus on overseas online purchases was timely and necessary.

"Cautious post GFC Australian shoppers and the impact of interest rates, the skyrocketing Aussie dollar and the surge to online shopping overseas have created a very difficult environment for our retailers and a wide ranging review of the prospects for growth and the barriers to retail prosperity is long overdue," CEO Margy Osmond said.

The Fair Imports Alliance, a coalition of 10 retailer and wholesaler associations, said 45 per cent of retailers/wholesalers had shed staff as a result of losing trade to offshore internet sites.

"All we're asking for is a level playing field," alliance spokesman and Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman said.

Nick Stace, CEO of consumer group Choice, said the review should also examine the high degree of concentration of ownership in the retail sector and the impact of the major chains' market power on consumers and smaller retailers.

18 Dec 2010

One of Australia's largest employers, Myer, has been in the spot light many times, and one of those times was for importing clothing for $1, then selling it for $10.

The excuse given by Myer, was that it changed hands through various 'shelf' companies, i.e. Tax Evasion.

Information obtained from a source within the industry indicated that a clothing retailer J.K. Kids Gear, for example imports kids jackets from Asia for $2, and retails it for $49.

The truth is that Aussies are sick and tired of getting ripped off by the retail industry, and are more aware of better for money value elsewhere.

Through the advent of 'globalisation', large companies are able to take advantage of SLAVE LABOUR, and sell items for great profits, BUT when the consumer demands a better price, they are penalised, by the governments concerned.

19 December 2010

Undercover Boss - Dominos

Another entertainment scam brought to you by the mass media.

An episode airing on Australian T.V. is about the C.E.O of Dominos, going 'undercover' in a shop, as a worker.

The general public are supposed to believe that none of the employees recognise their boss, of one of Australia's larger food franchises.

A game show that was aired on Australian T.V. No-Bingoooooo was found by a member of the general populous to the fraudulent.

T.V. show like Undercover Boss are nothing more than 'entertainment' to keep the masses amused, and the events of such are not purported to be real.

Baby joy for Antonia Kidman

Antonia Kidman has given birth just in time for Christmas — having a baby boy at a Singapore hospital last weekend.

"Nicholas' arrival is possibly the best Christmas present anyone could ever ask for," Kidman said on Friday.

Nicholas is Kidman's fifth child but is her first with second husband Craig Marran, who she married in Sydney in April, The Daily Telegraph reports.

She has four other children — Lucia, Hamish, James and Sybella — to ex-husband Angus Hawley, who she was married to for 11 years. They split up in May 2007.

Kidman and Marran have been living in Singapore since earlier this year and are expecting a visit from big sister Nicole, who returned to America after a trip to Sydney last week to appear on Oprah.

Kidman's eldest four children are expected to return to Sydney in the next few weeks to spend some time with their father.

19 Dec 2010

Good luck to them.

So when they got married in April, Kidman was two months pregnant.

Shotgun Wedding ?

Lady Gaga decapitates Santa doll onstage

Out-there (???) pop star Lady Gaga has surprised fans at one of her London shows by biting the head off a Santa Claus doll during an impromptu foul-mouthed rant against Christmas.

The 24-year-old singer was midway through her show in front of 10,000 people at the O2 Arena on Friday night when a fan threw the red and white doll onstage.

Gaga picked up the toy and told the crowd: "I do like Christmas but for those of you who are feeling lonely this Christmas, just to keep everyone happy..."

She then sunk her teeth into the toy's neck, ripped its head off and threw it on the ground before stomping it with her heels.

"I hate the holidays. I'm alone and miserable you f---ing stuffed little toy," she yelled, as the crowd laughed.

"He was pregnant with chemicals not meant for children."

Gaga threw the doll's remains back into the crowd before saying: "Anyway, now that I've killed Santa, what am I going to do with you all."

The Poker Face star was met with applause throughout the stunt.

19 Dec 2010

What Lady GaGa ( born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ) did is an Anti Christian slur.

If such a similar slur was made against the Islamic faith or the Jewish faith, a world wide uproar would be publicised to have her beheaded or economically sanctioned for life.

Entertainment Trash such as Germanotta, are puppets of the Hollywood financiers.

One of the worldwide trends is to destroy the Christian faith, whilst promoting others vigorously.

The mass media support this by saying that she is 'out there' instead of RACIST

Santa Claus is a marketing tool born by Coca-Cola depicting St. Nicholas, (born 3rd Century in Patara, Greece).

Anti - Islamic

Anti - Semitic

terms are often heard in the mass media, BUT NEVER

Anti - Christian.

City Parking restricted

One of the agendas of the government is to restrict the people's movements by motor vehicle transport.

This is NOT a widely publicised policy, and it is done gradually, and in secret.

Main roads to and from the city, are being gradually made more difficult to travel on.

Roads with previously 2 lanes are being restricted to travel on in one lane only.

There are too many areas to illustrate that previously held designated parking zones, are turned into NO PARKING areas.

The list is in the hundreds in one city alone.

The above illustration, shows just one of these areas, where previously it was an area where one could park a couple of cars, and now it is a No Parking Zone.

The $10,000 Ford Falcon

In Australia, there has been a decline in the motoring industry, as to the number of cars produced, and also as a sign of the economic times, the shutting down of the Chrysler / Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant in Adelaide, South Australia has impacted on the industry.

A fact maybe not known to the general populous, is that the Car Manufacturing Industry in Australia, survives upon generous donations by government, called subsidies.

Ford has a long history in Australia, with it's manufacturing plants in both Geelong and Melbourne's suburb, Broadmeadows.

Traditionally, the Aussie family car is a duopoly held by Holden's Commodore and Ford's Falcon.

When one of the great Aussie icon's the Ford Falcon, in it's standard form, reached a retail price tag, of $30,000 in the AU range, it cost Ford Australia $10,000 to produce.

Thus Ford making a mark up of 200% on it's product, or a gross profit margin of 67%.

In Toyota's manufacturing factory, in Altona Victoria, their version of the family car is being produced.

The cost to Toyota to produce the Camry is at an approx 38hrs of assembly time.

Some pharmaceutical companies survive on 3% profit, some I.T companies make 10% profit, and some retail clothes businesses make from 30 to 100% profit.

Toyota Prius UNSAFE but it's OK because it's green

The politics behind this is VERY simple, that being that we MUST GO GREEN irrespective of the cost.

One of the 'fearful' slogans used is
"for the benefit of our children",
because lets face it, we'd do ANYTHING for our children.

The authorities are using emotions, such as fear or love to sway the minds of the masses.

What the mass media, and others concerned are NOT telling it how it is, but rather succumbing to a political agenda.

Toyota's Prius, is a car that has been on the Australian market for a little while. Information obtained from Toyota personnel, is that it is generally considered UNSAFE.

The Government has faked its safety standard, exposing all that have purchased it.

Since what is at stake is a multi-million dollar industry, crash data information, and the like is kept secret, again at the expense of the general public.

No Christmas in Australia

In Australia, the current trend is NOT to celebrate Christmas, but rather promote the "FESTIVE SEASON", or salute "SEASONS GREETINGS", rather than "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

This is an insult to all religions that celebrate Jesus Christ as their savior.

Interviews with many parents from various schools, have indicated that in primary and secondary state schools, Christmas is being shunned, and generic greetings are pushed by the teachers onto the children.

This is done deliberately to desensitise the children of this and future generations to (Catholic) religion .

Other religions are being promoted vigorously, whereas the verbose following of Christianity is being discouraged.

The 'excuse' given is that this may offend other people of different religious beliefs.

Australia is considered in general, as nation of Christian following, whether it being Church of England, Roman Catholic, Orthodox or denominations.

Australia, has been long regarded as a 'multicultural' nation, where other nationalities also can follow their beliefs in conjunction with the host nation.

The global politics is to disassemble Christianity as a belief, imposed by the rulers of the world, in what has been outlined in the policies of the New World Order.

Multiculturalism is a way of disassembling national identity, patriotism, and any sense of who we are.

This is prompted on a global scale, by the support of a high migration pattern of 'refugees', who are a result of deliberate government failures.

Anti-Semitic slur: Mel Gibson called Winona Ryder an 'oven-dodger'

Before he started swearing at female police officers and punching his baby mama's teeth out, everyone thought Mel Gibson was a pretty nice guy. But Winona Ryder always knew better.

The Jewish actress has recalled her shock at Mel Gibson once calling her an 'oven dodger' at a party and making a homophobic slur against her friend.

The 39-year-old Black Swan star says Mel's increasingly offensive behaviour over the last few years makes her feel vindicated as no one previously believed he would have said such horrible things to her.

"I remember, like, fifteen years ago, I was at one of those big Hollywood parties. And he was really drunk," Winona tells GQ magazine.

"I was with my friend, who is gay. He [Gibson] made a really horrible gay joke. And somehow it came up that I was Jewish. He said something about 'oven dodgers,' but I didn't get it. I had never heard that before.

Winona later realised the term was an offensive reference to the mass killing of Jews in gas chambers and incinerators during the Holocaust.

"It was this weird, weird moment,” she added. "I was like, 'He's anti-Semitic and he's homophobic.' No one believed me!"

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More Mass Media Lies propagated by the 'monopolised' industry.

CorpAu posted comments on the site which were NOT published.

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What about the others?


During World War II, many other religions / nationalities died.
20 Million Russians alone, then there's the Poles (12 Million were displaced), where the slaughter yard happened, and Germans as well, JUST to name a few.

The mass media deliberately propagates 1/2 truths, supporting misinformation, or any other agenda of the day.