10 September 2020

Victoria the ‘police state’ COVID curfew about policing and not health

A whole lot of ‘revelations’ have come out of the woodwork of late with regards to the handling of the response to the virus situation.

Doctors have come out exposing the lies in relation to the COVID response by the authorities.

Doctors have come out with regards to the falsely classified deaths in relation to the disease.

Now, the Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton has distanced himself from the Andrews government in saying that the curfew was not his idea that being not in force under any medical advice.

To make it even worse, The Victorian premier Daniel Michael Andrews states that the curfew is for Victoria Police and not for any health reasons.

This is an ‘exercise’ in subservience in a police state and not about a reaction to a ‘health crisis’

See video

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1Esfp10vxg

What more do the people need to be shown that they have been duped?


CAROL BOND said...

he use to be the health minister before this job so he should know better than to put a curfew in place.i can tell you now that my grandchildren are suffering and they want to go and play with their friends.deprive people of sun shine and they lack vitiamins which brings on other issues.i am no doctor but i do know that chairman dan hasnt been honest with the elderly deaths and WHAT they have died of .BUT he still insists they are dying with covid 19.a whistle blower came forward a doctor and told the public he is looking after elderly people in a home and they didnt die of this desease they died of natural causes something we dont hear any more natural causes with covid which they DIDNOT die from covid.its about time he swallowed an honest pill and revealed his real plan for us all [COMMUMINISM.]

tazza said...

So can we know when he is being charged and taken into custody, and of course he should have been well removed from office by now!
How are the Australian people going to be compensated for Government betrayal?