19 October 2018

Facebook introduces a new device to monitor your movements in the privacy of your own home

You should know that Facebook and privacy do not mix, as your 'privacy' is against the company's prime objective.

In any event the global data sharing selling corporation has a product to enhance its communications surveillance capabilities.

If there is a time where your vote counts it is now, where you vote with your wallet, keeping your cash inside it, ensuring you do not support your family being monitored by one of the world's greatest fraudulent corporations.

Will you support the creep's peepers monitoring your family?

18 October 2018

Victoria's worst child sex offender, Robert Gommeson is a copper

Victoria Police, keeping up with their "Code of Ethics"

From the article on 17 Oct 2018 by dailymail.co.uk:

Sex predator cop who raped children is finally unmasked after brave victim he impregnated at age eleven wins fight to lift gag order

  • One of Victoria's worst child sex offenders can now be named as order was lifted
  • Robert Gommeson, a former police officer, is serving minimum of 15 years in jail
  • Tracey May who was eleven when abused has been fighting to reveal his identity
A sex predator police officer who raped children has been unmasked after victims fought a court order that protected his identity.

Robert Gommeson, one of Victoria's worst child sex offenders, was convicted and sentenced for the abuse of nine children in 2016 but his identity has been protected by a suppression order.

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg decided to revoke the order on Wednesday following mounting pressure from Tracey May, one of Gommeson's victims who has been fighting to reveal his identity since his conviction, the Herald Sun reported.  

Ms May had a miscarried Gommeson's child after she fell pregnant when he raped her when she was just eleven.

Robert Gommeson, one of Victoria's worst child sex offenders, was convicted and sentenced for the abuse of nine children in 2016 but the media and his victims were not allowed to name him as he was protected by a suppression order (stock image)

'Robert Gommeson held a position within the Victoria Police department for 10 years as an officer,' Ms May said.

'He pleaded guilty to abusing myself and other children whilst he was in the force and it's because of this reason I feel the public need to know his name.'

She said the voices of the victims need to be heard and their voices should not be taken away again.

Gommeson abused nine children, the youngest of them just five years old, between 1967 and 1983.
Two children were attacked at a police station in Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, and another in the back of a police van.

During a victim's testimony in 2016, the court heard Gommeson held his police-issued revolver to one of his victims as he raped her.

He was reported to the police in 1979 but wasn't charged and instead resigned and moved to New South Wales where he abused another seven children between 2005 and 2011.

The suppression order was made before a law change that made it compulsory for magistrates to put expiry dates on such orders (stock image)

Gommeson was hit with 18 charges in 2012 and was issued a suppression order to protect his identity.
In 2014, a Sydney judge jailed him for 17 years for violating boys aged between nine and 16. 

In June 2016, he was sentenced to at least 15 years behind bars.

Mr Rozencwajg said he was 'surprised' the 2012 order still existed and said he had no difficulty in revoking it.

The suppression order was made before a law change that made it compulsory for magistrates to put expiry dates on such orders. 

The earliest Gommeson will be eligible for parole is 2024.

17 October 2018

Australian legal system: unaffordable and out of reach

If you are in pursuit of justice* then the following document may be of benefit to you.

Some people may say that the 'system' is broken, but it is not.

It is functioning just the way the law makers intended, after all it is they who installed those laws not by accident, but rather careful planning with three readings in parliament, checked against the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK), right?

* the law is not about 'justice' but rather equity, as stated in the High Court matter of Andrews v ANZ [2012]

16 October 2018

What Australian pig farmers feed their livestock

Supermarkets stock a lot of carcinogenic products, where for good health the confectionery aisles should be empty like in the illustration below 24/7, and not just at the moment in time the photo was taken.

In many instances the general population would not be aware of what goes into the feed that is used to nourish livestock before it is killed for human consumption.

We have obtained information from a source within the industry that wishes to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, that products manufactured by the Mars confectionery company that are of substandard quality to be packaged and sold to the general population are sold to our Aussie pig farmers for their livestock to consume.

It's amazing who they'll sell their junk products masquerading as food to.

Would you really want to be consuming pork that was fed on junk?

14 October 2018

An Act to create Australia's housing hidden time bomb and other purposes

When the colonialists settled this land they were amazed at how cheaply dwellings could be built in order to house humans inside them, with the added benefits of setting up 'shop' in NSW where the added expense of housing animals (the four legged variety) was not necessary due to the climate.

A niche industry has evolved in the last few years, where if one is contemplating to enter it, it would be of great benefit to stay away from a specific product.

The product in question is a type of housing being built, that being a dwelling built for the 'not for keeps' market, i.e. renters.

The mainstream media bugles that there is a housing shortage, where humans need affordable housing.

Well, how did 'we' get to such an inhumane level?

Well you see the people in government decided that what would be good for the 'economy' is to initiate a migrant 'invasion' on the good people of the country.

Let's look at Melbourne as an example.

An importation of approx. 2,500 humans per week has created many problems for the good residents, problems created by those in government.

Since there is not enough housing, a bonanza was created for the banks where the newly imported humans would be debt slaves to the banks for the fiat currency the banks trade with, an action supported by the 'Australian Government'. 

Let's put aside those pesky and unruly African youths (who ain't gonna be no 'debt slave' - at least they got that right, as they'll steal stuff - well they got that one wrong) in Melbourne's south-east, as the policemen and women are there in the parks protecting the (Queen's) peace...

or where the African youths are used as a distraction or even an excuse for another multi-million dollar police complex for Melbourne in order to enforce the police state on the 'good' people of Melbourne and its suburbs.

The problem with the lack of stock (houses) there is a shortage of builders and therefore certificates are literally being handed out akin to the back of a Corn Flakes packet to unskilled and dodgy now 'certified' so called builders.

These builders create dwellings that are of cheap quality and standards, usually many to one block of land, where the previously designed infrastructure was only made to cope with one 'family' home, that in itself another problem created by those in government.

Traffic congestion which is widely publicised in the mainstream media is a problem created by those in government as a result of their migration policy for Melbourne, a problem which is an assault on the family unit of the good people of the city.

More cars on the road, not only creates another cash cow for the people in government in the form of tax from fuel and registration, but also for the insurance (another fraudulent)  industry as well as the automotive repair industry from collisions by people who are given licences who may not necessarily have the skills or knowledge or even care factor to be in charge of a vehicle. 

So now apparently the buffoons in government who have created problems for the people of Melbourne have came up with a solution to tell the migrants to live in satellite towns.

Now that's not a very Commonwealthly law is it, but rather a very communistic (you know the baddies)  approach, like from China or somewhere.

Let's put aside official unemployment rate, as this figure is doctored, where with the importation of  migrant labour has cheapened the hourly rate of the workforce, where many Australian workers across many industries have been sacked to make way for the cheaper replacement.

A huge win for corporations, the likes of Telstra, Optus, the banking and finance industry just to name a few....

or not, as this whole article could be just a 'conspiracy theory', a nice piece of creative writing.

If the people in government have created conditions where job loss occurs to 'Australians' and as a result they are unable to feed their families, this is an assault on the family unit, an assault created by those in government.

Austerity is well on its way for the good people of Australia, where many choose not to see this.