18 February 2017

Australian Tax Office to bankrupt people illegally

As if the business called the ATO (Australian Tax Office) not being a lawful entity not enough, it's now going to carry out some unlawful actions against the good people of Australia, and the mainstream media stays silent on this huge issue that would effect tens of thousands of businesses.

You can read the article from 16 Feb 2017 posted on linkedin.com of the headline:

Australian Tax Office to bankrupt and destroy 1'000's & 1'000's of Small and Medium Size Businesses in 2017/2018-Every Australian Business is at RISK!

We have been informed that from 1st July 2017, the Australian Tax Office has been granted access by the Federal Government, by an amendment to the Privacy Act, to access Credit Reporting Bureaus client files, to list credit infringements where an alleged tax debt amount is >$10,000 and older than 90 days. This applies to companies and individuals that carry an Australian Business Number (ABN). This will cause calamity for those SME's that are not aware of this situation. It has been kept very quiet in the media.

Many Accounting practices (let alone the Business Owners) are not aware of this piece of legislation  and more importantly the dire effects it will/could have on their Small and Medium size business clientele. The current Credit Reporting process in Australia, where a Credit Infringement is listed, effectively stops a Business from raising any sort of credit facility that maybe necessary to allow the business to expand/grow/expand & most importantly function. Furthermore given the reluctance of the various Credit Reporting Bureau's to remove such entries once an alleged debt has been paid/satisfied/settled/extinguished, and to keep such "infringements" listed for five years (unless they are instructed in this case to remove the infringement by the Australian Tax Office) will prevent (or make exceptionally challenging) these businesses from obtaining any competitive finance facilities for five years. This will also cause the collapsing of Credit Scores which the finance industry is now relying upon more heavily since July 1st 2016 when assessing prospective borrowers applications and assessments!

The further danger that now exists under the so-called "positive credit reporting system" which is now in place (former Prime Minister Gillard responsible for this one), that once an infringement such as this is listed, particularly from the Australian Tax Office, many credit providers will immediately issue a NFD (No Further Drawings) block on Credit Cards and any Lines of Credit Facilities (we know Citibank does this with any type of credit infringement which is listed, automatically) whilst you can pay down the facility you will be prevented from re-drawing out again, those businesses with Overdraft facilities run the risk of having their facilities called up immediately for repayment (Overdrafts are "an at call facility) which if the business fails to comply, then run the risk of having an Administrator being appointed to the Business (no wonder the Insolvency Industry is salivating and frothing at the mouth with all this new impending business they are going to be inundated with) resulting in the business being destroyed in the process.

The starvation of credit facilities to allow a business to function normally will be removed and vanish, should the Australian Tax Office be allowed to list any "Credit" infringement. Unless the business has substantial cash reserves (and we know that the majority of small and medium size businesses do not have this luxury) will see a calamity occur.

This is, in our view the worst piece of legislation amendment that Prime Minister Turnbull and Treasurer Morrison could allow and support, for a Government that says it supports small and medium size businesses in Australia, which represents 70% of the Nations economy.

Unless we can get the Turnbull Government to reverse this  damaging arrangement, business owners have until June 30th 2017 to get their affairs in order. Again more time required to complete back-end paperwork rather than concentrating on running their businesses to achieve a profit in what is already a very challenging and difficult business environment.

My friends at www.wefixcredit.com.au are gearing up for what is anticipated to be an onslaught of rescue missions, which could otherwise been avoided if Turnbull and his cronies had not capitulated to the Australian Tax Office demands! Please contact www.wefixcredit.com.au and seek their assistance and advice as to how to prepare for this impending catastrophe in the new financial year.

Remember as at the date of this posting, there is only 100 days or so away, not much time to get your affairs in order. Better still, lodge an immediate protest to your local federal member and senator and demand that Turnbull and Morrison reverse this diabolical agreement! Most importantly contact your Accounting Advisors and bring them up to speed if they don't know about this and of course please share this article so that every Australian Business Owner knows about this. Anyone wanting further clarification please contact me on johnc@butlerhardy.com

"Apple the most admired company in the world" - We call it BS

So apparently some "executives", "directors", "analysts and experts" reckon that Apple is the most "admired" company in the world.

So let's do a recap on what Apple does again:

  • It didn't give users copy and paste function in the early days of the iPhone, that other phone manufactures had.

  • It used crippled bluetooth technology,

  • Apple stealthily logged your GPS data and collected it,

  • Apple stole your stock market data and used it for their gain,

  • Apple promotes slave labour,

  • Apple dodges tax worth billions annually,

  • Apple deleted posts on the internet,

and plenty more dishonest behaviour, but according to some people it's the most admired company in the world.

Note: We do not recommend the purchase or use of Apple products.

Read article from 16 Feb 2017 by phonearena.com of the title:

Apple is the most admired company in the world for the tenth consecutive year

For the tenth consecutive year, Apple has been named the most admired company in the world. The honor that was bestowed on the tech titan is based on the opinions of 3,800 executives, directors, analysts and experts. Rounding out the top five are Amazon, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway, and Disney. Other tech firms in the top ten include Facebook and Microsoft. Besides being the most admired company on the planet, Apple is also the most valuable company on this rock with a market capitalization (share price multiplied by outstanding shares) close to $700 billion.             

To make the list, a company has to be among the top 1,000 U.S. firms in terms of revenue. To that list, 500 international firms with revenue of $10 billion and more are added. Eventually, the list is cut to 680 firms across 28 countries. The contenders are then ranked on things like innovation, quality and social responsibility.    

Apple's rise to the top of the most admired company list happens to coincide with the 2007 launch of what is arguably its most famous product ever, the Apple iPhone. Apple is expected to celebrate a decade of iPhone by offering a 10th anniversary model that at last report will feature a 5.15-inch OLED screen (breaking new ground for the device). The glass will cover the entire front of the phone.

Samsung, which was number 35 on the top 50 most admired companies last year, rode the Galaxy Note 7 explosion train off the list entirely this year. Samsung probably did not score points for its response to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, which was sluggish at best

16 February 2017

Australia is heading for a 'third-world power system'

The people in 'authority' in this machine called the 'Australian Government' which is a corporation conglomerate, must REALLY hate the Australian salve population so much they they are willing to take electricity away from them, to put the people into a third world category of living.

See article from 16 Feb 2017 by abc.net.au of the headline:

Renewable energy: Expert Danny Price says nation is heading for a 'third-world power system'

The nation's electricity grid is heading "towards a third-world power system", according to a respected expert in energy economics who helped design Australia's national energy market rules.

Danny Price, the managing director of Frontier Economics, has published an analysis suggesting the "patchwork" of different renewable energy targets from the states and territories will "create widespread power system security problems".

The report said the Federal Government was standing on the shoulders of the states to meet its 2030 carbon emissions target and urged the Coalition to reconsider adopting an emissions intensity scheme, to reduce emissions from the electricity sector.

The Federal Government is using its Direct Action policy, the Emissions Reduction Fund, its Safeguard Mechanism and the Renewable Energy Target to reduce emissions to 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

But Mr Price said the states and territories were doing the heavy lifting.

"If nothing changes in terms of current policy settings, that is that those state targets go ahead, we actually achieve the 28 per cent reduction with no national policy and I figure that the national Government must know this," Mr Price told ABC's AM.

Mr Price said Australia's electricity grid was fit for a first-world country — but not for long.

"We are heading towards a third-world power system very rapidly," he said.

"And it's very hard to arrest a decline in the quality of our power system."

Mr Price is currently advising the South Australian State Government.

He has assisted the development of the Australian electricity market rules and in 2009 helped create an emissions trading scheme policy for then Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull and independent senator Nick Xenophon.

'It takes a lot of bad decisions to get to this point'

The Government has stepped up its attack on the states' renewable energy target after the most recent blackout in South Australia.

The Prime Minister accused Labor of putting households, families and business at risk "by their left ideology on energy".

He has argued the uptake in renewable energy has made the electricity grid less stable.

However, Mr Price's report stresses South Australia's reliance on renewable energy is a result of the national target, not the state's.

"All but one wind farm that's gone into South Australia has gone in because of the Commonwealth Government scheme, not because of the state Government," the report said.
"The Prime Minister's particularly critical of the South Australian Government for what he describes as the South Australian Government's scheme, its not the South Australian Government's scheme, it's Mr Turnbull's scheme," Mr Price said.

He does not believe it is too late to fix the system.

"It takes a lot of very bad decisions to get us to this point and it takes some good decisions to get out of it, but given the way politics are panning out right now in Parliament, [it] doesn't look as if we've got any movement towards an improvement," he said.

15 February 2017

Matthew Guy MP lies about office being 'trashed'?

So who's this Matthew GUY,  MP fella?

Well according to some sources he's a Leader of the Liberal Party.

He's also a Leader of the Opposition in Victoria.

So, he's a politician, and politicians don't lie right, or do they?

Matthew Guy claims that his room was trashed by a man with links to a far-right organisation.

Matthew Guy stated publicly:-

1). " ... the furious man smashed up the entrance to the office and put his fist through a glass door",

2).  "He then ripped the door off its hinges ..."

So let's have a look at some documents we have received that the Fairfax media did not publish (collusion pushing a far left agenda?) .

From the illustration above called Photograph 6 within the document, the door looks intact, no holes and no smashed window. As you can also see the cushions, sofa and table are very neatly placed.

Let's have a look at another photo shall we?

The illustration above is called Photograph 10, and as you can clearly see no remnants of fist through front door, you know glass shards, blood or flesh hanging from broken glass, etc.

Apparently the law of this land must be subject to a document loosely referred to as "The Constitution" (or rather Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act), where political parties (you know Labour / Liberal, etc) are a BIG no-no.

But sssshhhhh, you won't see that 'law' seeing the light of day from the mainstream media.

You can read what the Fairfax publication theage.com.au wrote on 13 July 2016 with the headline:

Matthew Guy's office 'trashed' amid spate of alleged threats from far-right group

Security at Matthew Guy's electorate office has been beefed up after a man with possible links to a far-right organisation trashed the room.

The incident, which happened in May, was one of several serious threats believed to have been directed at the Opposition Leader.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy says the list of 50 level crossings to be removed 'should be revised'. Photo: Ken Irwin 
It is understood the man demanded a meeting with Mr Guy. After being told by shaken staff that he was not there, the furious man smashed up the entrance to the office and put his fist through a glass door.

He then ripped the door off its hinges, before threatening to go on a shooting spree.

Contacted by Fairfax Media about the alleged incident, Mr Guy said he was sad that Australian politics had changed, forcing politicians to take their security more seriously.

"All politicians do their job to the best of their ability to talk to as many of their constituents as possible, and it is a shame that real security threats are changing the way politicians do their jobs," Mr Guy said.

As a result of the incident, the Department of Parliamentary Services is understood to have taken action to improve security for Mr Guy, including installing CCTV cameras and changing the layout of his Bulleen Plaza electorate office to include an alternative exit for emergency escapes.

It is believed the man comes from a far-right group that rails against multiculturalism, among other things. He is understood to have claimed Mr Guy, a vocal supporter of multiculturalism, had betrayed Australia. He is believed to have been arrested and is facing charges in relation to several incidents.

Mr Guy's spokeswoman said: "Security issues are taken seriously by all members of Parliament and are dealt with in conjunction with Department of Parliamentary Services to ensure the safety of staff and members of Parliament."

The incident comes amid growing concern about the security of Australian politicians after the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox, who was shot and stabbed multiple times by a 52-year-old suspect with alleged links to the far right.

13 February 2017

Centrelink removes Rent Certificate from downloadable database with no explanation

Remember the "good ol' days", you know those good ol' days where you could go online  and download any government form you desire?

Oops, sorry back to reality.

The business responsible for administering social security funds to the masses in Australia called Centrelink (ABN: 29 468 422 437) has been embroiled in some pretty dodgy and illegal actions of late with a follow up of the 'government' covering up those actions.

The latest 'scam' by Centrelink was that the business falsely alleged that people owed the business money when in actual fact they did not.

This action should have woken people up to the fact the Centrelink has committed criminal offences and should be in the courts, for fraud, deception and extortion, but to this date no such action has been taken.

Well, here's another dodgy action the mainstream media has not reported when it comes to Centrelink.

MANY people should be aware that if they are on 'Centrelink' payments they may also be eligible for rent assistance.

The government encourages the slave population to have smartphones and conduct their affairs online, a very unsecure medium, you know to upload your private information and to download forms.

SO, if you're one of those people who have lost their job, due to the government importing slave labour from overseas, and you were on welfare payments, you could obtain a 'Rent Certificate' form online from this business called Centrelink, see illustration below:

So at one point or another in time, the wise people within Centrelink decided to remove this FREQUENTLY accessed form from their online archive, as seen by this social media post:

So from the above illustration, one can see that the person, asks "WHY" is the Rent Certificate, form SU523 not accessible via the website.

As as result the General Manager of Centrelink Hank Jorgen deliberately sidesteps the person's question and answers the other methods you can obtain the form.

That was NOT the question posed to you Hank Jorgen.

With responses like this you really have to seriously doubt the integrity of the people in 'authority'.

Over 1000 people per week access the form from this blog which is available for download at:


whereas how many people really need access to the;

Brussels - Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment - Primary Victim (16 years and over) form (SS517) 

as seen in illustration below:

Just another dodgy action by another dodgy 'government' business.