30 May 2019

When you sleep your iPhone is programmed to send your private and personal info

(illustration: popular apps contain hidden trackers)

Annually surveillance of the mass population is a multibillion dollar industry, where is it wrapped up under so called advertising or hidden by governments under multi layered shelf corporations.

The push for smartphones and most importantly apps is enormous by governments and corporations alike, as these devices put data syphoning outside of the user's control.

Apps can and do contain 'malicious' code which extracts user data and sends it wherever the programmer has decided to send the data without the user's knowledge and most importantly without consent.

Websites on the other hand can be more easily scrutinised as to where the programmer sends the 'consumer's' (more accurate terms: data generator, corporate slave) data, but the policy is not to program, websites but rather provide apps for them.

Do you really need to read a Rupert Murdoch news site via an app, where the web address will suffice?

The Bank of Melbourne created a smartphone app, which in reality opened up a web browser on the user's smartphone in reality making that app totally useless and an unnecessary cost to the bank's customers.
Realistically apps are detrimental to your online privacy and your personal data.

Please note that even though today there are encryption programs available for communications purposes, mobile phone technology given to the masses was (deliberately) designed not to be private nor secure.

We do not recommend the purchase or use of Apple products.

Did you pay, over 2k, for them to spy on you ??? !!! ??? (PMSL)

See the topic called Surveillance Self-Defence by the Electronic Frontier Foundation at:

See article from 29 May 2019 by The Sydney Morning Herald of the headline:

Do you know who your iPhone talks to when you're sleeping?

29 May 2019

Sheriff cashing in on expired warrants

WARNING: The Victorian government is involved in a crime spree, where the unsuspecting motorist is the victim.

There are a few technicalities where the so called sheriff is acting upon seizures of goods or motor vehicles unlawfully, to be more specific, without the correct paperwork being presented, where also one of the main 'technicalities' is that the deputies are cashing in or trying to cash in on expired (alleged) warrants.

According to the law, in particular the Road Safety Act of 2006, under Part 6, Section 94, warrants are VOID after 5 years.

Source: http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/Domino/Web_Notes/LDMS/PubStatbook.nsf/edfb620cf7503d1aca256da4001b08af/422B065241C9D35DCA25714D00222A7D/$FILE/06-012a.pdf

MANY people have been duped by the officers who state that the person MUST pay the alleged 'oustanding' warrants, where on a spreadsheet style, a summary is presented where some of the alleged warrants are expired by four or five years.

IF your person has been defrauded of funds by the so called Victorian Sheriff, then you may want to seek a remedy.

Please note that ANY so called warrant MUST exist in its correct format, where an execution copy is to be attached.

28 May 2019

Why your biometric unlock is not so 'secure' in the colony called Australia

At the moment in the I.T. industry, biometric (face, fingerprint) unlocking of your smartphone is touted being most secure, but unfortunately this may not be the case under many circumstances.

The brand new (on Australian shelves) Samsung Galaxy S10 has the face unlock feature built into the phone, where unfortunately for the 'consumer' the unlocking feature is not so secure as shown in the link below:

Some people (excluding the footy bogans) may have noticed that the authorities are ramping up the police state policy in this colony we call Australia.

In a deliberate misinformation campaign, only a handful of police 'mishappenings' are ever reported by the mainstream media, where the victims of police criminal activity are not in control of their actions or have had their smartphone confiscated in order not to record criminal activity committed by the police.

(disability pensioner brutally assaulted by Victoria Police)

It's at this point in time where your face id or fingerprint scanning feature of your phone becomes a liability rather than an asset, where when one is (quite often) incapacitated, either being illegally beset upon by eight officers, or just plain vanilla knocked out, one's phone can be easily unlocked.

Another 'plus' for biometric id is the 'free' (well technically, corporate slave sponsored) data it generates which is then taken to further enhance government public scanning programs.

Pattern, picture of PIN unlock is still considered more secure especially with any interaction with Australia's law enforcement (which can go pear shaped very quickly through no fault of your own), unless of course the officers involved are practicing Roman Catholics of yesteryear, where a 'little' torture goes a long way, like the judicial system did back in the day.

26 May 2019

Fingerprinting iPhones - identifying your unique phone's 'fingerprint'

Governments will use whatever technology is available to surveil their primary enemy, that being their very own domestic population, their tax payers, the people that they are allegedly supposed to serve.

THE best surveillance device at this point in time, is the smartphone that the masses fully sponsor in order for corporations and government players to spy them.

With the current sensors crammed into smartphones, data is generated to uniquely identify the device together with its user and the environment independent from location services.

See article from schneier.com of the headline:

Fingerprinting iPhones

This clever attack allows someone to uniquely identify a phone when you visit a website, based on data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensors.
We have developed a new type of fingerprinting attack, the calibration fingerprinting attack. Our attack uses data gathered from the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors found in smartphones to construct a globally unique fingerprint. Overall, our attack has the following advantages:
  • The attack can be launched by any website you visit or any app you use on a vulnerable device without requiring any explicit confirmation or consent from you.
  • The attack takes less than one second to generate a fingerprint.
  • The attack can generate a globally unique fingerprint for iOS devices.
  • The calibration fingerprint never changes, even after a factory reset.
  • The attack provides an effective means to track you as you browse across the web and move between apps on your phone.
* Following our disclosure, Apple has patched this vulnerability in iOS 12.2.
Research paper.