12 March 2021

How authorities track you inside your home

Source: JB Hi-Fi

In order to support the surveillance capitalism agenda consumers (or is it useless eaters?) are ‘enticed’ to purchase the newest, latest and greatest smartphones, where the so called newest features, e.g. new model's flat screen vs last second quarter’s curved edge screen, are dubious to say the least.

New models can come out twice a year and each phone manufacturer is on top of it, appealing to the masses, after all what good are you to the corporations if you purchase a phone once every five years?

QUICK, purchase your new self sponsored flagship surveillance device from BJ Hi-Fi via their webstore, so that other corporations will have access to your purchase data, where you will be targeted with ‘advertising’ or more accurately, your information will be collected by TLAs (Three Letter Agencies).

So, new ways of determining your position are via something called dual band positioning, Cell ID and WiFi positioning.

Source: phonearena.com

We should be aware the smartphone operating system manufacturers (where there is deliberately only a duopoly (i.e. easy to control by TLA's) for consumers to choose from that being Apple and Google) have made it mandatory that the user turn on their phone’s GPS in order to connect to their highly mobile Bluetooth devices (like headphones) where in reality there is zero technical reason to do so, where this was not the case in the past.

Smartphones also have the 'feature' called Wi-Fi scanning which cannot be turned off in 'factory' installed operating systems from both Google or Apple.

Through Wi-Fi triangulation the accuracy is within a few feet, but now that is old tech.

With the implementation of the above mentioned technology, the accuracy is within inches.

For those who like to have some quite time on the latrine reading the news, authorities will be able to calculate whether you've dropped your presents off into the porcelain princess in the centre of the pool or your aim is out by an inch or two necessitating the use of a third party cleaning application which you may obtain advertisements for. 

If you go in with your cloud connected smartwatch, authorities, corporations and 'advertisers' will be able to know if you're left or right handed, or even better if you achieved the rare case of a one wipe wonder, giving rise to some more advertising on your next solo expedition. 

Most importantly, don't go too many times as your health insurance company may get an alert, where you might get discriminated against in your health cover in not being able to be insured for IBS.

Well, now in Australia, you cannot get a home loan if you have too many Uber Eats.

That's how the world rolls now.

Apple and Google are actively supporting the government’s surveillance agenda much to the detriment of the users, and have zero interest in your internet privacy, which is totally different from cyber security which they are focusing on.

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10 March 2021

How governments and corporations deceived people re: 'COVID'

MANY people’s lives have been effected by an alleged disease commonly referred to as COVID-19.

They have been beaten by police into subservice in order to silence them.

There have been home invasions by police in order to arrest people for ‘free speech’.

People have been unlawfully arrested, detained and incarcerated as a pretext under COVID-19 so called law.

People have lost their jobs, their income and as a result they have also committed suicide, as a result of government action in response to an alleged virus called SARS-CoV-2, which allegedly gave rise to a disease commonly referred to as COVID-19.

Governments worldwide are hiding the true suicide rate due to ‘COVID’.

To ascertain if a person has the disease governments have ‘enticed’ people to take the highly inaccurate PCR test, which the governments knew are inaccurate.

So, if your test is positive, then you allegedly have the SARS-CoV-2 virus in your system.

BUT there is one minor detail; no one has ‘isolated’ this so called virus.

So much so, that currently in the European Union there is a cash prize that stands at 11,250 + €225.000 at the time of this post for the first doctors to ISOLATE this virus.


If you have not isolated the virus, you cannot make a 'vaccine' for it.

What is this drug injected into people REALLY for?

So far this is one of the greatest con jobs of our time, apart from the fact that the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) created $160 billion out of thin air, but that’s another story, and pales to the ‘economy’ (pharmaceutical industry’s profits) created by COVID-19.

Dr. Sam Bailey mentioned that certain groups in New Zealand required her to remove a video from YouTube about the PCR test, not that it was not factual but that those organisations didn't like the content.


Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvPndr9DMZQ

Remembering that during medical school a future doctor takes an oath to first ‘do no harm’.

Did your so called doctor go to med. school or some sort of slaughterhouse crash course, where as a result an injection of a trial drug can cause you harm, where governments worldwide have stated that the pharmaceutical corporations have immunity from legal prosecution.

The EU comes after Apple with list of antitrust charges

Apple is taking hit after hit in its continued struggle against antitrust accusations, as only last week Arizona passed a bill forcing the App Store to allow third-party payment systems within apps to circumvent the 30% commission fee. 

Reuters has revealed that EU antitrust regulators are currently finalizing a list of charges against Apple for violating antitrust laws. Apparently, Spotify, the Swedish music streaming service, had jumpstarted a set of four cases against Apple when it filed a report against the tech giant two years ago. 

Spotify had initially complained to the European Commission that Apple was giving an unfair advantage to Apple Music by restricting alternative platforms to keep them in its shadow. This has since galvanized further complaints against Apple's 30% commission fee imposed on all apps without allowing alternative payment systems or other app stores onto the iOS.

If Apple loses to these charges, it could spell the end of its App Store monopoly. In the US, Apple is waiting to go on trial in only two months to face Epic Games in a lawsuit for antitrust practices, which was launched last August. It looks like a freer mobile app publishing platform may loom on the horizon after all, which would be fortunate for smaller developers and businesses who have been impacted the most by this monopoly. 

Reuters states that the document listing the charges is set to be delivered to Apple sometime before this summer. 

Source: phonearena.com

08 March 2021

Google wants to video you breathing, where it will monetise that data.

The next level of data collection on you is already in motion with the use of biometrics, fingerprints, facial features, body height, body type and other unique identifying features.

Now under whatever pretext, one of the world’s largest data harvesting and selling corporations wants to see how you breathe.

If you truly value your privacy, this will be reflected in your actions where you will not use this technology (voluntarily, for now).

Corporations will obtain this newly acquired data where it will be used against you.

See article by phonearena.com of the headline:

Some Pixel cameras will track your health following next week's update

Google Pixel owners can't wait for this weekend to end. It's not that they are harder working than those using other phone models. It's just that new features are coming to Pixel cameras starting on Monday that will allow users to check their heart rate and respiratory rate. These features can be added to a camera on the back of a Pixel without requiring that additional hardware be added.

According to a video from the Android Partner Academy, the camera will be able to detect the pulse in a user's fingertips and from their, calculate the heart rate. Users can start by tapping the heart rate card on the Google Fit home screen. Once you've given the hardware proper permissions, you place your finger over the rear camera fully covering all sensors. The heart rate will appear on the screen from where it can be saved to your heart rate log, or measured again.

The second measurement, the respiratory rate, can be measured by first tapping on the respiratory rate card on the home screen; accept the permission requests. Prop your phone up or place it into a stand. Frame yourself on the screen from the torso up. Breathe normally and the camera will track the number of times that your chest expands and drops. This allows the camera app to calculate your respiratory rate. When the final tally is revealed, you can tap on the screen to save the results to your health log. To get the best results, make sure that hats and face coverings are removed. If you've been exercising, wait a few minutes before getting a reading. As the company says, "Experience how Google Fit is committed to helping people understand more about their health and wellness one tap at a time."

This works in roughly the same fashion as Apple Watch monitors do. The camera sensor is able to read subtle color cues called "pulsatile photoplethysmographic signals." The camera can see what the human eye can't. The feature is made for Google Pixels only for now while it will eventually hit other Android phones. Right now, the feature is heading to all supported Pixel models starting with the Pixel 3 and later.