16 July 2011

Six arrested over stabbing death in Vic

Police have arrested a sixth person as they appeal for help from a suburban Sudanese community in Melbourne over the fatal stabbing of a man.

Four men and a woman taken into custody on Friday have been released pending further inquiries.

Another man was arrested in the southeastern suburb of Dandenong on Saturday morning and was being interviewed by police.

The 26-year-old man was found dead at a Dandenong home just after 4pm (AEST) on Friday, suffering multiple stab wounds.

Ambulance officers tried CPR to save the man but were unsuccessful.

Victoria Police say the man was of Sudanese origin and have appealed for help from members of the Sudanese community.

"Detectives are appealing for members of the local Sudanese community to come forward and assist police with their investigation," a police statement said.

16 Jul 2011

What the mass media neglects to mention that the Australian government is importing criminals from the African continent from countries like Sudan and Nigeria, who are terrorising the population at large.

They (the criminals) congregate in gangs, and commit criminal acts from damage, theft to assault, on the Australian public.

The government and mass media work hand in hand to misinform the masses on the severity of the situation, in order not to create a panic.

Jude Law sues The Sun for phone-hacking

British actor Jude Law is suing The Sun for allegedly hacking his phone in what is thought to be the first such legal action against Rupert Murdoch's best-selling daily tabloid.

The paper's parent company, News International, dismissed it as a "deeply cynical" attempt to draw The Sun into the scandal which has engulfed Murdoch's media empire and forced the closure of its sister paper, the News of the World.

Law was already suing the News of the World over phone hacking, and his former girlfriend, actress Sienna Miller, won an apology and STG100,000 in damages and legal costs from the Sunday tabloid.

News International said Law, the Oscar-nominated star of Cold Mountain and Sherlock Holmes, had launched action alleging four Sun articles in 2005 and 2006 were based on information taken from his voicemails.

"We believe this is a deeply cynical and deliberately mischievous attempt to draw The Sun into the phone-hacking issue," a News International statement said.

"The allegations made in this claim have been carefully investigated by our lawyers and the evidence shows that they have no foundation whatsoever.

"In particular, the claimant's solicitors have relied on a reference in documentation that they should be well aware has nothing to do with a case against The Sun.

"Also, another article complained of merely reiterated information which was already in the public domain. The claim will be defended vigorously."

Law's lawyers confirmed he was taking action against The Sun, and rejected News International's "ridiculous" arguments.

"We have no comment to make about this claim, which will be considered by the court in due course," said a statement from the actor's lawyers, Atkins Thomson.

"Accusations of cynicism and mischief making by News International are ridiculous.

"By their own admission, News International have misled the police, parliament and the public for nearly five years about the extent of the wrongdoing by their journalists and executives. Their record speaks for itself."

AFP 2011 16 Jul 2011

Rupert Murdoch’s phone hacking pinging tabloid

Rupert Murdoch’s fraudulent methods of obtaining stories about celebrities for the tabloid trash newspaper, are known to the editors and journalists alike.

They are urged to make up stories (i.e. false reporting) in order to gain public curiosity, which in turn sell the papers.

In the recent light of the hacking of phones within Murdoch’s News of the World, comes also another criminal offence, in which the police, telecommunications companies, and the (Murdoch’s) business is involved in.

Many mobile (smart) phones have GPS capability built in (for example the iPhone4), whereas others use cell tower triangulation or A-GPS (Asynchronous Global Positioning System) to determine user location.

A method known as pinging is used by the telcos to establish the user’s whereabouts. This method can be used by police, and is authorised at the telco end by a couple of people who have the authority to do so.

In order to obtain information about celebrities, to bring the ‘gossip’ or even falsify events, the paper is involved in an act of fraud in which £300 is paid to ping a celebrities phone in order to obtain their location to get the story the publication requires.

The payoff goes through the police, and eventually o the telco, for pinging the celebrity.

This is known to the celebrities, in order to make it more difficult, the register their phone under other’s names and can have up to 10 phones at once.

This form of fraud is practiced by Murdoch’s news empire, and there is a great deal of police and telco cover up.

Again the courts will show that the world’s ruling elite is untouchable.


14 July 2011

Ethical standards inquiry into Australia’s media

After the so called scandal in Rupert Murdoch’s “News of the World”, the public have been swayed into an online vote for whether there should be an inquiry into the ethical standards or journalism.

There is literally a monopoly of news media in Australia, which is in the majority of Murdoch’s hands 70%, including a merger of Murdoch-Packer owned television channel, also the remainder split between Packer and Stokes.

Within the mass media of Australia, there is a deliberate climate of misinformation given to the general populous. In one media article, the media, says one thing and a short while later there is a total opposite of opinion. There are many examples of this kind of false reporting, to mention in this post.

The mass media, also deliberately neglect to mention known facts of a story, for example of a crime, that are known to the general public or people involved. This is a tactic used within the industry to sway the opinion of the masses.

To incite the public into an opinion that is conducive to a political agenda supported by the news print leaders, news stories are crafted in a particular manner that incite an emotional reaction within the masses, giving the desired result or opinion, to their put through a policy or law.

The above method is very well known to politicians, leaders and the upper echelon of the business community, which has also been documented in Noam Chomsky’s:

Manufacturing Consent – The Political Economy of the Mass Media.

The rulers of the mass media are at the beckoning call of the various governments that the people so called elect.

One of the roles of the mass media is to keep the populous docile.

This is done in many ways, an one of those ways is to focus is anti-intellectualism. The message is clear, with programs promoting moronic behaviour, mind numbing competitions, and focus on stupid acts in the public arena. The mass media not only promote this behaviour, but also put these people on the pedestal of success.

An official inquiry into a so called lack of ethical standards, or even false reporting will be futile.

The company of media moguls, lawyers and politicians will never act against each other, neither in thought nor actions. One fact deliberately overlooked in any mass media reports is the belonging to any brotherhood organisations. Since the belonging of any members of the brotherhood is confidential, no individuals can be named as being part of the Masonic Lodges they respectively belong to.

The Anglo-Masonic legal system in Australia favours verdicts that benefit their brethren, if against a non member, irrespective of any evidence pertaining to the favourable outcome to the non-member.


Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World Trash Rag

The news media in Australia is mostly controlled by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Approximately 70% of the news outlets are controlled by Murdoch, the rest is divided into Packer’s and Stokes’s ownership.

According to Murdoch’s own news network, apparently Australia’s most popular news website is news.com.au.

In recent events it has been revealed that Murdoch’s “News of the World” is responsible for criminal activity. According to the legal system, any illegal activities that occur within an organisation are the responsibilities of its C.E.O. in this case Murdoch.

Naturally, Murdoch’s own papers will not the trumpeting this fact, but rather to the contrary covering up, any realities.

News of the World is a sacrificial lamb, which did not fulfill its task. As a result certain events occurred that will ensure its closure.

As a result a news survey again on news.com.au, asks the general populous whether there needs to be an inquiry into the ethical standards of journalism in Australia. At the time of the survey, there was a 10:1 in favour of an inquiry.


11 July 2011

Body washed up on Thai beach identified as Aussie tourist Jennifer Laidley

  • Tourist reported missing on Monday
  • Failed to return from a swim at beach
  • Body identified after washing ashore

A BODY that washed ashore this morning on the Thai resort island of Phuket has been identified as Australian tourist Jennifer Laidley, who vanished earlier in the week while swimming at dusk.

Ms Laidley was reported missing Monday night by her friend and traveling companion, Lisa Crosland, after she failed to return from a swim at Karon Beach on Phuket, off the southwest coast of Thailand.

A two-day search involving the Thai Royal Navy, Marine Police, lifeguards and regular police failed to locate the missing 44-year-old.

However, at about 7.30am local time today, a body washed ashore on Karon beach, along from where Laidley had been swimming, Thai news website Phuketwan.com reported.

The body was taken to Vachira Hospital where it was positively identified as Laidley, a Sydney-based nurse.

According to the ABC, authorities had been in touch with Laidley's family in Queanbeyan, near Canberra, soon after she went missing.

news.com.au 7 Jul 2011

In Thailand there are many trappings to the tourists, that are NOT mentioned in the mass media, in order not to create a panic.

Only a very few reports have made it out into the mass media, as to what really goes on in Thailand.

No doubt, there will definitely be a 'cover up' with local authorities as to the disappearance of Ms. Laidley.

10 July 2011

Man's skeletal remains found in Perth unit

The skeletal remains of a 75-year-old man lay in a central Perth state housing unit for up to two years despite neighbours urging housing department officials next door to check on him.

The man's remains were found on Thursday slumped against the bed in his Wellington Street unit by a Department of Housing worker.

The discovery has prompted state opposition housing spokesman Mark McGowan to demand the government conduct a full audit to ensure no other people are lying dead, dying or suffering in state-provided homes.

But Premier Colin Barnett says that's a gross overreaction and, sad though the case is, it is not the responsibility of Homeswest to look after the health and welfare of tenants.

Police say it appears the man died of natural causes and are preparing a report for the WA coroner.

WA Housing Minister Troy Buswell has asked his department to investigate why the central city Perth death was not discovered sooner.

Neighbours say they repeatedly urged housing department officials in the office block next to the apartments to check on the man after they noticed mail piling up.

"What about inspections? There's no duty of care. It's like that woman in Sydney, nobody cares about anyone else anymore," one woman told The West Australian newspaper.

In Sydney this week, police found the body of an elderly woman who had lain dead in her Surry Hills home in the central city for eight years.

Two people who live on the same floor as the dead man said they voiced their concerns to the department three times in the past two years, most recently six weeks ago.

"Our lease agreement says we are supposed to have an inspection every six months," one said.

"We've only had one in three years."

Mr McGowan told reporters on Saturday that West Australians would be shocked that a fellow citizen had died and been left in his home for two years without being discovered.

"It defies belief that we can have a state government office next door to this property, complaints made and this property not investigated and inspected."

Mr McGowan said there were about 40,000 Homeswest properties in WA and about half of them occupied by aged pensioners, underlying the need for regular inspections.

He urged the government to do a full audit to "make sure this doesn't happen again and that there aren't other people dead or suffering or dying".

But Mr Barnett said demanding a full audit was a gross overreaction and he was sure Mr Buswell and Homeswest would ensure inspections were carried out to avoid a repeat of a very sad situation.

"It just shows, not many friends, not many family and unfortunately some people are totally alone," Mr Barnett told reporters.

"I don't think we need to exaggerate this, sad as it is, it's a fairly unusual occurrence."

He said he assumed the man was receiving pension payments that were automatically going to pay his rent.

The premier said inspections clearly didn't happen and that would be investigated.

"But it is not something that is in a sense the fault of Homeswest.

"It's not their responsibility to look after the health and welfare of tenants. They provide housing at subsidised rates, that's their prime role," Mr Barnett said.

9 Jul 2011

Stories like this usually do not make it out to the press, or rather the press does not focus attention to these stories, as this undermines authority.

Government departments, handling welfare out to the community, in this case the Department of Housing, are NOT interested in the well being of the recipient, but rather in the funds from the government.

The social welfare workers are primarily interested in securing their role, rather than administering the duties to the needy.

There is an extreme indifference to the plight of the recipients, by the workers but rather a high focus, on smoke breaks, social event co-ordination, and various other distraction on the internet.

The mass media tends to 'overlook' these realities of the public service, but rather focuses on petty crime stories and entertainment trash articles.