05 September 2020

‘Essential business’ bottle shop but not auto mechanic for brakes service?

Apparently according the Victorian government it’s all about road safety.

They have quotas catch you for ‘speeding’ because you could kill someone, but you didn’t.

They say that ‘cameras save lives’, but not one single camera has saved a life, ever!

So now in Victoria during something called a stage 4 lock down, only businesses the people in government deem ‘essential’ are to remain open for trading purposes.

Food and medical suppliers are essential businesses which the government allowed to stay open.

According to the government bottle shops are also deemed ‘essential’ as they are allowed to stay open, but essential for who?

Alcohol is a depressant, a drug that causes harm to the individual and the community, and the good thing about it, for those in government, is that during good and bad times people consume more alcohol, feeding large amounts of tax dollars to those in government.

So, that’s essential for the serfs to consume alcohol during lock down?

What about road safety?

Drivers also need to service their vehicles, where one of many important items is the vehicle’s brakes, but since this stage of lock down being in force, they are unable to have the vehicle serviced by their mechanic, as the premises must be closed for business according to the government.

So, what happens if you get pulled up by the cops and as a result they give you an unroadworthy certificate, whose fault is that?

-          Chairman Dan’s.

What happens when you’re driving and as a result of your brakes failing a member of the general population gets killed?

The police will call that mother/father/son/daughter just another statistic.

Whose fault will that be?

-          Chairman Dan’s.

What happens when you’re driving and as a result of your brakes failing a member of the police force gets killed?

The police will charge you with every possible charge they could think of, and the whole state’s force will stop and ‘honour’ the dead officer.

Whose fault will that be?

-          Chairman Dan’s?

04 September 2020

No, Dictator Dan, it is ALL about ‘human rights’!

Communism lover Victorian premier Mr. Daniel Michael Andrews cracked a wobbly or is it a ‘Kim Jong-Un’ basically going against the law that being the human rights law.

‘Human Rights’ have been entrenched in ‘local’ (that being state) legislation under an Act called the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.

ANY action taken under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, MUST be compliant with the state’s human rights law.

Why does Daniel Michael Andrews not want people to know the law?

Why does Daniel Michael Andrews not want people to know about ‘human rights’?

Maybe because that law is not adhered to?

Well if the state can’t help you, then you may have to go ‘global’ in the hands of your abusers e.g. VicPol (or the state government), just like Corinna Horvath did.

Consumer Warning: Do not purchase Ring security cameras advertised by Bunnings

Not all products that the serfs see on the ‘teevee’ are good for them.

If fact you’d do better if you found an alternative to whatever is advertised on the idiot box.

Bunnings have now gone on an advertising campaign telling you to purchase the so called ‘home security’ system cameras by Ring.

The security of the system is compromised.

Your videos go to Amazon and law enforcement agencies, or any other business with a government contract like Palantir, they are not exclusively ‘yours’!

You (automatically) agree for those businesses to use your content for facial recognition, you know the old fashion term – spying.

You buy Ring products, you are feeding the AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine that will one day use the data against you.

You don’t need to be weary of some Chinese deep state government agency, as told to you by the mainstream media, but rather just plain ol’ capitalistic pigs (conspiracy theory term ;-) )like good ol’ Amazon and Palantir.

P.S Their ‘revenue’ for 2019 of $739 million is BS

See further details within the video of the title:

Facial Recogntion: Can You Defeat it? Surprising New Risks in 2020

03 September 2020

Covid exposes Australia’s police forces as abusers and molesters under totalitarian state?

The ‘mentality’ or justifications of abusers is that their victims must ‘fear’ them.

The police have full support of Australia’s lawmakers under the new ASIO Act where police can abuse children and get away with it under a so called national security blanket.

Because you have to abuse children for the safety of the serfs?

After all you can’t argue against ‘terrorism’, right?

A disproportionately high amount of women are abused in the hands of the police spouses, or just ‘plain’ police officers,  many times more than in the general population pool.

Many court cases show that the Australia’s judiciary ‘supports’ the actions of abuse by those in power, especially by the state’s police forces.

It seems that the colonists have the people wrapped up in a totalitarian, fascist (or any other description that may come to mind) régime that would make Kim Jung Un or Xi Jinping blush. 

So called 'democracy' died in Australia a long time ago.

The new 'normal' will be that you will be able to leave this colony not 'freely' but under specific conditions, then maybe in the not too distant future, they won't let you out of this colony at all, under whatever pretext they see fit.

02 September 2020

Government turns blind eye to Facebook’s illegal activity in Australia

We have been alerted to the fact that Facebook is conducting its business in Australia against federal law.

From what we are aware a few government TLAs (Three Letter Agencies) are aware of this but are letting it slide.

If you (the serf) conducted business in the same manner, you’d be raided by the AFP and arrested and charged.

So why is Facebook allowed to operate in Australia illegally?

For ‘intel’ purposes.

So that (e.g.) a pregnant mother can be arrested under whatever pretext the authorities deem fit.

We would speculate whether or not the so called ‘warrant’ is valid.

Please note:

In Victoria, despite what the police and so called sheriffs say, traffic infringement warrants do not exist, a fact that has been documented in a ‘court of public record’.

Facebook, another tool used against you (the serf) in this colony.

Imam Sufyaan Khalifa - The video Facebook deleted

Dictator Dan has got a lot of attention world wide, and people are not happy.

Dictator Dan has gone above his authority, in issuing the lock downs, just like the New Zealand government.

Dictator Dan is going to be facing a class action lawsuit.

31 August 2020

Fines Victoria opens you up to fraud, doxing

In today’s digital age, it does not take a lot to obtain information on a ‘person’ in order to commit fraud in the name of that man/woman.

A person’s name and phone number are a couple of key bits of information needed to kick start the process to commit fraud or doxing.

Do you really want to give your name and number to an eatery, where you have ZERO clue with regards to what they're going to do with that info?

Not all this information gathering process has to be digital, where ‘old school’ techniques are used just as effectively.

In this example we have the person’s name or even better their ‘full’ name and now in this correspondence their date of birth, which was received by mail, you know handled by the corporation called Australia Post.

As a result we can be well and truly on the way to committing fraud under the name of  that ‘John Citizen’ person.

Thank you ‘Fines Victoria’ for giving us the DoB (Date of Birth).

You’d expect better from a ‘government’ agency, oops but are they?

That’s a rhetorical question sillies, we know who they are, just look at our posts on fines and the 'sheriff'.

Will anything change?

Probably not, because Fines Victoria doesn’t give a stuff about 'your' info being out there (just as long it's not the so called 'sheriff's' personal info) , unless of course you sue them / make it public knowledge.