20 November 2010

Couple set up online poll to decide on abortion

A US couple who are expecting a baby boy are asking internet users to vote on whether or not they should have the child aborted.

Alisha Arnold is 16 weeks pregnant but she and husband Pete have opened an online poll because they are unsure if they want to be parents, the New York Daily News reports.

The question on their website asks, "Should we give birth or have an abortion?"

At the time of publishing, over 104,000 say the couple should give birth while 25,207 say they should terminate the pregnancy.

Some websites say the couple's website is a pro-life hoax aimed at upsetting anti-abortionists.

Websites such as Gawker claim Mr Arnold, who has worked in IT for nine years, used to be a blogger for right-wing websites.

But the Arnolds, who have dubbed the healthy baby boy "Wiggles", insist their website is genuine.

"If people come to the conclusion that it's meant to be a stunt, that's definitely not the case," Mr Arnold said in an interview, where he also denied claims he and his wife were political activists.

"We are taking this very seriously. It's definitely not a pro-life campaign, we believe in a woman's right to choose — if it's overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight."

The couple said they set up the website so the public "could make a difference in the real world".

The website has outraged pro-life groups, who have branded the website "spine-chilling" and "horrifying".

Mr Arnold said he and his wife, who live in Minnesota, have had two miscarriages and that they both disagree on the topic of abortion. He wouldn't elaborate further.

Sceptics say the sonogram photographs uploaded on the couple's site also indicate it is a hoax because it is "clear evidence" the site is pro-life.

However the Arnolds say they will follow through with the results from the vote, which closes on December 7, two days before the 20-week cut-off line for a state-legal abortion.

Mr Arnold said whatever the result, he and his wife would not rule out having another child.

"I'm certainly open to having more kids ... [but] we wouldn't put it up for a vote like that again."

20 Nov 2010

Aside from the speculation that this could be a media stunt, the fact that this type of behaviour is entertained is quite concerning.

The greatest problem is that these people have the right to breed indiscriminately without any checks of fitness to raise a child.

From the simple fact that the couple have had 2 previous miscarriages indicates that there is a problem, either too fat or just plain too stupid to breed.

19 November 2010

Portia DeGeneres snubs male reporters

Portia DeGeneres has upset Australian media by requesting she be interviewed by female reporters.

The lesbian — who shot to fame as Nell Porter on Ally McBeal — is currently promoting her memoir Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain, which details her struggles with eating disorders and her sexuality.

But her request for female interviewers only has met with mixed responses, with some of the biggest names in Australian media slamming her for discrimination, The Herald Sun reports.

Channel 7’sSunrise star David Koch was offended when he was not allowed to speak to the actress, who married Ellen DeGeneres in 2008 after dating her for four years.

"If a male said 'I don't want to be interviewed by a woman', there would be a massive outcry of discrimination," Koch said.

"Obviously she has got issues and I feel quite sorry for her.

"I admire what she and Ellen have done for community tolerance and inclusiveness. But it is a real contradiction for what she stands for, which really surprises me."

Koch’s co-host Melissa Doyle ended up speaking to Portia via satellite from her home in Los Angeles.

But Fox FM’s Hamish Blake and Andy Lee were happy to ask a female presenter to conduct an interview for their drive time radio show.

The radio station told ninemsn the request related to the topics covered in Portia’s book and there were no ill feelings.

“The boys were happy to see that request put through ... Fifi Box is a friend of the show and she was more than happy to do it,” a Fox FM spokeswoman said.

The publicist for Portia’s book has not yet responded to ninemsn’s request for comment.

Portia was born as Amanda Lee Rogers in Horsham, north-west of Melbourne.

She adopted the name Portia de Rossi — inspired by a character from Shakespeare — when she was 15, explaining in 2005 that she had wanted to reinvent herself.

Portia modeled as a child before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

She changed her name again to Portia DeGeneres in 2010, taking her wife’s surname.

18 Nov 2010

This is news according to channel 9 ??? !!! ???

In any event is pure and simple, this is a breach of the Equal Opportunity (Act 1995 rev 41) Laws of Australia.

This is a public and open violation of the act. Where is the law now ??? !!! ???

She should be sued for sexual discrimination.

Vic father charged with killing daughter

A man charged with the stabbing murder of his two-year-old daughter allegedly threatened to kill her several times after he picked her up from his ex-partner, a court has heard.

Ramazan Acar, 23, of Meadow Heights in Melbourne's north, collected his daughter Yazmina from his ex-partner's house at Hallam, in Melbourne's southeast, on Wednesday evening.

Homicide squad Detective Senior Constable Scott Jones told the out-of-sessions hearing Acar threatened to kill Yazmina during several telephone calls made to him by the girl's mother as he drove to an address at Campbellfield, near Meadow Heights.

Police allege Acar stabbed his little girl at the Campbellfield address.

Yazmina's body was found in a field beside the Greenvale Reservoir, near his home, at about 1.35am (AEDT) on Thursday.

Acar has been remanded in custody following the out-of-sessions hearing at the Melbourne Custody Centre on Thursday night.

An autopsy conducted on Thursday afternoon found the girl died from multiple stab wounds, Det Jones said.

Acar is accused of dumping Yazmina's body at Greenvale before returning to Campbellfield, where he allegedly set fire to his four-wheel drive.

Detectives arrested him and a 23-year-old Campbellfield woman a short time later in another vehicle.

Acar, who wore blue cloth forensic overalls and was barefoot, did not address the bail justice after the summary of the case.

He spent most of the hearing with his eyes cast downward but appeared calm throughout.

Acar is due to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Friday.

Earlier, police announced the woman arrested with Acar had been released from custody without charge.

Yazmina's body was found in open ground near the reservoir, some distance from homes at the Greenvale Lakes housing estate.

Police and State Emergency Service workers conducted a line search of the area during the day.

At the scene, Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Snare of the homicide squad told reporters he could not give many details about the case, saying the investigation was still in its "preliminary stages".

"The death of any young child is a tragedy and in these circumstances. A tragic set of events and the death of a young girl at two years of age," he said.

18 Nov 2010

One of the pinnacles of a domestic tragedy, ending the life of a child taken.

This comes in the wake of more government lies about immigrants.

The northern suburbs of Melbourne, described in the article, have a high concentration of new immigrants from the Middle East and other regions.

This 'ghetto' creates inherent problems, where it's residents are more susceptible to crime than elsewhere.

The government claims in the mass media that MIGRANTS ARE NOT CRIMINALS, whereas a list from the police or even a survey with a hidden camera shows otherwise.

The drug trade is very predominant in those areas, together with a stolen goods cartel within the various ethnic groups in those suburbs.

The government DELIBERATLY lies in the face for the public, whilst the crimes these people commit are not only in the media, but right infront of the general populous.

The government knowlingly imports these 'criminals' at the same time saying the migrants are NOT criminals.

17 November 2010

Show us your NBN plan, Stephen

LABOR'S got its business plan for its $43bn (too much for an outdated product) broadband network, so why can't anyone else see it?

News_Rich_Media: Conroy defends NBN costingsWhile the Opposition pushes for a Productivity Commission analysis of the project, the Australian Greens are demanding the Government release the network's business plan before Parliament rises for the long summer break.

The coalition has yet to win the support of key Lower House MPs for a cost-benefit analysis of the network, but it may be a different story in the Senate.

Greens Communications spokesman Scott Ludlam says his party will seek Senate support for a demand that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy produce the network's 400-page business plan that he received last week.

"I think they have an obligation to put that material in the public domain while Parliament is sitting, not afterwards," he told ABC Radio today.

Senator Ludlam also wants the Government to produce its formal response to an earlier implementation study.

"We'll be demanding the minister table both of those documents before the end of this week," he said.

Opposition Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull is expecting his push for a cost-benefit analysis of the network will go to a parliamentary vote this week.

Mr Turnbull jumped on suggestions by Senator Conroy that a cost-benefit analysis would delay construction of the network.

The inquiry could be completed in six months and could happen as building of the network continued, he said.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon says the business plan must be released as "a matter of urgency".

"It's not fair to expect the Senate to vote on a $43 billion piece of information infrastructure in a complete information vacuum," he told reporters, noting that the Productivity Commission should also look into it.

"But it (inquiry) needs to be broader than Malcolm Turnbull's terms of reference."

Key country independent Bob Katter says he won't hold up the government's legislation by asking to see the business plan.

"The Opposition ... wants close scrutiny ... but I'm not holding up the rollout of broadband - no way.

"I think we should get building broadband as fast as humanly possible."

One Labor backbencher became confused on the details of the NBN when speaking with reporters.

Shayne Neumann used a map to argue many voters in south-east Queensland could not access ADSL because they were more than two kilometres from telecommunications exchanges.

Yesterday, Senator Conroy had said that ADSL was available up to four kilometres from an exchange.

Mr Neumann denied he was saying something different.

Pointing to a map showing apparent broadband coverage in Mr Turnbull's inner-Sydney electorate and his own, Mr Neumann tried to prove the need for high-speed internet was not a pressing one for Mr Turnbull.

"This is all about Mr Turnbull trying like John Howard to be Lazarus and rising up again."

optuszoo.com.au 17 Nov 2010

ref: http://optuszoo.com.au/news/228534/show-us-your-nbn-plan-stephen.html

The government is also hiding (in the paperwork) the compulsory:

INTERNET CENSORSHIP, that it plans to implement with the updating of the broadband infrastructure.

The government is outsourcing to 'mates' for overpriced services, whilst the workers are getting pittance, which incidenlty is not illegal, and falls under the banner of 'globalisation'.

Another typical case government fraudulent information delivered or rater NOT, to the masses.

There can be no suggestion implied or otherwise that the government is profiteering and / or colluding with the private sector. This information cannot be reported into the public arena, as the repoting parties will be investigated and NOT the alleged offence by the government.

Their careers will be in danger, as they will be blacklisted, and will be further investigated by the authorities to 'teach them a lesson'.

Doctor raped woman seven times in one night

A VICTORIAN doctor has been jailed for six years for raping a woman seven times in one night and taking photos during the assaults.

Bendigo GP Arvind Sharma, 37, was found guilty by a jury of seven counts of rape and three of indecent assault.

He and his victim were known to each other and had had consensual sex before the incident in December 2006.

The Victorian County Court was told the events unfolded when Sharma and the victim arrived at his home one night and he was very drunk.

The woman, who admitted to being a "bit tipsy", rejected his advances, claiming to be unwell.

But despite this he continued and took photos with his mobile phone camera during some of the assaults.

The court was told the victim did not complain because she was frightened of him.

Judge Frank Shelton acknowledged Sharma had a high professional standing and his patients were still happy to consult him.

But he said his career was ruined and his offending had greater repercussions for him than for other members of the community.

He also noted there was a four-year delay between the time of offending and his sentencing.

Sharma's supporters sobbed in court as he was jailed.

He must serve a minimum term of four years.

news.com.au 17 Nov 2010

Send that trash back to India !!! !!! !!!

Brynne Edelsten - Another Gold Digger?

Recent events portrayed by the mass media suggest that the marriage between Geoffrey Edelsten and his wife Brynne Gordon is on the rocks.

Their 'bickering has become very public, and quite nasty, as televised by the current affairs programs that the mass media offer to the general populous at dinner time.

This come as no surprise, as within the circle of friends of the pair, it is evident that she is out for one thing only, i.e. a Gold Digger, or as illustrated by this blog an "Occupational Ho (Whore).

Many times she was spotted at a Melbourne night club, The Long Room, flirting with other men, soon after their marriage.

When one has groups of friends, Masonic or other influences, one can commit crimes with little / no repercussions.

The likes of :

Henry Kaye ('real name' Eugene Kukuy - Russian / Jewish immigrant)
Richard Pratt (Ryszard Przecicki - Polish /Jewish immigrant)

have all gotten away with fraud with the support of the Australian Legal System.

Australia the BEST country in the world for CORPORATE CRIME.

wikipedia article:

Edelsten was a former general practitioner and was deregistered for practising in New South Wales in 1988 and also in Victoria. Based on an unlawful telephone interception that was nevertheless admitted as evidence,[3][4][5] Edelsten spent a year in jail for soliciting an underworld figure, Christopher Dale Flannery, to assault a former patient, and for perverting the course of justice.

from the heraldsun article

Take their shopping expeditions, for example.

Brynne loves clothes and Edelsten likes to buy them for her - the two can contentedly while away hours in boutiques.

The fluffy white carpet in the living room is stacked with boxes containing their latest purchases - eight dresses by Nurielle, a US label that specialises in skimpy creations embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Each of these garments costs more than most of us spend on our wardrobes in a year.

"They're very expensive," says Edelsten. "You know, $US8000."

As you can read a very 'deep' relationship.

But such is the price of a full time escort.

read more:


16 November 2010

Oprah's fans lash out - Ticket SCAM

It was the golden ticket that was never delivered - and now Oprah Winfrey's Australian fans are hitting back at the talk-show queen for inviting her US fans to join in the festivities down under.

While 6000 of her loyal Aussie fans were ecstatic to be plucked from a lottery ballot to attend one of two shows being filmed at the Sydney Opera "Oprah" House on December 14, others have felt duped.

"I got my rejection email [at] 12.55am," Vanessa from Geelong wrote on a forum. "Not happy. But you know what's ticked me off even more is that viewers in the US could also apply for tickets. They should only have been available for Aussie viewers, as something like this doesn't happen every day. Oprah has been in the US for 25 years, so Americans have had more opportunities to gain tickets than we have. Her US audience is already coming, so the rest of the tickets should be for us Aussies."

"Agree with 'Vanessa'," Victorian resident Debra wrote. "I know of six entries into the ballot - and we all missed out. Why does she need to bring the US viewers with her?"

With the details of Oprah's visit being kept under wraps, North American mum-and-daughter duo Kathy Blackburn and Kristen Kilduff Fernandez - both among the 300 audience members present when Oprah announced the trip to Oz - are thrilled to be making the trip abroad.

"A little piece of confetti fell on my shoulder, and I said to Mum, '[Oprah] always pops confetti when it's really big,' " Kristen recalls of the day.

tvweek.ninemsn.com.au 12 Nov 2010

Another CLEAR and simple ticket SCAM.

The so called 'won' tickets were nothing more nothing less than a give away to the cronies of the political, business and entertainment industry.

The so called ticket give away for the masses was a blatant scam realised by the sheep that followed Oprah.

Another CLEAR example of how the 'elite' are beyond the reach of the mass population.

The Australian Tax payer payed $2,000,000 to have a 'closed' party for the 'elite'.

15 November 2010

Student protesters smash their way into UK Tory HQ

UNIVERSITY students smashed their way into British Prime Minister David Cameron's party headquarters overnight during a chaotic protest against the government's plans to triple tuition fees.

Thousands of demonstrators besieged 30 Millbank, running riot through the 1960s office building near parliament, which houses the Conservative Party.

Vastly outnumbered, police were powerless to stop the protesters smashing their way through the entire three-sided glass frontage, storming in and wrecking the lobby.

Running amok, several activists reached the roof of the six-storey riverside block and hurled a fire extinguisher at police below as students crammed into the courtyard, torching a bonfire of placards and surging forward.

One woman police officer was seen being led away from the scene with blood on her face.

Fourteen people were injured, including seven police officers, a police spokesman said.

Thirty-two people were arrested for offences including criminal damage and trespass.

Students were marching through London in protest at the university tuition fee proposals by the Conservatives-Liberal Democrat coalition government, which came to power in May.

Police put the number of demonstrators at 20,000, while organisers said it was nearer to 50,000.

Facing suggestions that officers had lost control of the situation, London's police chief Paul Stephenson promised a full investigation.

"This level of violence was totally unexpected, we need to ask ourselves why," the Scotland Yard commissioner said.

"The scenes that we have seen both inside and outside Millbank are wholly unacceptable, disgraceful behaviour.

"It's an embarrassment for London and for us."

Aaron Porter, president of the National Union of Students, called the violence "despicable".

"Proud of the 50,000 students who have come to protest peacefully. Shame on those who are here to cause trouble," he said online in a Twitter message.

When riot police finally regained control of the building and forcing students back, the scale of the devastation inside was clear.

The lobby was covered in shattered glass, debris and placard sticks, with the desks ransacked, ceiling air vents ripped down and offensive graffiti spray-painted on the marble walls.

A student from Buckinghamshire New University, who declined to be named, said as he ran from the building with the shell of a television monitor: "It's like a raid in there.

"The Conservatives are asking for it."

The 20-year-old said the police had "marched us past here and expected nothing to happen".

The move to increase tuition fees directly contradicts a pre-election promise made by the Liberal Democrat party of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the junior coalition partners.

Students had travelled to London from universities across Britain for what was meant to be a peaceful demonstration.

Protesters waved placards saying: "Stop education cuts" and "9K?! No way!", referring to the STG9,000 ($14,340) maximum level of the annual fees.

Dylan, 16, from Sussex in southern England, emerged from the foyer wreckage with souvenirs including some 30 Millbank ringbinders, a computer mouse and an "escorted visitor" security pass around his neck.

"It was crazy, quite frightening. I'm upset, angry and worried about whether I'll be able to go to university. It's scary to think I might not be able to afford to go," he said.

"Ten pounds is a lot of money to me, let alone 9000 pounds."

One demonstrator, Bernard Goyber, a 19-year-old reading history at a London university, said: "Students haven't been consulted about the rise in fees at all and universities are being savaged by the cuts.

"Fifty per cent of students can't get jobs, most students won't be able to pay this back anyway."

The issue of tuition fees had earlier dominated the weekly prime minister's questions session in parliament, with Clegg answering in in the absence of Cameron, who is on a visit to China and the G20 summit in South Korea.

heraldsun.com.au 11 Nov 2010

The message is VERY clear from the law makers politicians and the finance and business community in that EDUCATION is NOT for EVERYONE.

This is done very simply by putting it out of the reach of the masses, by making it unobtainable from an economic perspective.

In Australia, everyone had a right to education up to the early 1990's, by then it had become a payable offence for the masses to learn.

Real knowledge / wisdom, is controlled by the governing elite.

Public schools are DELIBERATELY designed to dumb down the children of the Canon Fodder.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter making kids dumber, parents believe

* Social media 'distracts kids from school'
* Parents should set strict internet times
* Join us over on Facebook | Twitter

SOCIAL media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are making teen web surfers dumber, more than half of their parents believe.

But less than half believe the sites are impacting on their health and wellbeing.

New cyber-safety research commissioned by Telstra reveals 65 per cent of parents with children using social media say it distracts them from their homework, contributing to lethargic learning.

A quarter of parents say their tech-savvy teens spend more than seven hours a week connecting with friends, while less than 40 per cent fear the behaviour is affecting their children's wellbeing. Cyber safety expert Dr Martyn Wild said parents were often unaware of what their children were doing online.

"The answer is not turning off internet access, rather it's about implementing simple behavioural changes in your children and setting realistic expectations about their use of the internet," Dr Wild said.

He said setting "house rules" for internet use such as placing computers in a common area and setting time restrictions on social network use helped keep teens focused on their studies.

Do you think social media makes teens dumber? Tell us below.

The research, conducted by Newspoll, reveals 84 per cent of 14 to 17-year-olds use a social network and almost half of 10 to 13-year-olds use sites such as Facebook.

Greensborough mother Jan Banks said she imposed strict guidelines on internet use for daughters Brooke and Dayna when they were small, making them wiser about surfing the web now they are teenagers.

"They have a certain amount of time they are allowed to use it per night," said Ms Banks, a former teacher.

"It is also important to go along whenever the school launches a program on cyber safety. For the girls to hear it from someone other than mum is good."

Telstra has launched a new cyber safety website to share advice and research about keeping children safe online.

The site at www.telstra.com.au/cyber-safety has been designed to arm internet users of all ages with useful information.

news.com.au 18 Jul 2010

Seven inches is enough, RIM tells Jobs

STEVE Jobs says iPad sales have slowed because rival tablets are rubbish. RIM isn't standing for it.

"We think many customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple," RIM co-chief executive Jim Balsillie said in a blog post responding to the comments made on Monday by Jobs.

Jobs, speaking to financial analysts during a conference call, dismissed 7-inch tablets as "tweeners" saying they were "too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad".

He suggested makers of 7-inch screens "include sandpaper so users can sand down their fingers" to be able to tap onscreen keys.

Addressing concerns that the iPad had missed it 4.8 million unit target by nearly 20 per cent, selling 4.1 million units, Jobs seemed to lay the blame at the feet of rival tablet makers for not quickly bringing worthy products to markets.

Balsillie was not impressed.

"For those of us who live outside of Apple's distortion field, we know that seven-inch tablets will actually be a big portion of the market," Balsillie said.

Blackberry is developing a touchscreen tablet computer called the PlayBook which features a 7-inch screen in a bid to challenge Apple's iPad, which features a nearly 10-inch screen.

Balsillie also struck back with criticism of Apple's refusal to allow Adobe's Flash video to play on the iPad

"We know that Adobe Flash support actually matters to customers who want a real web experience," he said.

"We also know that while Apple's attempt to control the ecosystem and maintain a closed platform may be good for Apple, developers want more options and customers want to fully access the overwhelming majority of websites that use Flash."

During his earnings call, Jobs also said that the iPhone "handily" outsold BlackBerry during the quarter and he didn't see the RIM handsets catching up any time soon.

Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones during the quarter, up 91 per cent from a year ago.

"RIM has achieved record shipments for five consecutive quarters and recently shared guidance of 13.8 to 14.4 million BlackBerry smartphones for the current quarter," Balsillie said.

"Apple's preference to compare its September-ending quarter with RIM's August-ending quarter doesn't tell the whole story because it doesn't take into account that industry demand in September is typically stronger," he said.

"As usual, whether the subject is antennas, Flash or shipments, there is more to the story and sooner or later, even people inside the distortion field will begin to resent being told half a story," the RIM co-CEO said.

Google 'can't be trusted' with terror data

GOOGLE cannot be trusted to help manage Britain's new anti-terror database, the UK Government's privacy watchdog said yesterday.

Records of all communications, including e-mails, text messages and the use of Facebook, Twitter and Skype, will kept by the company and internet service providers for at least 12 months under a scheme being drawn up by the Home Office.

Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, said that involving Google would be flawed after he found the company responsible for a "significant breach" of data protection rules.

The Government wants a record of all private communication after the police and security services insisted that it was essential in the fight against terrorism and organised crime.

But it has dropped Labour's proposals for a central government database and has decided that individual companies will be required to keep details of customers' internet and telephone use but not the content of calls or messages.

Mr Graham, who enforces laws protecting the use of private information, warned that any system that involved major companies holding such details would be flawed.

"The Government would have to make the case that this is justified," he said. "I would have to take a view as to the way risks have been mitigated. Anyone who thinks that storing the information with the communication service providers, rather than in a big database, solves the problem hasn't been paying attention with what's been going on with Google. My major concern is that in times of austerity people will kid themselves that this sort of thing will not matter."

Google is used for about 90 per cent of internet searches in Britain and millions of computer owners have signed up for its e-mail services. The Information Commissioner's Office ruled last week that the company broke the law when its Street View mapping service collected personal information such as e-mails and passwords from unsuspecting internet users.

Mr Graham, a former BBC journalist who was appointed Information Commissioner in June last year, said that he would be auditing Google's practices and could take the company to court or enforce a penalty of pounds 500,000 if it did not change its ways.

He said that the public had now "woken up" to issues of privacy, but that people still had to do far more to protect themselves online.

Details for the plans to intercept and collect details of telephone and internet use were buried in the Strategic Defence and Security Review. The review, published last month, said that "communications data" had played a role in every MI5 counter-terrorism operation and 95 per cent of all organised crime investigations.

It said that new regulations would ensure the database was "compatible with the Government's approach to information storage and civil liberties".

The Liberal Democrats had said before the general election that they wanted to "end the storage of internet e-mail records without good reason" and the pledge appears in the coalition agreement.

The Home Office will introduce legislation for the new programme but has not revealed details such as a timeline and costs.

Gordon Brown set out plans for an "interception modernisation programme" in February 2008 but it was shelved after concerns over its cost, privacy issues and technical feasibility.

The Information Commissioner's Office told the Government that the prevention and detection of crime was "in itself not a sufficient justification for mandating the collection of all possible communications data on all subscribers by all communication service providers". Mr Graham said that the concerns raised about the original plans "remain very valid".

Google said that it had apologised for the breaches with its Street View service and had tightened up its internal controls. The company said that it would provide user data to authorities only if legally compelled to.

theaustralian.com.au 8 Nov 2010

PM mistaken for hausfrau by G20 hosts

GILLARD becomes Julia Von Trapp after South Korean artists put her in Austrian national dress.

News_Rich_Media: G20 SummitThere's a distinctly Von Trapp flavour to the Gillard effigy greeting visitors to the G20 world summit in downtown Seoul.

Perhaps underlining the perils of using Google to research national dress, Gillard stands proudly in dirndl costume, with one hand on her hip.

She also appears to be wearing Kumfs, or at the very least a pair of wide-fit Mary Janes that were designed with comfort, rather than fashion, in mind.

It's part Thunderbirds and part Team America - the movie hit written by the South Park creators that featured a marionette of North Korean despot Kim Jong-il throwing former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix into a tank of sharks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sporting a similar outfit to Gillard's, and also seems to have scored her red hair.

Unless that's actually Gillard's head on Merkel's body.

Read more of Samantha Maiden's PM as an Austrian hausfrau blog at The Australian

news.com.au 11 Nov 2010

As depicted by the illustration, Julia Gillard, nothing more, nothing less than a PUPPET

Julia Gillard was FRAUDULENTLY elected by the Labour Government in a series of BRIBES, in front of the world stage, to which there was NO call for a re election from the powerful mind shaping media moguls.

How fraudulently the two businesses work hand in hand.