27 July 2020

Government fail, ‘nothing’ done for 6 months

Failure of Government is the result of the so called virus spread.

It’s easy to say that people are not following the ‘rules’ as opposed to the law or that they’re belligerent with regards to (no’ lawful‘) directions given.

Some special kind of people who have access to social media will say that it’s the people’s fault that the virus is spreading.

The governments (state and federal) had six months to get it right and they didn’t.

Victorians were told that from Thursday 23rd of July 2020 (a couple of days under six months after the first recorded case) that they must wear face masks in public places, with no legal direction in place to do so.

With a so called pandemic you get one chance, only one chance to get it right and they didn’t.


Because it was an ‘unprecedented’ event, right?

Well, maybe for the ‘Australian Government’ or the ‘Parliament of Australia’ but the ‘Parliament of the Commonwealth' has dealt with a similar situation in 1919.

In any event it’s a HUGE ‘government fail’, so now the real question is who is going to hold the governments both state and federal responsible?

Take a copy of it, print it out, before they remove it?

Just like they removed the Bill of Rights 1688(UK), from the front page of the Western Australia’s State Law Publisher’s website, but that’s another story.

The so called 'honourable' Mr. Gregory Andrew Hunt has got to go.

Off topic: Why don't they want you to know about the Bill of Rights?

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