14 January 2011

Gloria Jeans - No Free WiFi

One of the perks of being able to sit down at a multinational's 'food' chain, is to be able to enjoy their product, with the added bonus of using a FREE WiFi connection the establishment offers.

Gloria Jeans was just such a place.

At one of their franchises, you could sit down, turn on you WiFi enabled gadget and enjoy their coffee from the so called 'farmer aware' program, meaning that they are aware that the farmers are slave driven to produce 'cheap' coffee on a global scale.

This was a thing of the good ol' days.

No more free internet.

The reason for the loss of free internet given by G.J. is that the service provider went broke.

In Australia, there is definite politics to leave the masses in the telecommunications STONE AGES.

Mobile phone plans, land line leases and call rates, internet, and all things regarding telephony, are amongst the most expensive in the world.

One of the reasons is due to Telstra's 'monopoly' in the industry, irrespective of the presence of the other telco's, Optus (Virgin), Vodafone, Hutchison, etc.

Many airports around the world have free internet, restricting users to a slower speed, also with a time limit per session.

It is not the likes of the Australian public to sit at Gloria's and download Gigabytes of pirated movies songs or other software, but rather to do a few quick email checks, maybe a weather application or two synchronising, or a sneek in google maps on who's where.

The politics of the people in power is NOT to give the masses any 'freebies' but rather keep them oppressed, and rip the consumer off with expensive data plans.

Charging station to offer free power

An electric vehicle charging station has been installed in Adelaide, offering electric car owners free power.

The station has been installed at Adelaide's Central Market car park and can handle two cars at a time.

Adelaide Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said the station was powered by an Australian-developed fuel cell in what was believed to be a world first.

The fuel cell allows drivers to recharge electric vehicles with power produced with low emissions.

"This project is a sign of things to come as we move towards a cleaner and greener future for our beautiful city," Mr Yarwood said.

The ChargePoint recharging station can produce 12,400 kilowatt hours of power each year.

Excess electricity not used by motorists will be fed into South Australia's power grid.

20 Dec 2010

Another well known government farce, to show the masses that 'something' is done, even though in vein.

An above average, 40 square Australian home, fitted out with the usual modern amenities like heating, cooling, a couple of Plasma TV's, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, a couple of refrigerators, can consume up to 25kw hours per day.

This can equate to 9,125 kilowatt hours of power each year, or approx. 75% of the power the city is offering to motorists.

Hardly a figure worth the song and dance.

Remember to GO GREEN to save the planet.


The government will show pictures of children, to put you into a state of FEAR, that if you do NOT do as the government says, YOUR MOST precious (children) will be endangered.


Another propaganda story brought to you by the mass media.

N.B. Picture of a GREEN car was chosen by corpau to give the readers a subliminal message that this is the way of the Novus Ordo Seclorum.

13 January 2011

WikiLeaks has News Corp 'insurance files'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims he has "insurance" files on media mogul Rupert Murdoch that will be released if "something happens" to him.

Assange has enraged the United States with his website's release of leaked diplomatic cables, and the Australian's defence team believe efforts are under way to send him to the US where they claim he could face the death penalty.

In an interview Britain's New Statesman magazine, conducted by veteran journalist John Pilger who is a prominent supporter of the Australian hacker, Assange said WikiLeaks had "504 US embassy cables on one broadcasting organisation" and "cables on Murdoch and News Corp", without going into more detail on what they contained.

"If something happens to me or to WikiLeaks, 'insurance' files will be released," Assange was cited as saying.

Lawyers for Assange, who is on bail in England as he fights attempts to extradite him to Sweden for questioning on allegations of sexual assault, have argued that that if Assange was extradited to Sweden there was a "real risk" he will face extradition or illegal rendition to the United States, where he could be detained at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere and subject to the death penalty.

Assange insists that attempts to extradite him to Sweden are politically motivated and linked to WikiLeaks' activities.

He has been living at the country estate of a friend in eastern England since being released on bail on December 16, nine days after his arrest by British police on a Swedish warrant.

A British judge ruled on Tuesday that Sweden's bid to have him extradited would be heard in full on February 7-8.

WikiLeaks has also released classified documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US soldier Bradley Manning is in military custody in the United States awaiting trial for having allegedly obtained and leaked the cables.

A US court has reportedly subpoenaed the Twitter accounts of four WikiLeaks supporters as part of a criminal investigation into the leaks.

Assange told New Statesman attempts by the US to indict him should worry the mainstream press as well.

"I think what's emerging in the mainstream media is the awareness that if I can be indicted, other journalists can, too," Assange said in the interview published on Thursday.

"Even the New York Times is worried. This used not to be the case. If a whistleblower was prosecuted, publishers and reporters were protected by the First Amendment, which journalists took for granted. That's being lost."

In the interview, Assange also blasted China as the "technological enemy" of his whistleblower website because of its aggressive internet censorship, in comments published Thursday.

But China, with its vast internet censorship system known as the "Great Firewall", was the site's most feared foe in cyberspace, the 39-year-old told Britain's New Statesman magazine.

"China is the worst offender" when it comes to censorship, said Assange.

"China has aggressive and sophisticated interception technology that places itself between every reader inside China and every information source outside China.

"We've been fighting a running battle to make sure we can get information through, and there are now all sorts of ways Chinese readers can get on to our site."

afp 13 Jan 2011

11 January 2011

Melbourne's Crown casino refuses to pay jackpot win to elderly woman

  • Elderly woman denied machine jackpot payout
  • Woman used daughter's card on winning machine
  • Casino stands by decision to deny woman win

CROWN casino has refused to pay out thousands of dollars to an elderly mother after she was found to have used her daughter's loyalty card on the winning poker machine.

Crown sources told the Herald Sun the woman won the 800,000 award points jackpot - worth $8000 - last Friday but Crown management had told her she had committed fraud.

Crown also said the winning jackpot could not be converted into cash.

The Crown Signature Club provides points for every dollar spent inside the casino, offering patrons rewards such as free parking, meals and hotel discounts.

One Crown worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said staff were disgusted with the decision.

"I feel so sorry for the patron. It is just ridiculous," she said. "They're happy to take her money from her, no worries. It's disgraceful."

Crown spokesman Gary O'Neill said the terms and conditions were made clear to everyone who signed up for the rewards program.

"On each machine in that area, the rules of the jackpot are clearly stated, plus at the end of each row of the machines the terms and conditions are clearly explained and the vital term is you must be playing with your own card to be eligible to win," Mr O'Neill said.

"As far as we're concerned, the conditions are pretty basic and they're pretty straight forward: to be eligible to get the points you obviously have to have your card in the machine."

Mr O'Neill denied the jackpot could be converted into cash, despite a Crown staff member yesterday telling the Herald Sun the points could be converted at a rate of 1c a point.

"The points go on to your card, it is not a cash jackpot. You don't get money for it."

news.com.au 10 Jan 2011

Melbourne's Crown Casino is a well know place for Crime Gang activities.

There is a general blind eye turned by the authorities.

Money laundering, and criminal activities are set up at the premises BEHIND closed doors.
This activity is WELL known to authorities, BUT since there are a few KEY individuals payed HUSH money, the matter is never brought out into the open light by the mass media.

The Crown Casino fraudulently passes on winnings to certain individuals via the back room control centre, which is computer controlled to which ever slot machine the individual is sitting at.

This is information obtained from an inside source.

The Crown Casino premises is leased from the government for $1 per annum.

Apple TV 2 - Not for the Oz market

Another product released to the masses of Australia, which may seem like a good idea at the time, BUT not to the Technologically crippled market of the "ass end of the world" (as quoted by Seinfeld).

Australia is largely living in the technological DARK AGES.

This is NOT an opinion of corpau, but rather a general statement which is echoed across the (bulletin) board (pardon the pun).

There are many reasons for this, and one of the greatest hurdles is because that of the telecommunications monopoly held by TELSTRA.

On the Australian market, you can buy a set top box for anything between $40 - $200, for viewing what is called FREE content, with the ability to record to USB or with the higher end units to the Hard Disk Drive which is built in.

Enter the Apple (tm) TV. A unit that is priced at $129. This unit requires an internet connection, for what is essentially a product to BUY movies online via iTunes.

Although there are many hardcore Apple(tm) fans out there, this is NOT enough to guarantee a Ca$h Cow for Apple(tm) .

Aussie consumers are already awake to the Rip off merchants of the likes of Harvey Norman (aka Hardly Normal), so their bang for buck sights will not be aimed at the Apple(tm) T.V.

10 January 2011

Vodafone denies mobile records leaked

  • Vodafone denies customer details leaked
  • But telco resets all passwords
  • Unbelievably slack security, says expert

VODAFONE is investigating an alleged security breach but denies customers' personal details are publicly available on the internet.

The mobile phone company has reset all passwords for its web portal, used by employees and dealers.

Details including names, home addresses, driver's licence numbers and credit card details have been available on the web in what has been described as an "unbelievable'' lapse in security, Fairfax newspapers reported.

The report said criminal groups have paid for the private details of some Vodafone customers to blackmail them and other people have obtained logins to check their spouse's communications.

It said the full extent of the privacy breach is unknown, but it is possible that thousands of people have logins that can be passed around and used to gain access to the accounts of about four million Vodafone clients.

A Vodafone spokesman said the company was concerned to hear of the alleged breach.

"Vodafone's customer details are not 'publicly available on the internet','' he said in a statement today.

"Customer information is stored on Vodafone's internal systems and accessed through a secure web portal, accessible to authorised employees and dealers via a secure login and password.

"Any unauthorised access to the portal will be taken very seriously, and would constitute a breach of employment or dealer agreement and possibly a criminal offence.''

The company would investigate the allegations and refer the matter to the Australian Federal Police if appropriate, the statement said.

The spokesman added that all passwords had been reset and a review is being undertaken of the training and systems procedures.

Michael Fraser, head of the Australian Communications Law Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney, told Fairfax it seemed to be a major breach of the company's privacy obligations and "unbelievably slack security''.

news.com.au 9 Jan 2011

Another BLATANT LIE from the telco's when caught with their pants down.

'Security' is almost non existent when it comes to those matters.

If the telco were to admit this then they would be LIABLE for a class action law suite.

The problem lies within Vodafone and not the so called 'hackers', as they would want you and the mass media to believe.

Vodafone Customer care in Egypt:

" and despite our employee turnover within Customer Care, there is still a wide selection of career paths within Vodafone in other departments."

shows that there is a problem within the environment if the cattle are NOT happy.

09 January 2011

Kellogg's Nutri Grain - Iron Man Food Rubbish

The 'food' company Kellogg's is and has been for quite some time advertising on Australian Television that its product - Nutri Grain is Iron Man Food.

The advertisement is quite 'powerful' in that it shows the great Australian beach with a very fit young man running in slow motion.

It is clearly implied that he is fit because of eating the 'Iron Man' food, Nutri Grain.

The Australian Iron Man Competition is widely regarded as the pinnacle of fitness and strength.

The people's paper the Australian Herald Sun has recently compiled a report on 'Junk Food'.

Junk Food being classified as low in nutritional value and high in sugar.

One of the culprits high on the list was Kellogg's Nutri Grain.

The multinational food companies have little regards for their product's nutritional value or carcinogenic qualities.

This is the food for the Canon Fodder.

Dick Smith Electronics - Dock connector - Rip Off

Again another product bought to you by the large multinationals, that are ripping off the general public.

At the time of this post, Dick Smith Electronics sells the "Dock Connector to USB Cable" for A$29.

According to Dick Smith the cable carries the following identification numbers:

Model #: MA591G/A Cat#: DSAU_C4849

An "EXACT" item purchased again, at a Happy Lucky $2 Shop,

with the same model number, was purchased for A$3.30 at a retail level.

The mark up on this item from one retailer to the other is over 870%.

Dick Smith Electronic and Tandy Electronics (Radio Shack in the United States), have been bought out by the corporate giant Big W.

The lack of competition, and the current 'theoretical' retail monopoly

is of detriment to the consumer.

Many if not all the electronics products brought to you by the multinationals are a RIP OFF to the consumer.

Just like the governments are 'regulating' bank profits, at the screaming of the plebs, so should there be an inquest to the consumer rip off by multinationals.

Officeworks iphone 3G Dock - RipOff

Hot on the heels of The Great Aussie Retail RipOff by Multinationals, comes another product, this time being ripped off from Officeworks.

The item illustrated, the iphone 3G Dock, is from Officeworks, retails for A$38.73.

The EXACT same item from either the PC swap meets OR the Happy Lucky $2 shops, retails for A$5.80.

Many devices / accessories that are made for Apple's ipod / iphone /ipad family of devices carry a price premium, for NO justifiable reason.

In this case there is an over 600% mark up difference.

In recent times the consumer has become more aware of how large retailers are ripping the consumers off, and as a result, the public are looking elsewhere for better value for money products.

As a result the likes of Harvey Norman, are crying foul, who's real problem lies elsewhere and NOT in the hundreds of % markup they cannot make anymore.