31 October 2008

Vic police probed in sex, drugs report

Victorian police have been linked to the operation of an illegal brothel and to corruption involving street prostitutes and drug dealers, a new report says.

The report was written by former Judge David Jones in his role as the special investigations monitor overseeing the Office of Police Integrity (OPI).

The report was tabled on Thursday in the Victorian parliament.

Fairfax newspapers said the report revealed the OPI was investigating allegations including "the theft of goods and controlled drugs from known sex workers, assaults of sex workers and criminal or improper associations with drug dealers, drug users and sex workers".

The allegations also included "the ownership and management of an unlicensed brothel" by police.

The police station involved in the allegations was not named but Fairfax said the small number of police under investigation have worked in the St Kilda area.

One officer has resigned and another has been transferred to a different region.

An 18-month OPI and Victoria Police investigation suggests a few officers may have had free sex with street prostitutes at a hotel and other Melbourne locations, one long-serving officer was part of plans to run a brothel with a criminal, and two officers - one still serving - had long-term sexual relationships with street prostitutes.

There are also claims a policeman raped a street prostitute with a baton and another travelled to Sydney and took illicit drugs with a transvestite.

The revelations have renewed calls for the establishment of safe houses for sex workers in St Kilda, to eliminate corrupt activity between street workers and police.

31 Oct 2008

This is NOTHING NEW. This has been well known for quite some time.

Someone MUST be uncomfortable to somebody else in order for this to come out.

In any event what consequences, if ANY will arise from this?

There are other examples of fraud being committed, and NOTHING is done.

30 October 2008

Donut King - Not so sweet

Here is an example where less is better.

Not by choice, but rather the company cutting costs. This move is usually undertaken by accountants.

In an example where IBM-GSA cut costs by ordering a lesser quality coffee for staff, and using smaller cups (in order to save time drinking), the accountants were able to save a couple of million.

When a company this large goes to that extent, you know they're in trouble.

A teaspoon of sugar is supposed to be 4 grams. In this example the weights should show 24 grams for six satchels of sugar.

In this example D.K is saving 20% of the cost of their sugar that YOU pay for.

At the end of the day it's not about anything else, except MAXIMISING PROFITS, at YOUR EXPENSE (in this case less sugar for you IS better)

You cannot do a class action law suit, rather you have to take the matter yourself. Although this example is menial, it is an indication of how tight the law is, so other (larger) corporate crimes cannot be litigated.

Australia's legal system has been closed off better than the initial Anglo-American colony, and is dictated, as in the case of the U.S, by masonic rule.

29 October 2008

It's stupidity to cram 8 in car: police

Paramedics battled to find all the injured after a car carrying eight people and with a learner driver at the wheel hit a pole in a smash Melbourne police have labelled "sheer stupidity".

Ambulance officers found two people ejected from the vehicle and, eventually, two more who just "sort of walked up towards them," paramedic Phillip Campbell said.

Police said it was a miracle all the young people, aged between 18 and 25, emerged alive from the car.

Eight ambulances attended the chaotic scene after the Mitsubishi Lancer coupe veered off the Princes Highway at Clayton and jumped a wide median strip before smashing into the pole, about 12.40am (AEDT) Wednesday. (In one of the earlier version of this story, it was mentioned that the people involved are Sudanese, why did not this appear in this version. SAY IT HOW IT IS !! )

While police at the scene branded the act of stuffing eight people into a two-door car "sheer stupidity", Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon said the six men and two women were not breaking the law as long as all the seat belts were being used.

"The driver could be charged with careless driving or a range of other things, but just simply if they were driving along and had that many people in the car, it isn't an offence and that's the law," she told Fairfax Radio.

A policewoman was recruited to drive an ambulance to hospital while ambulance officers worked to save the life of the young female learner driver.

The injured were taken to four different hospitals, with three in a critical condition.

Police said the driver took the full impact of the smash when the car slammed into a pole, blacking out the area.

Sergeant Brad Peters, of the Major Collision Investigation Unit, said he was dumbfounded that eight people would cram into such a small car.

"It is just such sheer stupidity and we're very lucky that at this stage no one's died," Sgt Peters told reporters at the scene.

On Tuesday the Transport Accident Commission and Premier John Brumby launched the latest ads aimed at young drivers.

"It is hugely disappointing given the resources that the Victoria Police and the state government throw at road safety and reduction of road trauma," Sgt Peters said.

One resident, John Delnigro, who rushed to help said he pulled one passenger out and checked his pulse while others in the back seat called for help.

"It was pretty chaotic - two bodies were already thrown out of the vehicle and others were trapped," he said.

"I pulled one out and checked his pulse while others were screaming in the back of the car to pull them out.

"When the first paramedics arrived at the scene, all the power had been lost to the area so there was no light so they had great difficulty in just seeing the extent of the damage, and also finding patients was quite difficult."

ninemsn 17:58 29 Oct 2008

Again nothing more nothing less that PURE TRAILER PARK TRASH !!!

The government will take x-ray naked photos of you at the airport, BUT this still does NOT KEEP the TRASH OUT !!!

BB's Rory charged with assault

Big Brother runner-up Rory Ammon has been charged for assaulting a cyclist in his hometown of Geelong, west of Melbourne.

Police allege the 22-year-old bricklayer turned reality TV star ( you mean Entertainment TRASH !!) was driving down a Geelong street in March when he swerved towards a 27-year-old cyclist, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

A passenger in Ammon's car then allegedly hung out the window and struck the cyclist in the lower back and buttocks.

The cyclist managed to stay on his bike but suffered severe bruising as a result of the blow.

Ammon has denied any wrongdoing in relation to the incident, telling the Geelong Advertiser he did not mean to drive close to the driver.

The Big Brother star said he had no control over his passenger, the brother of a close friend, who has since disappeared.

"He (the passenger) has taken off somewhere," the newspaper quoted Ammon as saying.

"I can't stop other people's actions. I don't see it as my fault so I can't apologise.

"My only fault is that he was in my car and apparently he is my responsibility."

Ammon is due to appear in Geelong Magistrates' Court on November 25.

Police are still looking for Ammon's 21-year-old passenger.

ninemsn 29 Oct 2008

Nothing more and nothing less that PURE UNADULTERATED TRASH !!!

Keeping the plebs occupied with so-called entertainment.

28 October 2008

Filtering out the fury: how government tried to gag web censor critics

The Federal Government is attempting to silence critics of its controversial plan to censor the internet, which experts say will break the internet while doing little to stop people from accessing illegal material such as child pornography. (It's got NOTHING to do with child porn, that's just an excuse, the government DOES NOT want you to access information, it does not see fit you to access)

Internet providers and the government's own tests have found that presently available filters are not capable of adequately distinguishing between legal and illegal (what is LEGAL and ILLEGAL??? Please explain !) content and can degrade internet speeds by up to 86 per cent.

Documents obtained by us show the office of the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, tried to bully ISP staff into suppressing their criticisms of the plan.

Senator Conroy has since last year's election victory remained tight-lipped on the specifics of his $44.2 million policy but, grilled by a Senate Estimates committee this week, he said the Government was looking at forcing ISPs to implement a two-tiered filtering system.

The first tier, which internet users would not be able to opt out of, would block all "illegal material". Senator Conroy has previously said Australians would be able to opt out of any filters to obtain "uncensored access to the internet".

The second tier, which is optional, would filter out content deemed inappropriate for children, such as pornography.

But neither filter tier will be capable of censoring content obtained over peer-to-peer file sharing networks, which account for an estimated 60 per cent of internet traffic.

Senator Conroy said Britain, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand had all implemented similar filtering systems. However, in all cases, participation by ISPs was optional and the filtering was limited in scope to predominantly child pornography.

Colin Jacobs, chair of the online users' lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia said: "I'm not exaggerating when I say that this model involves more technical interference in the internet infrastructure than what is attempted in Iran, one of the most repressive and regressive censorship regimes in the world."

Critics of the ISP-level filtering plan say software filters installed by the user on their PC, which are already provided by the government for free at netalert.gov.au, are more than adequate.

Mark Newton, an engineer at Internode, has heavily criticised the Government and its filtering policy on the Whirlpool broadband community forum, going as far as saying it would enable child abuse.

He said the plan would inevitably result in significant false positives and degrade internet speeds tremendously. Those views were subsequently widely reported by technology media and blogs.

Although Newton identified himself as an employee of Internode - as Whirlpool's rules stipulate - he always maintained his views were personal opinions and not necessarily shared by the company.

On Tuesday, a policy advisor for Senator Conroy, Belinda Dennett, wrote an email to Internet Industry Association (IIA) board member Carolyn Dalton in an attempt to pressure Newton into reining in his dissent.

"In your capacity as a board member of the IIA I would like to express my serious concern that a IIA member would be sending out this sort of message. I have also advised [IIA chief executive] Peter Coroneos of my disappointment in this sort of irresponsible behaviour ," the email, read.

It is understood the email was accompanied by a phone call demanding that the message be passed on to senior Internode management.

Newton said he found the bullying "outrageous" and Senator Conroy was "misusing his influence as a Commonwealth Minister to intimidate a private dissenting citizen into silencing his political views".

A spokesman for Senator Conroy said Newton's accusation that the Government was promoting child abuse was "disappointing and irresponsible". He said the purpose of the email was "to establish whether Mr Newton's views were consistent with the IIA position".

Ironically, Senator Conroy has himself accused critics of his filtering policy of supporting child pornography - including Greens Senator Scott Ludlam in Senate Estimates this week.

ACMA released a report in July detailing the results of laboratory tests of six unnamed ISP-level filters.

Only one of the filters tested resulted in an acceptable speed reduction of 2 per cent or less. The others caused drops in speed between 21 per cent and 86 per cent.

The tests showed the more accurate the filtering, the bigger the impact on network performance.

However, none of the filters were completely accurate. They allowed access to between 2 per cent and 13 per cent of material that should have been blocked, and wrongly blocked between 1.3 per cent and 7.8 per cent of websites that should have been allowed.

"Why would you want to damage the performance and utility of the internet and not actually keep the bad stuff out anyway," said John Lindsay, carrier relations manager at Internode.

In Senate Estimates, Senator Ludlam expressed concern that all sorts of politically-sensitive material could be added to the block list and otherwise legitimate sites - for example, YouTube - could be rendered inaccessible based on content published by users.

"The black list ... can become very grey depending on how expansive the list becomes - euthanasia material, politically related material, material about anorexia. There is a lot of distasteful stuff on the internet," he said.

Despite this, the Government - which distanced itself from the tests by saying they were initiated by the previous government - is pressing ahead with live trials of the filtering system and will shortly seek expressions of interest from ISPs keen to participate.

The Age 24 Oct 2008

We are entering an ERA of GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP in Australia.

There will be no such thing as free speech (not that there is, ONLY in theory).

Australia is also known for its RABBIT PROOF FENCE, now it will soon be known for its:

INFORMATION PROOF WALL and become TRULY a prison island.

All in the name of :
what's good for us and
"for the children" (that usually works - you know.... Politicians kissing babies !! )

McDonalds : Muppet Food

As long as there are muppets, companies like McDonalds WILL flourish.

Main stream media is alerting everyone, that the new generation of childeren WILL be dying at an earlier age than their parents.

A by product of this is also financially beneficial to ANY government, is that if people die before calling on their government pension, it is a positive outcome for the government. As long as the people are productive during their TAXABLE life.

As illustrated by the documentary "Super size me", at the end of the day, IT'S JUNK FOOD.

Mc Donald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC- the new age name) should be amalgamated into
M.F.C. (Muppet Food Conglomerate)

N.B. The average Intelligence Quotient of a Golden Arches value added customer is that of the room temperature in the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Ahhh Sol, rewrites Wiki History

TELSTRA boss Sol Trujillo threatened Wikipedia with legal action if it did not remove statements about him.

A search through the history section of the entry reveals that two unflattering sections titled "CEO of Telstra" and "Controversies" have been removed.

They had to be removed because they were unflattering.

They were NOT an opinion, but rather a HISTORY of where Sol came from.

If 9/10 sites in a search say that aspartame is bad, YOU make the decision.

One users comments on another blog :

So far sir, Telstra have provided nothing properly. What about Telstra today makes you believe that they will ever provide a service that is reputable, trustworthy or usable? They charge a fortune for crap speeds now.

Your infamous boss, Mr Sol (Sun shines out of his butt) Trujillo, decimated 2 other telecommunications operations before he came here. He did it purposely & continues to do the same for us. If you don't see it, you're a fool. If you do & you stand by it, you're a fraud & un-Australian.

Our ways have never been to do the job poorly. That's America's way & Trujillo is doing an American-type service here in Oz. He should be thrown out of the job. Ziggy was little better but WAS a little better.

Telstra's hardware belongs to everyone because we've all paid for it with our taxes. Your little Gov't swindle, involving Johnnie (never tells a lie) Howard, which makes the accounts look very nice indeed are almost completely based on the sale of Telstra & new taxes. Ever thought of that?

I hope G9 makes it & gets use of Telstra's lines for zip because they belong to everyone, not just you mate!

Junk Food Labeled as ALL NATURAL

In a timeless effort to appeal to the masses that junk food is good, manufacturers have resulted to MISLEADING advertising.

In this example, the product in question is Cheezels.

It is labeled as NO Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Preservatives added. CAN this be read as a 'seperate' NO, and contains Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Preservatives added as stated.

Australian Law indicates that ingredients of the product must be displayed.

"E" Numbers are additives to foodstuffs. Some are considered dangerous, whilst others harmless. Certain combinations of chemicals CAN be considered dangerous.

Some ingredients (E Numbers) in Cheezels are listed as

160a Alfa-, Beta- and Gamma- Carotene
160e Beta-apo-8'-carotenal
170 Calcium carbonate
262 Sodium acetate
270 Lactic acid
330 Citric acid
331 Sodium citrates
339 Sodium orthophosphates
304, 6-0-palmitoyl-L-ascorbic acid
306 Extracts of tocopherols
621(MSG, dangerous to some people),
627 Sodium guanylate
631 Sodium inosinate

Whilst Carbon and Hydrogen are NATURAL (good for you ?? !!), their combination in the form of C6H6 (Benzine) is with little proof
not beneficial for human consumption.

At the end of the day, the product in question (Cheezels) is STILL JUNK FOOD.

Telstra's Fraud Reward Scheme

Telstra is Australia's Telecoms Monopoly, which owns the copper that EVERY single conversation travels along.

In its previous life it was called Telecom with government ownership, and one of Australia LARGEST cash cows.

Since the introduction of globalisation policies, ALL government utilities MUST be sold, (i.e. into private hands) by

whichever government of the day.

King Solomon and his Cronies ( sounds like a short story from an era long gone) was imported from the U.S of A, to distribute Australia's wealth to HIS buddies.

Solomon was in charge of an American company where fraud occurred, and his excuse given was that he 'did not know'.
As a C.E.O YOU are responsible.

The current article in Wikipedia has NO MENTION of previous fraudulent activity.

See articles Sol trujillo threatens Wikipedia.
These people have the power to REWRITE HISTORY!

Aaahhh Sol, thank goodness for backups !!

In an effort to boost profits and most importantly one's salary (based on performance), King Solomon and his Cronies, have cut costs to the customer.

This example is in the new BILLING system. Currently details of calls, etc have NOT been included on the bill, as they were previously.
This makes it easier for FRAUD to occur as the customer CANNOT check the correctness of the bill.

Telstra then states that the customer can check the bill over the internet. This is limiting to people with 'net access.

When you purchase groceries, the supermarket DOES NOT give you a total, and say 'you can check you items on the 'net'

This is a gradual introduction of services, where the onus applies to the customer, wiping out ALL CONSEQUENCES from the service provider.

These people are BEYOND the reach of the LAW, as shown in the U.S

Fuel farce delivers 20c rip-off

  • Oil price falls, petrol price rises
  • Experts say motorists are being gouged
  • Fear prices will rise further

MOTORISTS are being ripped off by up to 20c a litre at the fuel bowser as petrol companies exploit the plunging oil price.

The Daily Telegraph today debunks the major oil companies' often-used excuse that the declining Australian dollar offsets any savings from the steep fall in crude.

Expert analysis reveals the cost of oil in Australian dollars has dropped more than 20 per cent since the start of September - yet petrol prices have risen more than 5 per cent.

University of NSW competition professor Frank Zumbo said petrol industry data showed motorists buying at the top of the retail cycle on Wednesdays were being gouged between 15c to 20c a litre extra.

"Retail and wholesale margins are historically higher than in the past, and retailers have been pocketing the fall in prices rather than passing savings on to motorists," Professor Zumbo said yesterday. "Motorists are being ripped off and the savings haven't been passed on as quickly as they should have been."

Full Story

Daily Telegraph 18 Oct 2008

27 October 2008

Employment agency farce

When we think of an employment agency, we think of a place that is for you to get a job at. This is true BUT only to some extent.

A job agency is a business. Examples of job agencies in Australia are Ambit, Candle, Paxus, to name a few. Some even most are GLOBAL GIANTS. As a business their sole purpose is to generate PROFIT, from your (SLAVE) labour.

The job agencies work hand in hand with their bread providers, i.e. the corporations. The agencies have a particularly strong bond with other staff from firms / corporations. They distance themselves from the employee, by calling them a RESOURCE ($$$).

Information obtained from within the industry indicates that a 'job agency' BLACK FLAGS a resource if they are 'unmarketable', for whatever reason, true or untrue. This information is circulated within other agencies.

A 'feel good' law exists called 'defamation' BUT in reality it is the $$$ behind the bigger stick that wins. The WINS that a small person may have are there only for illustrative purposes only.

A 'Corporate Fraud' busting PRECEDENCE case usually DOES NOT make the light of day in the courtroom.

Workplace Ombudsman: Illiterate

In a recent matter, that has been lodged within the Office of the Workplace Ombudsman, a detailed account of how Corporate Fraud is carried out within an Australian Telco was submitted.

Within this report came a detailed account of how fraudulently workers were being RIPPED OFF.
Also it was detailed how the company refused to pay for an hour overtime per working day, which is illegal under the authority of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The matter was then HANDBALLED out of the care of the W.O, for the individual to pursue this within another organisation, ASIC .

What will become of this is NOTHING !!!

Fraud of this magnitude reported, USUALLY goes unpunished. One of the reasons is that because of the nature it is usually done by people higher in the food chain of society, i.e. BANKERS, LAWYERS etc, and these people DO NOT want to be implicated.

As history shows, the people / taxpayers pay for the Corporate Fruad carried out within the higher ranks.

One of the bigger Corporate Frauds, the Pyramid collapse, the government MADE the people pay for it via a rise in the price of FUEL, but once the debt was paid, the price was NOT reduced.

The HiH collapse was also payed by the public.

Another scandalous example, Quintex, the government LET the fall guy, Christopher Skase escape to Mallorca.

Another small fry Eugene Kukuy, aka Henry Kaye, Russian Jewish immigrant, the government purposely let go was in charge (fall guy) of an 'investment' fraud, which if saw the light of day in court would reveal Bank Managers Property Developers and Real Estate Agents being in on it as well.

Therefore there was not other option, but to LET HIM RUN AWAY !!!

This is how the legal system operates in Australia (to the BENEFIT of people in power).

Border Security - Customs 1 Tourist 0

On Australian National TV, Border Security is aired every Monday night at 19:30. In the show that was aired this evening, there was a segment that included an American tourist that caught the attention of the Customs staff.

Upon standard routine questioning, the traveler became agitated. The traveler claimed that the questions were intrusive and personal, of which some were,
how long are you going to be in Australia and
how much money have yo got for the stay.

These questions are used to establish that the travelers welfare is not at stake. under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they considered 'obtrusive' as claimed. The traveler then went on to degrade Australia because of the 'incident' at customs.

America's policy on entering tourists is far more obtrusive, as it is a method for cataloging everyone in the name of 'national security'. Coming from this kind of country the tourist IS WELL AWARE of the laws regarding security, and his reasoning is erroneous, to say the least.

Nothing more nothing less then another TpT Yankee out of its hole !!