28 January 2019

Heir to the throne a tax cheat concealing wealth?

It's always good to get inside information, where bonus points are given when it comes from a source close to the subject or in this case the 'heir and successor' (as defined in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act) to the throne.

So how does one get the source to blab? 

Getting one to squeal is a tricky ordeal, where throughout the ages many methods have been used to extract valuable information, such as the rack, bamboo under the fingernails trick, sleep deprivation progressing to more modern methods like Justin Bieber songs in a cell for days on end.

Since the advent of modern medicine, sodium thiopental comes along to rewire the brain in order to spill the beans, but can one really beat the medicine of the ancients?

The cat among the pigeons, the source of the leak, was not given an exotic cocktail of scopolamine, 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, flunitrazepam or some other combination of letters that apparently have some meaning to neuroscientists.

Nope she was 'just' given some good ol' fashion alcohol (packaged up in a very expensive format) and set loose.

It's bad enough that ol' prince Charles is a tax dodger, where Camilla let the cat out of the bag on that one too?

You see, at a palace birthday bash, Camilla sang like a canary with regards to the royal family's hidden off-shore accounts, when she got sloshed, no doubt concealing ill gotten gains which have not yet surfaced into the public news media.

How can you really trust a corrupt monarchy?

As long as the serfs in the colonies are paying their taxes that enslave them, all is good.

Without breaking out into in pictorial meme:
Why do tax havens exist? Because governments want them to.

Photos of text: New Idea

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