30 June 2018

Government to confiscate your home under new proposed laws?

It seems that the good people of Australia have it too good, and the government is going to put a stop to that or rather force people to take an action in business/commerce/trade which will be 'good for the economy'.

It seems that the testing ground will be in enforced in Victoria where if you do not have the cash or the means to put yourself into financial slavery debt (for the rest of your life?) in order for your home to be Eco-friendly or meet 'Energy Efficiency' guidelines, then the government will take it from you, under a proposition called the Local Government Bill 2018.

If this is of no concern to you or your children then you do not need to act, as you are telling the people in government that your silence is acquiescence.

See:DUMP Victoria's Local Government Act 2018 bill that gives councils "Authority" status!

Local Government Bill 2018:



Just a reminder of the Rule of Law:


Unknown said...

How disgusting

JaninaG said...

This needs to be investigated thoroughly

JaninaG said...

The contents within are for parody or satire use only. Simple mind. Simple theme. Powered by Blogger.


Unknown said...

If youre going to give this information could you provide the quote from these 321 pages please...not many people have time to read that. If its real shat you are saying thst is, thanks

JaninaG said...

KATE, dont know if you are commenting to me or to the blogger.

Guess I should be more clear, I just copied the comment about satire from the bottom of web page article is one... Hoping someone one from this blog replies.

As I am having problems find contact us, or about us and did like finding the parody/satire at bottom of the webpage.


Unknown said...

"Nevertheless, most people today are aware of Climate Change and that more needs to be done to reduce man-made CO2 emissions." Sorry there is no prove of Global Warming. The Earth temperatures still are following past cycles, and currently heading into a mini ice age termed the Grand Solar Minimum.

Nothing can be done about this Bill or proposals as people already don't tear down Shire Councils for expecting rates.

Unknown said...

JaninaG, the Blogger as I didn't see anything from you when I commented previously.

AuCorp said...

So JaninaG, do you consider yourself an intelligent person?

JaninaG said...

+AuCorp, as I have no idea what promoted your comment... I cant answer the question.... Either I am not seeing all posts OR ??

I have better thing to do than play silly games.

AuCorp said...

JaninaG, For your information,
you are not required to have an idea what prompted a comment...

It is though a real shame you cannot answer the question that was posed to you.

If you chose to reply, your response will be posted (of course) where we think you DO have time to play 'silly' games.

Corrective Action For Australia said...

These are Human Rights violations at the highest level of treason against Australian Citizens. Welcome to the end of the world as we know it! Norstadamus was right! Australia it's time to fight back and fight aggressively to protect our children and our civil rights! The government is there to serve us! They are PUBLIC SERVANTS!!!! WHY ARE WE LETTING THIS EVEN BE IN DIDCUSSION!!!! I call for an international inquisition into the Australian "Government". If you agree please tell me I will get a public petition going on social media and locally as well! ITS TIME WE STOO THE CORRUPTUON ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Alan Manson said...

Go to this link to read a summary of what these laws will impose upon Victorians using local councils as the government's tool to rob people of their homes and businesses.


As of early January 2019, the Bill is in Victoria's Legislative Council awaiting its Second Reading. When passed, it will go to the Governor of Victoria for ascension into law. Once that happens, Victorians will commence losing their homes and businesses under the guise of Climate Change policies for the welfare of the planet.

Unknown said...

Page 115 - Division 5 Environmental Upgrade Agreements, Proposals 136-138. Just in case anyone is too busy to read through the paper. You're welcome.