26 July 2019

Facebook's activities in Australia are illegal

Riding on the back of Facebook's five billion dollar fine in the United States, we have been 'reminded' that the global advertising and data hoovering giant is conducting its business activities illegally in Australia.

Now we've heard all the "you made that claim, you prove it" type responses that people make on social media, and this post in not about 'proving' anything to any person.

Now you don't have to be a 'constitutional expert' in order to get to the bottom of Facebook's illegal business activities in Australia, meaning there will be no need to refer to the law called the 'Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act'

or any reference book known as the 'Quick and Garran' within the legal business.

Now now, don't get all special in calling the Quick and Garran our 'constitution' or 'true law'.

So, what will set you apart from the herd, the Facebook 'lawyers' is that you'll know where to look.

Please note: Do not use the Facebook app from your smartphone.

Just recently The Australian Government has completed a report (Digital platforms inquiry) from an 18 month investigation into Facebook and Google's online dominance.

Pity (or maybe is it on purpose?) that they did NOT pick up that Zuckerberg's company is not kosher in Australia.

Betcha if you (the serf) did something illegal [online] the feds would be all over your ass.

25 July 2019

Hundreds of PSO arrests are unlawful

For years we have informed readers that warrants that apparently the so called Sheriff of Victoria allegedly possesses as a result of fines arising from the so called 'Infringements Court' in Victoria are unlawful, but that fact has not been heralded by the mainstream media.

THEREFORE, ANY action or seizure of property as a result of those alleged warrants is unlawful, since the days before Warwick Knight or Brendan Facey, but that is a far greater bug bear for those in government, than the topic of this article.

One important line in this article to note is this:

"Victoria Police officers are now "supporting" PSOs on the job"

The action described in the sentence above indicates the police state Victorians live in.

Shouldn't police support the victims of 'crime', that being those wronged by the system?

After all you did have harm done to your 'person' in the hands of the system, right?

See article from 25 Jul 2019 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at:


NBN contractors destroying property

NBN's acronym should be National Butchering Network with relation to the entire dodgy business that the Australian tax slaves have payed dearly for, that is already outdated before it's finished.

In the usual business practice of denouncing liability, the rock apes that dig up the ground are 'contractors' where no onus falls on the NBN Co, should any issues occur, you know like the apartment 'scandal' that has hit residents.

Just say you are a house proud home 'owner' (well, no person is technically a property owner in this colony) about to get conned into an inferior product called the NBN, get ready for a surprise, where if any excavation is required for the install, the Neanderthals will not put it back the way they found it (in this case being the driveway), where they will patch it up with an eyesore of volcanic hot tar.

There goes the value of your home thanks to these assclowns.

Who you gonna sue ??? !!! ???

Be vigilant serfs, don't let them devalue your investment.

21 July 2019

Australia supporting businesses built from the proceeds of crime

It's in the government's DNA:

e.g. James Squire:

Reminder: Not just any person can commit criminal activity successfully.
For the time being, it may work out better for you if the 'brotherhood' supports you.