13 July 2018

Plastic bag 'ban' by Coles and Woolies is collusion?

Let's put aside the distractions of; 'better for the environment'.

Let's put aside that now you must officially purchase plastic bags.

Let's put aside that MANY people used these bags for their domestic bins, where now they must purchase 'bin' bags, another WIN for the supermarket duopoly.
(Garbage bag sales were too slow ???)

Let's put aside the distractions that other states in Australia or other countries have done away with these pesky plastic bags.

We can focus on the financial cost savings to both Coles and Woolworths (in Victoria, Australia) for not providing the bags to customers, which in any event the price was incorporated in the products,

where the real focus could be on a lesser known consumer law called collusion.

It (the action of 'collusion') is against Australian consumer law.

SSssssshhhh DON'T tell the ACCC - they're VERY busy.

09 July 2018

Happy Birthday to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)

Happy 118th Birthday to an imperial law called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)...

(Mainstream Media trying to get you to forget this important law?)

... where the tricky question is;

Do Australians have a date to celebrate 'Independence Day'?

Sue v Hill will not cut it, nor will the
Australia Act.

Happy Federation Day.

Queenslanders not happy with the laws you've been given?

(notice the special font used so that the 'Simpletons' can comprehend this)

If you're in Queensland and you're unhappy with the laws that have been dished out against you, there could be a 'surprise in store' for you, in that it's your fault.

You see the Queensland government 'advertises' that the Parliament is 'everyone's'.

As you should also know the Attorney-General tells you about the Rule of Law:

where "laws are publicly made and the community is able to participate in the law-making process".
How does one participate in the law-making process?

By doing nothing, you (the general population) give consent to the laws being put forward, with your silence regarded as acquiescence.

See Queensland's government 'Factsheet  3.7':

08 July 2018

The demise of the Crown a response by Attorney-General Mr. Martin Philip Pakula

The shenanigans of Australia's MPs.

See response by the Attorney-General,  Mr. Martin Philip Pakula:

P.S. Australia's so called 'independence' is self proclaimed.

Conspiracy theory: The CIA established German Intelligence Service

A 'conspiracy theory' is a description of an event or occurrence other than the one as described by the government to the official public news media agencies.

MANY government agencies will have an 'official' version of events to be published by the mainstream media, even though the internal paperwork is in complete contradiction to the official report.

IF people would have said that the German government's intelligence service was installed by the U.S. government's CIA, then no doubt those people would have been character assassinated as nutters, tin foil hatters or conspiracy theorists.

With the help of Edward Snowden, internal government documents will show that it was not a conspiracy theory but rather a fact.

See document: