Friday, April 22, 2011

Workhealth free (data collection) health check

Another government initiative with the sole purpose of gathering data to be later sold and used against the participant.

The government has coined a plan to pretend they care for workers by giving them a “free” health check. The primary purpose is to collect data on individuals, later selling it to companies such as insurance companies, health benefit organisations, etc. This information will later be used against the individual, in any circumstances that arise, that medical information needs to be accessed.

If the government said we would like to collect your health information to store it and use it at a later date, there would be a civil libertarian outburst. The government has package this data collection exercise in a more palatable format, in that the public will accept in the form that they ‘care’ for you. The government does NOT care for you but rather your ability to pay taxes.

There is NO such thing as a free ride in government.

Another covert method of obtaining data on individuals.

Data is being collected and used against individuals at an alarming rate, in which Joe Average is deliberately being misinformed or not informed by the relevant data collectors, or government agencies or corporations.


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