Sunday, May 8, 2011

No Speed cameras for Victorian Minister

Victoria and New South Wales are some of Australia's highest speed camera littered states.

It is touted by the government that this is allegedly done in order for public safety.

In the illustration, speed cameras are hidden behind turn off signs, in this case Boundary Rd, on the Western Ring Road in Melbourne's west.

The government is now propagating that it has zero tolerance towards speeding (as there are too many deaths on our roads), and will be issuing fines for 1 km/h over the speed limit.

Not one single person has been killed where the speed camera is installed at Boundary Rd, so the government cannot be using the 'for public safety' shield, as this is purely a revenue raising exercise.

Recently a Victorian parliamentarian, who will not be named, has stopped the additional installation of speed cameras on the Eastern Freeway, as it is noted that he mentioned that since he travels by car regularly to and from parliament, he could lose his license in a matter of a couple of days.

Although the Eastern Freeway does carry a speed camera near the city end, there are no cameras after wards.

Speed cameras are installed for public safety, and since this parliamentarian speeds on the freeway, he should have his license revoked as he is a danger to the community.

When the fining of a law maker, politician or any other member of the establishment is carried out, corrupt police officers let them go, or if not, then when the matter appears before a magistrate, the fine is all of a sudden dismissed, for no legitimate or real reason.


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