Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Screenwriter sues Disney/Pixar, claims Cars was his idea

A British screenwriter is suing Disney and Pixar, claiming they stole his idea for Cars and the upcoming sequel Cars 2.

Jake Mandeville-Anthony alleges in the early 1990s he wrote a three-part screenplay called Cookie & Co., about race-car driver Michael Owen Perkins, and a second story titled Cars, which included descriptions of 46 animated car characters — with sketches.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mandeville claims to have sent copies of Cars to several companies including Disney.

Cars grossed more than $450 million at the US box office. Cars 2 is cinemas June 23.

ninemsn 9 May 2011

If the story proves to be true, it's not the first nor will it be the last time a conglomerate has stolen something from the 'little guy'.

In the end it's not about who's right, BUT who the courts support for the final outcome.

Such is the power of corruption in the court systems.

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