Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Australia the corporate criminal's tax haven

Let's look at the government propaganda catch phrase:

"Australia the lucky country".

Lucky being the operative word, but lucky for who? Is it really luck or something a little more organised?

Now lets look at another corporate media label:

"Aussies are a nation of pirates"

No surprise there really, as the continent that was called Kamerra was inhabited by a people belonging to greater than 600 'nations' with a structured society and laws was invaded by the war ships under Captain James Cook, acts of genocide committed where land taken by force meaning no treaty, therefore no valid laws exist, but that's another story.

Under their technically invalid law, personal tax is voluntary, where the ATO (Australian Tax Office) is not a legal entity, meaning that it cannot trade lawfully.

Every single solicitor, lawyer, barrister, QC (Queen's Counsel), so called judges, magistrates or judicial clerks, realistically everyone in the judicature, and police are perpetuating the fraud against the unsuspecting masses committing theft to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

That (invalid) law also states that tax evasion is a criminal offence, but for who?

Doesn't the law apply to everyone, and all legal persons / corporations?

A few weeks ago in televised parliamentary debates, on the ABC, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon mentioned how at least 30% of companies in Australia pay less than 10% tax.

Companies like James Hardie pay 0% tax.

Other gambling companies can pay as little as 5% tax.

For decades the government is aware and supports their registration in tax havens and their physical operations in Australia.

Xenophon also mentioned how the government has falsified the unemployment rate, to provide the more optimistic figure, where in some areas the unemployment rate is a high as 30%.

Conversely Australian comedian and actor Paul Hogan was crucified by the corporate media and labelled as a 'tax cheat', as a result unable to obtain work, keeping in mind that personal tax in Australia is voluntary.

On the other hand, Richard Pratt committed a greater than $700 million dollar fraud, was fined $36 million, a figure of approximately 5% (better than paying 50% tax for a criminal offence) on the defrauded funds, was given a state funeral.

The Australian government is a corporation conglomerate working exclusively for the financial benefit of corporations and not by the true definition of governance, for the people as in the Australian Constitution 1901.

Australia is a corporate criminals Mecca, by design, where the general populous are burdened to pay for the financial fraud.

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