Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Corporate Slavery 101 - operating in the community

Some Australian 'researchers' may say that 'we the people' are 'sovereign'.

Others may say that 'we the people' are subjects of Her Majesty.

Others may say that we are 'citizens' - a term that actually means people of a republic.

Whatever 'you' think is 'your' reality, one fact is true for sure.

All registered 'persons' are pure and simply corporate slaves.

Here is one piece of the puzzle you may want to keep for you 'research', called an "Application for a Victorian Marriage Certificate".

Pay attention to List 2 - Evidence of operating in the community

The scanned page in question is page 3 as seen in illustration below:

P.S. The actual 'Marriage Certificate' you sign is null and void and has no lawful status whatsoever.

Note the actual validity of the Marriage Act (1961) is put aside.

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