Friday, July 31, 2015

The piracy laws of Australia are a farce

It's all over the mainstream media news!

Australia is a nation of 'pirates'!

No surprise really, as the 'country' is a lawless country anyways....

Why there was (officially) 40 years of Martial Law once Captain Cook came to 'town', where the genocide of Indigenous Australians began - bet that don't teach you those FACTS in school, do they?

But alas we digress...

Let's get back to the topic of 'piracy', not Ethiopian style, but the one from this great "Southern Land".

So apparently a company in the United States in a suburb called "Hollywood" said that no one can 'pirate' their movies.

'Pirate' - whatever that means, maybe stealing might be more appropriate?

But we never actually 'took' anything, from your place of business or trading now, did we ??? !!! ???

So, Aussies are led to believe that a company in Hollywood will issue them with an invoice for $15,000 for a movie they 'pirated'?

Would love to see that hold up in a court of competent jurisdiction!

Fret not, Aussie pirates!

Apparently now, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are in on the act as well and stopping 'piracy' (we still do not understand) and giving information to this private company in a suburb in Hollywood (read SEVERE breach of PRIVACY - i.e. SUE the ISP!!! !!! !!!).

Well.... We have some good news for our swash bucking Aussie 'pirates'.

We have information about Telstra customers that (allegedly) 'pirate' 500 GB (five hundred gigabytes) of 'pirated' (Damn!! We're still stumped with that term) movies / series, whatever per month and STILL no door knocks from the Hollywood Pirate Police or the AFP (Australian Fathead Police).

Aaahhh well, Aussie Pirates 1: Hollywood business: 0.

P.S. The names of the alleged 'pirates' can be given to the AFP or a Hollywood Pirate Police person upon sending us an email.

On second thoughts, Australia's 2500 'metadata' cops should be on the job, or are they hacking into too many doughnuts?

We would love to document the successful prosecution in a court of competent jurisdiction.

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