Saturday, April 30, 2016

Public opinion supplied to ASIO for free

Australia's secret government surveillance organisation ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) employs people to gauge the masses.

As we should all be aware that electronic surveillance has been carried out since day dot on the government carriageway called the 'internet'. 

There are many other ways that the 'enemies of the state' are monitored, and one of those methods is 'old school'.

This involves the 'foot soldiers' being able to blend in with the masses.

This is far from 'conspiracy theories' but rather from accurate sources.

One task of the 'foot soldier' could be is to go out into the war zone community and document general consensus of the plebs.

One of those tasks could involve the employee sitting down at a cafe, with regards to a specified 'person of interest', or just mingling with the herd populous in order to gauge the political climate of the peasants.

We have obtained a reaction to an article published by The Age publication from the 30th of April 2016.

See illustration of what one of the 'plebs' thinks of Australia's 'executive'.

In this instance the service was provided for free to any government organisation that wishes to use this information to obtain the truth.

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