Saturday, July 9, 2016

Penal Colony Policies - Police Ombudsman's office to be abolished

Many people living on this continent may be blissfully unaware of the real state of 'law' in Australia.

Many Australians are ignorant of a document that protects them where it is spelled out how government must behave.

The document is called the 'Australian Constitution'.

Have you heard of it?

Get yourself a downloadable version containing the lawful seal of the 'Commonwealth of Australia'. Teach it to your children.

This document was taken out of the education curriculum in the early 1970's so that the children of the herd populace would not know how the government must behave.

Some people may say that it's 'outdated' or not current any more as it's from 1901.

You may even go to a barrister with regards to your criminal (parking fine) matter, and he/she may say to you that they have not seen one, or even use it as it's not valid anymore.

Well they obviously are not aware of a place called the High Court of Australia, which deals with matters in accordance with the Australian Constitution.

You should seek another legal alternative to that person who has told you of their legal incompetence.

If you want to research law, and do it properly (not just from your ergonomic chair in front of a PC) you may discover that Australia is still a penal colony of the British empire.

When you write certain questions to government departments, even though they state that they will respond within 7 day, they do not.

When you write certain questions that require the government department to show paperwork regarding the validity of a law, they may not respond for a month, three months or even a year.

To the dismay of some people, laws concerning their 'rights' are being eroded away with every new government action.

Many people may find it confronting to learn that they are 'governed' by fear and extortion (hence they shy away from addressing it), and that the common phrase "democracy" which is so widely used by politicians is a farce.

In a penal colony you do not need to oversee the 'wardens'.

Here is an example of this in action.

See article from 6 July 2016 by of the headline:

Police Ombudsman's office to be abolished under South Australia Government plan

The South Australian Government is moving to abolish the Police Ombudsman's office in line with a recommendation from the state's anti-corruption watchdog.

Last year Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) commissioner Bruce Lander published a report with 29 recommendations to improve the currently complex police complaints system.

At the time, Mr Lander said some of his recommendations, particularly the oversight of police conduct might be seen as "controversial" but the system must be "robust but fair".

He recommended that the Police Commissioner have "primary responsibility for the assessment and resolution of complaints and reports about police", with oversight by the Office of Public Integrity (OPI).

Attorney-General John Rau said the Government had plans to introduce three bills in line with the recommendations.

They include plans to put the police complaints system under the wing of the ICAC, but SA Police would be first in line to fix the problem.

The Government also plans to repeal the Whistleblowers Protection Act, and replace it with the Public Interest Disclosure Bill.

Mr Rau said the bills were broadly based on commission Lander's recommendations.

"In his annual report and following his own consideration of how to deal with complaints raised against police and the operation of the Whistleblowers' Protection Act, Mr Lander made several recommendations to fine-tune and clarify how ICAC operates," Mr Rau said.

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