Thursday, September 1, 2016

Quacks paid $39000 a year by big pharma

THE best way to become a drug dealer in Australia is to become a doctor.

You can 'legally' (that is something produced by companies - for huge profits, then 'taxed' and given to the public) prescribe drugs, even ones that are detrimental to the 'customer', tell them they need it/them and reap the rewards (like obtaining profit - a bit like an 'illegal' drug dealer) from the company that 'sponsored' you to give their drugs to people.

Conversely if you sell an illegal (something produced naturally, and sold to another man/woman for little profit) drug that may help others, e.g cannabis oil, you risk incarceration.

Ask your quack how much they're getting for prescribing your medications?

That is the current state of law on this penal colony called Australia.

The best way to become a criminal in Australia is to become a 'Corporate Criminal'.

As an example, you're on social security benefits (through a company called Centrelink in Australia) where you receive your inalienable payments.

Your circumstances change where you must receive a lesser payment, after a while due to the circumstances of life you genuinely forget to notify that company.

The company gets to you beforehand and demands to pay back the monies, and when you do not have them, you most likely end up in court and a (unlawful) judgement (MUST be done before a jury, and not in the star-chamber courts, i.e. Magistrates', County or Supreme Courts, buy a single 'judge') will be made to incarcerate you.

If the business (knowingly) overpays you and you do not give the monies back, you again most likely go to prison.

Conversely if you deliberately engage in a business where you steal or defraud the people and you get IF you get caught, you could end up in court, you most likely will not go to jail (especially if you are a member of the boys club, a 'brotherhood') and most definitely will NOT have to pay back the monies you stole.

If you are a politician, like Julia Gillard or Craig Thomson and get implicated in criminal activity, you do NOT go to jail (gaol).

Again laws deliberately protecting high end criminals (e.g. in parliament) immune from prosecution.

"Australia the 'lucky' country" ? - Hardly.

Just a penal colony where (smart/supported - part of the 'brotherhood') high end criminals rule the masses, starting off with the birth mother - the 'Crown' and it's descendant - the 'Australian Government'.

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