Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Banda Aceh Band o' Savages

There's Property law, Sharia law and even Human Rights, so many choices but which one triumphs?

When you're a male you get to be a proud owner of a valuable piece of property, namely a breeding device called a woman, as that's what your laws tell you they're only good for. 

You can't educate it (Boko Haram) as it might think for itself and realise you're really an asshole (read uneducated, cruel piece of garbage).

You can pretty much do whatever you want with it (property law), even cease its existence if it shames your family name (whatever that means).

An era of the Dark Ages? Nope. Maybe before? Most certainly not! In the here and now, buddy!

But haven't we got 'Human Rights' now? Now let's not worry too much about the technicalities there.
That only applies to 'Hu-mans' and not men/women from God.

Don't forget it's your religious right to get your daily beating.

Coming soon to your Anglo-town of Austral-Asia.

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