Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Senator Rodney Culleton's letter to the PM and other (alleged) criminals

The Australian people sure are dictated to by a bunch of (alleged) criminals.
Since the enactment of a law called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act the people in government have been 'misbehaving'.
The British colony called Australia is literally a laughing stock of the legal world, where the people sitting in the courts practice deceit and fraud against the people of this country.
The people in the office of the highest court in Australia, that being the High Court of Australia have been deceiving the people of this country at least since 1973.
'Only' after 115 years after the enactment of the 'Commonwealth Constitution' (for short), in 2016 a senator, Rodney Culleton woke up to the fraud committed by the people in office against the Australian people.
Let's see how these people will get away with their criminal actions.
You can download the letter, dated 23 March 2017, Senator Rodney Culleton sent to:
  • Malcolm Turnbull - Prime Minister of Australia,
  • Stephen Parry - President of the Senate,
  • Tony Smith - Speaker of the House of Representatives,
  • George Brandis - Attorney General.
(Apparently these  people call themseves 'honourable' whereas we see evidence to the contrary)
Hats off Rodney Culleton for exposing the corruption of the people in government in Australia.


chrissie said...

About time these criminals are exposed. Rod Culleton thank you for bringing this out in the open even though a lot of people have know what is happening for many years due to the treatment they get especially by the courts judges and lawyers. They are their simply to relieve the people of their hard earned money and assets.Under our Constitution this is treason against country and its people.

AuCorp said...

Thank you chrissie for your comment.

"They are their simply to relieve the people of their hard earned money and assets"

That's is exactly what it's all about.

Great to see others are aware.