Friday, May 5, 2017

Parking ticket machine quietly removed from supermarket car park

Parking fines are fraud.

Parking fines originating from  a supermarket car park are even greater fraud.

(Let's put the technicality of degrees of fraud aside, where in reality fraud is fraud.)

(A company/business has)  NO LEGAL AUTHORITY TO ISSUE FINES.

So let's look at what happened in the suburb of Brunswick, Victoria.

A while ago a business installed parking ticket machines in a Woolworths car park, where as a result many customers of Woolworths were ripped off.

To make matters worse Woolworths supported this illegal activity by enticing their customers to conduct an action in commerce with the business called Secure Parking Pty Ltd (ACN: 108043689)

Many people also did not pay and as a result have had harm committed against their person's name.

From what we understand a law savvy individual took their parking ticket to court to fight it.

No hoo- ha, no court reporters, no reporter from the local newspaper reporting on such an important issue i.e. extortion, but rather a quiet 'win' and as a result the removal of the machine followed.

They just did not get enough time to remove the signage before these photos were taken.

Make no mistake about it by issuing 'fines' the owners / operators of SECURE PARKING PTY LTD are committing criminal actions i.e. fraud, extortion and the Australian government still has not shut them down.

It seems that the people in the 'Australian Government' are supporting these criminal actions.

See what the NSW government has to say about companies / businesses issuing fines from their LegalAid office under the article headline Private car park 'fines/payment notices at:

See also what an ex police officer writes on fines with reference to points of law in the post:

Ex Victorian Police officer comments on Fines

Please note: The full lawfulness of a 'fine' is not discussed in this post.

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