Thursday, August 10, 2017

Australian Government to ban encrypted communications?

So good peoples of Australia, if you haven't heard (or you're a free man) we have a new enemy in town.

It's apparently called 'terrorism'.

Remember once upon a time there was this evil that was (apparently) going to take over the world called communism?

Apparently the communists were so much of a threat to Australia (lol, pmsl, etc, etc), the people in government made a law called the Communist Party Dissolution Act from 1950.

"Oohhh those Russians" (Damn you Boney M!)

Once we have this thing called the information superhighway, and can obtain documents at the drop of a (whistle-blower's) hat, we can see how ludicrous this apparent threat 'communism' really was. 

So in the words of a famous author and linguist, Noam Chomsky, let's take a few of words from his book / lecture; Manufacturing Consent - The political economy of the mass media Part 1 (15 Mar 1989) - " two events seem rather remote from one another"..

1). apparently terrorists are Muslim,

2). they use encrypted communications...

hence the (polygamous) marriage of the various entities:

So you don't think it can happen in Australia?

It (the banning of encrypted communications for the serf population) did happen in Pakistan.

Yes, Pakistan, you know the SAVAGES in the 'council' who ordered the 'revenge rape' of a girl.

Idea: Bring these councillors as 'refugees' to Australia in the name of diversity.

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