Thursday, August 10, 2017

Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev a money launderer and common law thief?

In today's modern day and age it is incredible how quickly information travels.

In the "good ol' days" the banking cartel would have their own courier who put false information though in order for people to sell their stocks before the real news got out where the same people would by the stocks for huge profits.

People can even share an unlawful 'fine' over the interwebs and ask others how to get out of it, or even sending others their unlawful arrest warrant issued by an unlawful sheriff of Victoria (a natural person by the name of Mr. Brendan Facey).

But the CEO's of banks don't commit criminal activities, or do they?

The people in charge of businesses known as banks commit criminal activities against their shareholders, tax payers, 'mums and dads' investors (the people who pay for the fraud if/when something goes wrong), every single day and get away with it.

Why do the CEO's of banks get away with committing criminal activities? 

Because no one from the serf population takes them to task.

Because if they try, they are threatened by an army of lawyers / barristers also making it cost prohibitive to the below average beer Australian.

We have obtained documentation that shows that the current CEO of the Commonwealth Bank Mr. Ian Mark Narev (you know they're a criminal because they have their 3 names mentioned) has committed one of the greatest no-nos against a 'person' ( or even a free man) that being a low life's common law crime of theft.

At this point in time the information has been provided on the basis of anonymity without divulging any specifics.

Will one of the serfs knock the head off one of Australia's largest money laundering facilities?

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