Monday, January 8, 2018

ATO is swindling Australians

So, among other points, just a reminder that;

1). The ATO (Australian Tax Office) is NOT a legal entity,

2). The ATO was NOT established according to the correct 'lawful' procedure,

3). The people were not informed according to law, within the Government Gazette.


"Junior officers are routinely destroying people's lives"

See parts of a document tendered into court;

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mele host said...

As a side note, there are many families that don't want to vaccinate their children and are so called foregoing Tax Family Benefits A & B which can be a value in the many thousands of dollars. Those benefits are channelled through Centrelink. As some will know the Constitution prohibits Feds from making laws that conscript medical services. Most objectors to vaccines don't have the nous to stop Centrelink blocking these payouts, or withhold their own tax and deducting the benefits out themselves. Obviously those on Social Security don't have any trouble with demands for vaccinations.