Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Windows 10 Pay As You Go con job?

You may have heard the sayings;

- If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
- Nothing is for free.

It seems that Microsoft has mislead its customers that the upgrade to Windows 10 is for free.

In reality Microsoft should be sued, for that action alone.

So, when was the best time to ditch Microsoft Windows?

At least 10 years ago.

There is no reason for any person to use the Windows operating system today, as there are plenty of other mature operating systems available which also include the 'Office' suite of programs.

Read the article from 4 Aug 2018 by forbes.com of the headline:

Windows 10 Leak Exposes Microsoft's New Monthly Charge

Ever since its creation, Microsoft MSFT +0.11% has described Windows 10 “as a service”. The fear has always been that this meant Microsoft would start charging users a monthly fee to maintain the operating system, and now a new leak has confirmed this is exactly what will happen… 

In a new report, CNet’s well connected Microsoft specialist Mary Jo Foley reports the company will soon launch ‘Microsoft Managed Desktop’ which will charge a monthly fee to configure computers running Windows 10 and keep them running smoothly as new updates are released. 

Foley also notes “Microsoft already has a number of the pieces in place to make this happen” such as a Windows Autopilot automatic device provisioning service, device financing programs like Surface Plus and a ‘Surface as a Service’ leasing program. Microsoft also has a subscription bundle including Windows 10 and Office 365 called Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 Enterprise subscription plans. 

Furthermore, Foley states “One of my contacts said that Bill Karagounis - former Director of the Windows Insider Program & OS Fundamentals team, who last year joined the Enterprise Mobility and Management part of Windows and Devices - is in charge of the coming Microsoft Managed Desktop.”

With Microsoft also publicly hiring for this new division, managed subscriptions for Windows 10 appear to have the green light.

So what’s the good news? At this time, Foley believes Microsoft Managed Desktop will be targeted at businesses. But the obvious question, given the clear direction Microsoft is moving becomes: for how long?

Foley did ask Microsoft to go on the record about Microsoft Managed Desktop, but the company declined to comment.

All of which means those users who chose to stay on Windows 7 and Windows 8 are probably feeling pretty smug right now. As for everyone who upgraded for ‘free’ to Windows 10, the nagging question must be: will it prove too good to be true?

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