Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aussie Radio Stations play American Trash

The majority of Australian Commercial Radio Stations play a song playlist that is very small and repetitive.

The playlist contains approximately 30 songs that are from the United States popular 'rap' culture, with a few wild cards from female performers in the guise of Lady GaGa, Kesha, Katy Perry.

It is a well known fact to authorities, that music has a profound impact on the mental state of well being of the listener. The government also uses certain types of music to torture victims into providing information, the government believes the victim possesses.

In today's society, the youth are the most marketed people in the history of mass media. This is achieved through various messages in advertising, trash programming and most importantly - music.

The message in today's music is very clear. You are cool if:

you're a 'gangsta', a pimp, the number 1 dancer in the club, treat women like ho's, etc.

you are drunk all the time in the club, dance on the floor like a ho, be promiscuous, etc.

These messages are loud and clear, and when repeated often enough form part of a identity of the listener.

These types of messages have one goal in common, to degrade and demoralise the youth of the masses.

The children of the ruling classes do NOT behave in the 'cool' fashion outlined by the so called 'artists'.

These types of messages are financed by the Hollywood Music Moguls to diassemble the morals of the children of the Canon Fodder.

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