08 March 2011

Local Law No 3 Clause 51 - Laws for Criminals

In Australia, the government is thinking of new ways to extrude money from the public.

New and innovative Laws and taxes are being though of every day to extrude finances from the general population.

In this example a "Local Law No. 3 (Clause 51)".
Has this 'law' been put through parliament?

This piece of paper states:

This shopping trolley has been placed here without authorisation.
24 hours is given from the date on the sticker to the proprietor to have the trolley removed.
Failure to comply may result in a penalty of $200 and the item may be impounded.

The scenario:

A person has gone into the Coles supermarket and filled the trolley with goods. The goods were taken from the premises in the trolley, and the person proceeded to take the trolley to their residence with the goods inside. The goods were then taken inside the premises, and the trolley was pushed a few premises away from the person who 'stole' the trolley.

The trolley is the property of Coles.

This "Local Law" is assuming that the 'stolen' property 'dumped' in front of your house is yours.
This then indicates that you are guilty of a crime before you have the chance to prove your innocence.

The same then can apply to a stolen car 'dumped' in front of city council property.

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