Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple misleading consumers

Apple 'Genius' banned from saying 'crash'

Staff at Apple's 'Genius' stores are not allowed to use words like "crash" or "hang" when talking to customers, a leaked training handbook has revealed.

The confidential 'Genius Training Student Workbook' details an intensive 14-day training period in which prospective staff are drilled in how to connect emotionally with customers and even monitor non-verbal body language, Gizmodo reports.

Apple Genii are told they are to "guide every interaction", "strive to inspire" and "enrich [customers'] lives".

Sales staff are also given a list of words banned in customer interactions including "crash", "bomb" or "hang". Instead, Apple products are said to "unexpectedly quit" or "stop responding".
The manual was acquired by tech site Gizmodo, which described it as a handbook in "psychological training".

In one section, staff are told how deal with customer objections through using what the Cupertino company calls the "three f's": feel, felt and found.

When faced with the complaint that the tech giant's premium products are too expensive, Genius staff are told exactly what to say: "I can see how you'd feel this way. I felt the price was a little high, but I found it's a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities."

Staff are also told to be on the look out for a customer's non-verbal cues including rubbing the nose, which can indicate suspicion, and tilting the head, which can signal that a customers is in a cooperative mood. 29 Aug 2012

Apple are involved in a misleading and deceitful practice which under Australian consumer law is illegal.

Now that this information has been made public, there should be a class action law suite, but

since companies like Apple, are global leaders in Information Terrorism (I.T.), their actions are above the law.

Apple's consumer products are using deliberately stifled technology, the likes of no information sharing (e.g. via bluetooth), which older devices like Windows Mobile (from 2003) have had for nearly a decade.

See article from Dailytech from 18 Mar 2009

Apple Reveals It Intentionally Crippled Bluetooth in iPod touch 2G

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