Saturday, August 18, 2012

Australians are leaking cash

AUSTRALIAN households are set to spend almost $70,000 each this year on everyday expenses - a whopping $642 billion across the country.

New research from personal finance watchdog MoneySmart has found the average Victorian household spends $1225 a week.

Victoria is in line with the national average of $1236 and compares with $1536 in the ACT and just $1044 in South Australia.

MoneySmart says "spending leakage" could be costing millions of dollars.

However, cutting back on chocolates, bought lunches and the odd glass of alcohol can save about $3000 a year, according to a new free mobile phone application, to be launched today.
"Cups of coffee are also examples of spending leaks. They are the little things you regularly spend money on that add up over a long period," MoneySmart and Australian Securities and Investments Commission senior executive Robert Drake said.
The app is an extension of the watchdog's online budget planner, used by 20,000 people a month.
"The individual feedback has been really heartening. People have told us they had been struggling from pay day to pay day and constantly worrying if they had enough money. Now they know where they stand," Mr Drake said.
"Just that reduction in stress is really important."
Financial Counselling Australia chair Carmel Franklin said it was often the spur-of-the-moment spending, not the big-ticket items, that could add up to hundreds each month.
"There are always more opportunities to spend money then we have income coming in," she said.
"Tracking your spending makes us realise just how much we spend on those coffees, bits and pieces."
Small changes can mean big rewards, according to MoneySmart.
The average Australian household spends $44 weeks on clothing, $32 on lunches, $32 on alcohol, $31 on takeaway food, $13 on cigarettes, $12 on lollies and chocolates and $11 on haircuts. Download the app free at iTunes or www.moneysmart. 13 Aug 2012

The new approach to enslaving the masses, is to give them freedom, then they will (financially) enslave themselves.

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