Sunday, August 9, 2015

The 100 dollar note scam

Not too long ago there was a person holding ‘private meetings’ to anyone who would listen to him, especially those who have no clue about law.

His spruiking sounded ‘legit’ especially to those who knew a bit but not too much about sovereignty. 

You know ‘Constitutional’ stuff, the fraudulent banking system and a huge fail to establish a “Commonwealth of ‘Humanity’” – remembering that in law a ‘human’ birth is a monster.

To make things even worse, for the gullible, this person instigated people to commit fraud, an indictable offence.

The brainstorm was that the current monetary system re: Australian ‘legal’ tender (that realistically being a private company’s promissory note) is illegal, and the new notes are under the authority of James II Rex.

He then gave a template to ‘print money’ on normal A4 paper, and deposit it into an ATM to claim whatever....

Irrespective of the factual state of ‘law’ in Australia, you’re on a real winner to be the recipient of the AFP knocking on your door and taking you away.

If you’re lucky you’ll get a kick up the ass, if not you’ll be behind bars.

Would you follow this person’s ‘legal’ advice??? !!! ???

Did you know who this person calls himself?

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