Sunday, November 1, 2015

The unlawful GST is set to rise

In Australia there is thing called 'tax', which whether you like it or not some people pay more whereas companies and multinationals pay next to nothing.

This 'thing' called tax has been implemented via some other 'thing's called Bills which later become law, via some 'thing' called an 'Act', e.g. Taxation Administration Act 1953.

Lawfully there can only ever be 1 (one) tax.

So, here in Australia the government implemented a tax called the GST, the Goods and Services Tax.

This means a 'Goods' Tax and a 'Services' Tax.

So, any internet 'facebook lawyer' care to point to the 'Goods' Tax Act AND the 'Services' Tax Act?

How about the 'Goods' Tax Bill AND the 'Services' Tax Bill?

Or what about the 'hansards' to the 'Bills'?


While this tax may be 'legal' it is most definitely is NOT 'lawful'. There is a distinct difference between the two words.

You can bet your 'Constitutional Lawyer's' degree and not your moronic 'facebook law degree' that the government has implemented this tax unlawfully.

So what's a Prime Minister to do?

Why support a rise in the unlawful GST of course!!! !!! !!!

STILL not convinced Australia is run by a criminal corporate elite above the law?

The proviso here the that we put aside the actual validity of any Act mentioned.

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